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  1. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half and we are both in our early 20’s. The issue I have with my boyfriend is his short temper and response to things that make him angry. When I say or do something that he doesn’t like it he generally begins to get annoyed at me and a lot of the time that escalates into him getting unnecessarily angry at me. This involves yelling at me and me getting upset and trying to defend myself. Other times he won’t say anything and I won’t realise how angry his is until he starts yelling at me. He also can't really take any criticism during these figh
  2. 2019 wasn't the best of my life, alone and at peace today, doing my own stuff for quite some months. This is a 6 months update on how am coping with anxiety, getting things right with my life. A relationship which i felt was going to be best for me & her turned out to be a very bad mistake. It was a never to be a relationship in the end, something i really shouldn't have put myself into without verifying facts and knowing well the person am getting involved with. Boundaries were crossed, i lost respect for myself in the end. While getting through it i started developing lot of se
  3. After days of not speaking to one another the silence is broken as the phone begins to ring. With each ring your heart starts to beat faster. You can feel the nerves in your stomach begin to tighten as the mind begins to slowly panic. “It’s her”, you silently tell yourself. After taking a deep breath, you slowly and cautiously answer the phone. “Hello….hey….I don’t want to fight anymore. I love you and –“ you begin but are cut off with the words you hoped and even prayed you would never hear. “So you are giving up on us? After three years you just want to give up? What about us? What about all
  4. It's been about 3 months since we have been broken up. I have gotten a lot strong mentally and emotionally. Although, I do have some days when I miss her. She was such an outstanding person. Before we broke up, she started to be distant with me. When we would spend time together, she would be on her phone half the time. There was a lot that went on that made me feel uncomfortable. One day, she told me she felt overwhelmed with our relationship and she needed space. She continued to say, if I can't respect her space, she would understand if I ended our relationship. I told her I'd res
  5. We are always mentioning red flags and what to look out for when it comes to recognizing toxic behaviors or sketchy behaviors that might spell trouble down the road. But we rarely mention green flags. Behaviors that are positive, and what we should try to look for in a potential partner. Here are a few: 1.) Freely showing affection 2.) Taking a genuine interest in your interests. 3.) Offering and wanting sincere friendship along with romance. 4.) Positive support in all areas of your life. 5.) Willingness to share equally in the finances and is not stingy or greedy
  6. Hi ... I’ve never done this and I recently came across this forum — I feel lately like I’ve lost myself in my relationship, in a way. Social media and my partners bad decisions have impacted me so negatively that my good views on myself have almost completely diminished. We’re trying to make it work, talking about couples therapy, taking a break from one another soon for up to a week - no contact.. it’s a start I guess We’ve only been together for just over a year. He’s 28(m) & I’m 20(f) so there’s a bit of an age gap. We decided to move in together after having known each other
  7. I cant stop obssesing about my partner staying in touch with an old lover. He has been secretive about it and I've snooped his phone. He knows. I feel bad about it too but proves my fears. I wake up anxious at night. Is our relationship ruined? We have been seeing eachother for more than 2 years, we had a miscarriage right at the beginning of the relationship, the pregnancy was unplanned.. ive gotten over it and we have understood we shouldn't put ourselves in that scenario if things are so shaky. He's fantasized about having 2 partners and even though I thought i could deal with at the beginn
  8. Hey! You guys have all been legends with past advice so am hoping for a little more. You will notice from my most recent post I was questioning why my GF wanted to go slower plus her meeting up with an ex. After we had a good chat she saw how it all looked to me and called off meeting up as she didn't want to cause any upset or difficulty. As it stands she still wants us to take things slow. I'm totally respectful of that and don't want to pressure her. At the start of our relationship things were a little quick, she stayed over on our first date, I stayed at hers a week or two la
  9. I know I shouldn't but I did. I decided to send my ex one last text just because I cannot understand why he has been so selfish and cowardly to end our relationship by text and be so cold about it after 4 years and how much I've done for him. I was just telling him how upset I am, I feel depressed and been crying every day and that I looked back at my Facebook and saw how much we did together and what fun we had. I was hoping for a reply along the lines of I know you're upset and I am sorry that i hurt you in how i ended it and i was wrong and am sorry for how you're feeling. Just something to
  10. There’s a guy i know for a long time bec he basically lives in the same city for years like i do and we live near eachother. (We are both 24h). We only saw eachother back in the days but we didn't talk then. Last year we hung out with a group including him but that fell apart because the other 2 friends had a big fight. Since a short time he messaged me. He also told me he thought i was hot since back in the days already. First time a few weeks ago he asked me to hangout and later i asked him to hangout (a few days ago). Beforehand he said he’s horny sometimes and he does think im not in th
  11. I've been with him for almost 8 years. Sine sophomore year of high school. My family moved back to MI my senior year of high school but I chose to stay in wv to get away from my toxic step dad. So I moved in with his mom and dad and have had to be okay with everything they've said. They've been helpful and guiding me to success but I've been trying to build a relationship with him for the entirety of our relationship but if his mom or grandmother doesnt approve we dont do it. He doesn't ever change the things I've asked him to but if he wants me to change I'm on it and will fix it right away.
