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  1. I must tell you that your social skills are wonderful, you're here aren't you? You can fluidly string thoughts together and we all know what you are saying and feeling. I doubt seriously that you are ugly and the fact that you are sensitive is not a mark against you its one for you! Bars are not the place for you and if you were to do a website I would have a close "friend-girl" help you navigate it....be kind to yourself, it is obvious in your post that you have many talents...go show em off!
  2. If we did not have to "work" at our relationships, then we would not have this wonderful site to discuss the ways and means of how to get along better (with anyone), handle a break up, jealousy, insecurities, unplanned pregnancies, all of it. I believe that just keeping a plant alive is work, and when it blooms the beauty brings gratitude and peace.
  3. Any conflict, smal or large brings out the combative person inside him, don't worry he is not a beater, I just think he has trust issues that I cannot help him with unless we talk about it and when we do he says 'this is too much work, a relationship should not be this much work' First of all the points upon which we argue are not shall we say, life or relationship threatening, he just does not like to talk about his feelings about anything but his job...ok with me but don't send your misguided anger and distrust in my direction...and thats usually where it can start. We can spend weeks together and no blow ups but the least little thing sets him off if he is trying to concentrate on something else....our conversation blips as I call them, happen very infrequently, almost never. I think we are still getting used to eachothers rythm(sp!)
  4. In regards to 'power' I meant that when he starts yelling about dogs, and marks on the floor, and then asks me if I want a break, my mind went blank and I was unable to follow his thread...I should have said, 'when I got my wits about me'....
  5. Thanks for the thoughts Blender and Ren. Woman-I truly believe I have gotten myself a man who is very controlling and yes, he was looking to feel me out with the 'break' thing. It would have been very easy to get in my car and leave, and in another life I would have just for dramatic effect. I am too tired for that, but the way he says it and the way he watches me ponder as he walks over to me with new expression in his eyes...oh baby don't go...The other thing is is that he demands my attention on many different levels and then turns around when things get * * * * *ly, not outbursts, just conversation or question, and he says this is too much work....Well, everything is work in one way or another. My God, just getting the coffee down in the morning is work, having to deal with different personalities at work, play, family...this is work...So I understand what you are saying Blender and I like that you took the time to look at so many possibilities...I will let you know!
  6. Seems that the last two - I cannot even call them arguments - the b/f asks me 'Do you want to take a break'? I said listen to me, we both said til death, meaning no matter what happens we will get through it. A break? Like going to the drive thru at McD's? Coffee break? I just told him, if you want this to work, and you want to keep this relationship in tact (which is LDR already) then we get enough break during the week and if you need more then I can save a lot of money on gas............pissed him off, but I got my point accross and got my power back as he was just going back to hi 3 year old self....Anyone else ever ask for a break (LDR or no) and what was really brewing?
  7. "Love is a Rose" "Every Rose has its Thorns"
  8. Could make a train take a dirt road huh?!
  9. Boston ca. 80's guy at a bar sidles up to me and says "you know what would look real good on you?.....nuthin, cept me" ugh...I almost expected to see that Deliverance smile!!!
  10. I too have been swept off to the obligatory 5 star rest. but you know what? my best dates have always been take out and a dvd. You learn more about the person you are with because the interruptions are yours, not the waiters or the maitre d or whatever....Most recently though, it was a person I met online, we had talked for weeks before finally meeting, we met at a Harley dealership, he took me way up in the mountains to his house and we talked and did other things for 3 days....now 6 months...stay tuned to those of you who are following the saga of Lizziebee!
  11. In November '05 I packed everything that would fit in my Liberty and left my husband....flipped my car in a rollover 2 hours away from my families town, broken but not beaten I am now 3000 miles away my ex and I live in a rooming house, broke, p/t job, had no money for divorce so all of my family pics and the rest of my 'life' is back out west....but you know what? I am learning more about myself than I ever thought possible, like, 'maybe I am a good person and should not be abused everyday' and last summer I fell in love. The only thing I really miss are the 40 year old photos of my mom, dad, sis, etc. and my dog.
  12. My sister says that guys go out with the ugly girls cuz they swallow....When she said that I could not stop laughing. But one persons ugly is another persons beautiful. However, I do not understand the nasty talk behind the bf's back unless this is the only time she feels like she is the center of attention which is a whole other can of worms...........
  13. Worst part is I was with her when she sent the message. I confronted her about it and she ended up trying to turn the whole thing around on ME, and make me out to be the a$$hole for snooping. Also, mine is the same way about completely twisting everything around to be my problem, my fault...etc...The other thing is is that he says he broke up with the rebound because he could not trust her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I have the same 'addiction'. Whenever he is out of the house and I am there, knowing how much time I have I go into complete Lucy and Ethel mode and go through every slip of paper with a phone number, check the computer as far as I can go, and, ok..ready? I even sniff his shirts, and ok his pants too that are in the laundry to see if there is makeup, perfume or that oh so obvious musky smell...so far all I have gotten has been on the caller ID from his long term-rebound-right after his divorce 5 years ago-relationship....oh yeah, and the time he sent me out on xmas day looking for horseradish (at the time I did not think anything of it and I wanted to take an alone ride) and the cell phone at the grocery story ('you don't have to come honey') and even though we both love and feel loved, I feel like he is not being honest about the ex gf because of how I may react....EVEN THOUGH I HAVE MADE VERY CLEAR THAT WITHOLDING IS THE SAME AS LYING)....I cannot write anymore, cuz I am home for the week with IM's and phone calls from him...and I have just sent myself into near boiling (see: IDIOT) point. You are not alone my friend, cheaters in the past or no cheaters....
