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  1. Archie was a fave and there was a very explicit detective comic I liked, don't remember the name though!
  2. Jess! Too funny! Hooters!? Those chicks they don't ALL have bodacious ta tas without some help from the special Hooters bras with those plastic cutlets in em...remember how Julia Roberts got so stacked in Erin Brockovitch? Dear Jess-you too can have lovely giant appendages on your hello side! LOL! No, really, I don't have gigantic boobs either, but they are there, they are mine and they are normal in size, shape and a good fit for my bod...I once went in for a consult for a boob job and realized very quickly that I was thinking of attaching something fake on my body, full of god knows what and said nope...not to mention the pain...uh uh..
  3. One day at a time my friends and yes, I will toast you all with a hot fudge sundae and a piece of my b-day cake...live and let live...get out of our heads and enjoy the beautiful day!
  4. Leave it to SB to sum this up for me! So perfect SB! You are amazing. Anyway, I went through some similar stuff with the bf, who I am now living with and I can tell you there is just no such thing as 100% honesty. I will be honest here right now and tell all of you that before I met the bf I had a "FB" (but also a close friend) we got together 2 times, we are still friends-NOT buddies, but we both agreed, after having met at close range again, with his gf renting my old place, DO NOT TELL EITHER ONE OF OUR SO's ABOUT OUR ACTIVITIES....He has a good reason, very sweet but jealous gf, and mine is exactly the same...Thing is that I don't get is that he can talk endlessly about his past sexual history but if I bring up just one sexcapade he goes haywire...So I keep this lie between me, myself and the man I will call "B"....TTFN!
  5. When it strikes you. when the feeling of love is so overwhelming that you feel it in every fiber of your body...
  6. Myspace blows, but thats my opinion...I met my bf online and have never been happier, however, we both had some trust issues early on because of this. He even asked me about being on ENA all of the time! I welcomed him to join in...He demurred. Trust is trust...it's different for everyone and every relationship....
  7. Me too E find that it is difficult to make friends with women...When I was single (not married I mean) it was worse cuz all of my friends were married. Now I am in a new State, with my live in bf and its all his friends and family. I do not feel like a wallflower though as I always jump in to any conversation being the comedian that I am! (Hides the insecurities) But I would like to have at least one female friend in this area....lonely...
  8. My favorite foreplay is when he sneaks up behind me and just pulls down my pants...and ....but my absolute fave is when he has me on my back, legs completely horizontal to my torso, and gives it sooooo good!
  9. I like it...it not only gets me going but keeps me going sometimes! It is when I least expect it that the bf will give me a smack and its all over after that!
  10. I love mornings...up at 4:30am almost everyday...But my down time, and I do mean down usually comes in the evening after dinner. Strange thoughts and preoccupations..some good some notsomuch...This site helps put a lot of what I have going on in my life in perspective. Just by helping someone else, even just giving a laugh will make me feel better, happier...
  11. I brush first thing, floss, mouthwash then between smokes, chew gum. Get home bruch again, after dfinner too, then right before bed...and always before sex..
  12. Hey Itsall!!! Where ya been?! I love what you said and I still believe in Instant Karma! The Invisible Slap! All of it...but I feel free and good inside and my worries are few today. Good to hear from you again! Take care.LB
  13. Hi guys and thanks for you thoughts on this...It ws something I was musing about and wondering since we are all being as honest as possible on this site (I hope!) I wanted to know your feelings on this...No, this has not happened to me but it was one of those Great American Novel moments...when I thought...hmmm what if? And then what happens?! Very interesting views you have....Thanks
  14. Shifty-Whats fun? The getting caught part or the hurting other people part? Or feeling like you are doing something "cool" or sneaky? I don't want to come off too harsh here but as I have seen with another poster, I have done my share of drugs...my #1 drug was alcohol, I have been sober for 17 years...The first SEVEN times at various rehabs did not take until I was put into a State run facility for 4 months....I did not recover at some celeb relax center, it was hard work getting there, the hurt, pain, suffering, injury I caused to myself and other people...Funny how some of us have to be pulled out of the pool of mud right before we drown...when all we have to do is be honest with OURSELVES and ask for help...Do not be fooled...Anything can be addictive to the right personality...sorry if I preached a little in there..take care.
  15. Let me pose this one to you all and please be honest. this is something I want to hear first hand. If you SO lies to you about something, ie. a phone call you did not see, or email or contact with an ex, would you feel comfortable lying about the exact same thing if you kept it a secret as well?
  16. two 3 times a day? Sometimes once every other day..keep it hot..depends...
  17. My bf has no problem talking about his many conquests, however, he is very sensitive when my sexual history is brought up. I would never tell him how many partners I have had...thats just me AND him. 36 is not strange to never have been married...my advice, let it go.
  18. Hi Crazy, don't worry about your friends...the best outfit don't make the girl! There is cute/sexy cute/cheerleader and cute/baby..meaning ohh baby! Be true to yourself, find your own fashion thing, I stay away from trendy stuff cuz I do not feel comfortable in those glad rags...I am interested to see how some of the guys wiegh in on this. Are you really chubby or are your gf's maybe going for the etheopian look?
  19. Hi Z-I love 2 and 4 so please pass this on to my bf...joke. You have lovely taste and I am sure which ever one you give her she will love that you went through the trouble of asking us for help...so sweet you are! Did the jewler tell you that its all in the setting? Tell you abuot cut and color? Round cuts are supposed to be THE investment but I cannot remember why..maybe because its classic. But the way they show above in the 4 prong settings are gorgeous! Good luck and let us know when where how and what happened!
  20. This is a very personal question. So I will answer personally...for me. I left my husband after almost 11 years because I had allowed myself, my thoughts, my actions, my personality to intertwine with his beliefs, etc...He was hateful towards a lot of things, little things that most people would not even notice. He would pick apart everything I did, my friends (wound up losing them all) the way I dressed, cooked...you know I could go on and on but I really have put that behind me. My SELF is back and I am happy and I pray that he is as well. AGAIN, this is MY experience and these are MY feelings.
  21. Sometimes I can feel a stronger LIKE for myself than I do on other days, but when my head hits the pillow and I can recall my day and I did not hurt anyone, including me, then I go to sleep liking myself the best.
  22. Cat! Go read the terrible joke post!
  23. c'mon babe! Buck up..I will tell you, right when you need someone the most they will be right HERE for you!!! Kisses
  24. OK not to be tacky but are her boobs real? Just thought I would lighten the mood here!
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