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  1. fantasizing about what do you reckon harleyhunny
  2. thanks for that! he said that it felt so good he wanted to close his eyes i didnt believe him and thought he was fantasizing about other women because he wasnt turned on by me and i totally freaked out i thought that i had all these flaws he didnt want to see.
  3. ok so here's the thing me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months and started having sex two months ago but lately he keeps closing his eyes when we have sex and it sounds lame but its really bugging me because i heard guys are visual.He does perve at me but i feel so unatractive to him when we are in bed.he says he loves and wants me but I need honest advice!!!!
  4. well he hasnt had a chance because..um well...i got rid of his account because i know his password
  5. yeah when he has days off we do that like twice a day lol and when he visits we usually do
  6. I think you need to really watch his actions If he takes care of his appearance more his behaviour changes he's not wanting sex as often and he becomes secretive and moody If there is something going on he is being very stupid for doing it right in front of you.
  7. LOL well yea he's always complaining of being tired
  8. um well he goes to bed at 10 wakes up at 5 works till seven LOL oh and drives for half an hour every few days to visit...
  9. on adult friend finder he said "horny and ready to go" but you can also getporn on the website too so i dont know
  10. I might just say to him that he can do what he wants instead of saying no but im gonna put mu foot down on cyber
  11. lol thanks for the advice! he s not a stoner anymore..i hope i just love him so much and i havent caught him having cyber sex yet he's always seemed faithful so i dont know why suddenly he's on all these websites
  12. I have the same problem! im always up for sex and always the first to intiate sometimes i feel like he's not attracted to me...and it hurts
  13. hey people! i just joined the forum as i was searching the net for some info I have a huge problem at the moment with my boyfriend. Ive caught him chatting to women and other people on a website for stoners i know that at the time he was a stoner before we were together but what has upset me is that he is chatting to women in nz and other countried and when i talked to him about it he denied it all. So theres a few posssibilities one, that he knows ill be upset if he tells me or two he s hiding something. i dont know what to do because I know he loves me i see it in his face and i see him all the time but if he does love me then why does he need to chat to women on the net??? i dont understand.
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