  15. My gosh! Just the smell of the bathroom would make me swear off the idea! My bf did go down on me on a train once.......Planes? Get one of those cheap paper blankets and do as much as you can in the seat! LOL!
  16. I went on the Harmony and the Match and to tell you the truth all of those psycho tests and the 30 page questionaire kind of bothered me. Then I found Adult Friend Finder. At first, being new to the cyber dating thing, it kind of scared me because the site opens up rather explicitly, but I pushed on and found that it is a very honest way to put yourself out there as you are able to blurb about what you want, who you are etc. in free hand. I did not post a picture and filtered those boys who wanted to show me their, uh, peni, I did get quite the education on the male anatomy though! LOL. Actually, there is a trailer out for a movie with Diane Keaton who accidentally opens Adult Friend Finder and not only does she say the name, they show the website! Pretty funny, had to share that with the bf I met 6 months ago on this very site! Remember to meet cheap on first "look" and beware of females who ask for money! A guy I met on the site told me all of his horror stories and I am glad to say we are friends and he went off the site and stayed MARRIED! Good luck and be careful!
  17. For that matter- why do some men wear tight t-shirts and walk like apes with their arms so far from their bodies they act like they may dislocate something...OK back to the boobs. Being a pretty colorful woman I dress for my mood, my confidence level, and body type...ok low on cleavage, OK? I tend to draw stares first because I am tall and second because, and this is when I am with the bf, I WANT TO LOOK REAL GOOD FOR HIM. But truly? I DRESS everyday...and have such fun putting it together! So enjoy and buy her some J.LO double sided tape...just in case!
  18. Omigod....could it be that the planets, the stars, the spirits aligned me with DAKO's? Of course, I would not have put it so eloquently, but yeah, right now I am all up in the rage against the machine(S)! Part time job, part time bf with part time trust issues, low on time, money, patience (especially for just flat out mean people...) When I get like this I cannot leave my house for fear of crashing the car, looking at someone the wrong way, or being run over by a bus....Rant away my friend...very refreshing to hear/read such honest thoughts....Heres to all of us!
  19. I am 5'9" and I wear heels anywhere from 2 in. to 3-1/2 in. I like heels, I like the way I look and feel and if some insecure bozo ever told me what I couldn't wear??! I certainly cannot post the response I am thinking right now!
  20. Hi LG I agree with a lot of what has been written and someone did say something about the restraining order...They are right, means nothing. I had one on an ex-bf in late 90's, he came to my apt. beat me unconscious (in front of a witness) and he has been in jail for Aggravated Assault with Intent for about 8 years....Only because there was a witness who saw him attack me and say he was going to kill me...all this because he caught me packing my things...Almost too late for me...Not for you.
  21. I also have 2 reasons that I make the drive. the first is that it is easier for me to leave a 'party' than to have to tell someone to go home and the 2nd is that he has puppies.
  22. Thanks for the post Meohmy I drive one hour plus to see my bf starting Friday night come home Sunday. During the week we email, phone at least 3-4 times a day..sometimes less (we are still in the throws of the good "new" part of this thing) If I am too busy or he is to talk we will tell each other. To me it does not make a difference whether it is msn or phone - esp. if you have to pay for the call! Enjoy it for what it is and take care of you first.
  23. Hope123! Don't leave us hanging! I have been watching and waiting and wanting you to get all the right advice you could handle...and of course you did from all the ladies and gents(?) on the site....You sound like you have it under control, your emotions anyway...No controlling other people...all that free will stuff gets in the way..LOL...I just wanted to thank all on this site for all your help with Hope123 because it has helped me as well...
  24. do us and yourself a huge favor, and this may seem trite but please - STEP AWAY FROM THE LETTER, GET AN ENVELOPE - AND ADDRESS IT TO YOURSELF-MAIL IT A COUPLE OF TOWNS AWAY FROM YOU-SO YOU DON'T GET IT BACK RIGHT AWAY-OPEN AND READ AND THEN TELL US IF YOU WANT TO SEND IT....I say this with pure and open heart to you. (It is a beautiful letter).....Please see above!
  25. If you think you are old fashioned about cell users and habits, then I should be wearing a corset and making butter! I hate the pretentious ring tones (I am so cool-NOTICE ME) and the fact that you ex made such a huge deal of leaving the group to make that oh so top secret call that she secretly wanted you to ask about....be yourself my friend, your girl is somewhere waiting for you....and she won't be chatting loudly on a cell phone in aisle 6!!!
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