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  1. She's trying to show you she's moved on, mate. I'd do the same if I were you
  2. I got news for you friend: you need to handle your hurt. He's not being cold, he's moving on, and you're not his responsibility. My ex constantly messaged me and accused me of not caring that he was hurting over our break up - guess what mate, I'm working on me, you work on yourself. Coming here with emotional blackmail, making everything about you - it's not the way to go. Focus on you. You're not his to care for.
  3. I'm going to bullet point my answer: 1. Get help. Don't be ashamed or think that it's not for you. You clearly need to learn how to respond non-violently to the things that bother you. Remember that verbal abuse is abuse too, and it's just as bad as physical abuse. Therapy will teach you some techniques to use when you feel something triggering you. 2. Don't just tell your partner you want to change - actually do it. If he used to be physically abusive but stopped, what made him stop? Maybe what worked for him could also work for you. Communicate. Tell him what triggers you and you can
  4. Move on. No one should use your relationship as a weapon against you. Also, if she really loved you and was not a selfish person she would understand that everyone needs time with friends, and that time does not always have to include your significant other. I'd say move on.
  5. You need to get active about dating if that's what you want. Get on tinder, on dating websites, whatever, and create a dating profile, go on a few dates, let loose a bit! It seems you're way too young to be feeling like you have to commit to someone you already know - just go out there and have fun. I'm not saying having promiscuous sex if that's not what you're into, I'm just saying maybe you'll get to meet someone other than these 2 women you mentioned. Please remember that you can make someone your soulmate by loving them and being devoted to them, but there are PLENTY of people who will be
  6. Break it off over the phone with her, and stop with all this **** that you respect her too much for it - saying I love you without meaning it is a much greater disrespect. This person deserves to know that you no longer feel the same way. What I would do though is talk to her when she comes back and have a conversation face to face. She will have time to recover when she's on holiday and yes, it will maybe ruin it a bit for her but she'll get over it eventually.
  7. It seems like you need to quit your marriage. Maybe your only seeing the good in this new person BECAUSE your marriage is bad, so it makes everything seem great in comparison, it's a common occurrence. You cannot ask that this woman leave her family to be with you when she does not want to do so - and moreover, do you want that on your conscience if things fall apart later? Probably not. So if I were you I'd sort out things on my end (get a divorce or alternatively get counselling if you think your marriage is still fighting for but if you do then STOP contacting this new woman).
  8. Sounds like he was in love with this person and in love with his wife too. Maybe it was a hard decision for him to let that go. If she's forgiven him and trust him then she needs to accept him not wanting to discuss it. I know people that don't discuss their own cheating because they can't accept the fact that they were so untruthful towards their current partner.
  9. I think you need to chill the hell out - go on this trip, enjoy it! It's about the journey! Go to the beach, get a tan, get bladders, have fun! Your mum seems like she wants to dictate how you should live and who you should see - it's up to you to decide that. If you love this man then own up to it and be with him. No one is perfect, maybe he's a bit lazy, but if he is and it bothers you, tell HIM not your mum. Your mum needs to stay out of your business you seem to be a grown woman! You do your own life. Just because you live at home does not excuse your mum butting in and saying these th
  10. You need to leave him. Google "cycle of abuse" please and get informed. He will not change and his abuse will escalate sooner or later. This person is not balanced. I have been in an emotionally abusive relationship before and it took me years to leave him - he was my first real love and I thought we were soulmates and all tha you described.I was so glad when I did leave him for good though,'I am now in an amazing relationship going on 3 years with a wonderful man who treats me like a queen and whom I treat like a king. Worthwhile relationships are about give and take, but they are always
  11. It doesn't seem like she's interested in you, move on. NEXT!
  12. Do you love this person as a friend or as a partner? That's what you need to think about. Desire comes and goes and comes and goes, that normal, you may just be going through a rough patch. I don't think you should go back to your ex, that didn't sound like a healthy relationship. How about trying to spice things up, maybe make a few suggestions that you think would work (tell him to lose a bit of weight if that's appropriate, or go on an adventure together). Drama is awful for a relationship and it seems this new person is giving you a drama-free life. You can't ask for much else. Maybe you
  13. Stop all these childish break up make up games, how old are you?! Also YOU also pursued another relationship when you two were together. seriously you both need to get a grip and grow up - this will probably mean not ending up together.
  14. You miss him because you were used to the routine of being in a relationship with this person. Trust me, the hardest bit is breaking that habit - after a while (it hasn't been nearly long enough for you), you'll start to not think about him and will start doing things your own way. Hang in there, keep no contact if it helps (it always does with me). He clearly wasn't right for you, that's what you have to keep in mind. The rest will fall into place.
  15. You thinking another man is attractive is not the issue here - you are human and we are programmed to find people to mate with. HOWEVER, being human also means that you are a step above animals, and our relationships are much much more complex than that. Deep friendship is, in my opinion, much more important for a lasting relationship. My advice to you is to distance yourself from this person and keep your relationship strictly professional. Do not engage in non-work related emails and try to stick to those subjects when speaking to Robert as well. If you really want to be with your fiancé
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