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  1. I've always been someone who wasn't quick on their feet with learning or following directions or what have you. I don't know why but I've always been a little slow at doing things.My parents always referred to me as knucklehead or slow, they do it in a playful way but I know they're serious about. Throughout life people have always said things about how much of an idiot I am. I often make mistakes with everything I do and it's so hard for me to focus and catch on to the most simple things and tasks. At my new job a lot of people don't like working with me because they know how backwards I a
  2. No you're not ruined.. Stop having a defeated attitude! You're only 27 and you're still young! Feelings is not something that goes away overnight. Like I said it's going to take time. I've been in situations where my heart was broken in the past and now I look back at those situations and laugh. I too felt like my life was over and that my ex was the best thing on earth. Now I can live my life and not even give her a second thought about her these days.. You will be fine.. I promise! Cry and do what you have to now.. Let all of your emotions go so you can get it out of your system. Keep
  3. It's going to take time!!! It may take months but you will get through it. Now would probably be a time to keep yourself busy as possible. Now is the time to work on you. I suggest keeping a daily journal and write all of your feelings down. If you haven't already, get rid of anything that has ties or connections to your boyfriend, erase phone numbers, delete emails,myspace,facebook.First couple of months are hard.. But time heals all wounds. You're going to have to wait it out until your heart heals. I find exercise is a great stress reliever. If you haven't already, start running in
  4. With interviews.. it's best to leave early & show up there early. It shows them that you are serious about getting the job and they may take that into consideration as well.
  5. Right now I just have this attitude like I'll show them!! Like I want to prove to them I can lose the acne and become this really hot stud. It just has me so determined now. I wanna just come back looking good and all of the people that put me down, rejected me etc etc, I want their mouths to drop. I'm really about to drop this girl as my friend. She just comes off so immature and she is the main one that teases me. This was the same girl who made that ugly comment about me when we were going out a night ago.I soo wanted to retaliate Ellie2006 but I didn't. Then she turns around and has the
  6. It's not all of them, just a certain few that I think I'm going to cut out of my life anyway. One girl did it to me today, I actually addressed her on that issue. She even said something to this effect, sure your face is messed up but I still love you as a friend."When we make fun of you it's harmless, we still care about you and you shouldn't take comments like that so seriously". She then have the nerve to tell me to stop acting like a punk and that all of us have flaws, it's just that my flaw is acne.She then proceeded to say things like, yeah your skin makes my skin crawl at times but we j
  7. I have acne but I really can't go to a derm right now, maybe in the future but right now is not good because I have to save my money for more important things. My skin is really messed up right now with blemishes, bumps & I'll admit I look very horrible and I've tried store products and everything but no luck. Then I have had these dark circles under my eyes that I've had for years. Then I have like a skin rash on my back and a little on my stomach & I've had that since summer. All of this just makes me feel horrible about myself. I can't even look at myself in the mirror.. It's e
  8. Cool thanks I'm about to read it right now! My friends are good people but I think they tend to be more on the immature side. I told them about how I felt and they just tell me to not take it so hard.I have to ask myself are these guys really my friends if they feel the need to do it? They don't tease me in a bullying type way. We might make jokes toward each other but I just seem to take it harder then anyone. Like yesterday, a female friend and I were going to the movies.She came over to my house and I was still dressing up. She then replied with a comment like, "I don't know why you're t
  9. Lately I've been feeling very unattractive and it's making me depressed. It doesn't help that I have so called friends that seem to make fun of me too. They claim that I need to stop being so sensitive but why crack jokes on my looks?Like I might be out with friends and you know how friends might crack jokes on each other for fun? It just seems like they target my skin problems and the way I look. Like they might say things like shut up pimpleface, or big nose or things like that. I can understand them if these things weren't true but they are... Yet they claim it's a joke. I can deal with the
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