  12. My bf and I had an argument last Friday. I was upset he did not check in with me the night before. He had a guest over and they were drinking. They weren’t doing anything wrong at all. When he called me Friday morning I told him he could have checked in with me. I didn’t even get the whole sentence out. In less than 30 seconds he started berating me. Called me a child, immature, and hung up on me. I didn’t call back. He just made things worse. The next morning he sent a text saying he was surprised I was upset for something so silly and that I should have understood him. Wait what??? I had
  13. Hey everyone! So I need some advice on how to talk to my best friend about something without hurting her feelings or potentially causing her to have a nervous breakdown. She’s already hanging by a thread as it is. This is my best friend of 20 years. We’ll call her Amber. She lives in another state, she moved there for college right out of high school. But we’ve never gone more than a couple of weeks without speaking to each other. I’ll just get right to it - she is very emotional. She always has been, but it’s definitely gotten worse over the last few years. She’s been through a lot -
  14. i find it difficult to believe that those that have never walked in these shoes could ever fully understand what this is like. but really...i think it would be impossible for you to not understand certain aspects. it's still strange for me to talk about this. there are very few people that seem to get it. a choice in itself. to get it...is to open one's being to that same vulnerability. perhaps i've been conditioned by the general reaction. there are ALWAYS undertones that this whole process was a choice. alas, to choose misery would be a madness. in some respects...it was a choice. the in
  15. Okay so me and my bf been together for 2 years going on 3 and the relationship started off rocky. In the beginning I felt like it was a one sided (my side)type of love. Idk why I stayed with him. He would talk to other girls and flirt them and everything but he always played the I love u card so I was like okay whatever. So I thought the relationship would get better over time but I was wrong. This relationship is toxic. He always disrespects me like On a daily basis. I’m always a hoe and trash and I just let anyone sleep with me and I don’t respect myself and I’m fat and useless and etc. we
  16. Hello, I've been with my partner for 2+ years now and it has been one of the best relationships I've ever been in - he's kind, respectful and working towards a future with me. On my end, this has now been my longest, most functional relationship and I'm quite happy normally. We had an incident a few nights ago that seems to have affected us both a lot and we're not quite sure how to get past it (besides maybe therapy). We had gone to our couple friends' home to have some drinks with them after dinner and decided to sleep over. We weren't particularly drunk, although we had had a few dri
  17. I honestly don't know where to begin. I guess I should start by giving some background info on my relationship with my boyfriend. I have been dating him since I was 16 and am now 25. We were planning on getting married in a year but am having second thoughts and believe now that I don't want to go through with it. I would say that I have always kind of known that we were not always the most compatible but I always figured if we could respect each other's differences that we could move pass them. One of the biggest being our spiritual beliefs (he is an atheist and I am a Catholic). We also have
  18. So I have started a relationship with a guy who I consider my best friend. We have known each other for a long time, been through a lot, he knows me better than most people and vice versa. I made another thread about how I didn't want a relationship with him, and one of the main things was because of this situation where he doesn't want to work. I ended falling for him and I do love him, he's a beautiful soul and we get along really well. He makes me feel safe, I adore being around him, but I can't take him seriously. I'm 25 years old, I'm not a kid anymore, I want to move in together, get mar
  19. My partner and I have been dating for nearly a year now, he had only been single for six months after getting out of a seven year relationship. From what he has told me it didn’t end very well and bad things were said from both parties. As the New Year has passed he has texted his ex to apologise for what was said during the break up, I respect the kind hearted side of him that felt like he needed to apologise but at the same time it just made me feel like it was opening the door to possibilities of them trying to fix things. Ever since we have got together I have always felt second best to
  20. Hello, I'm in a pretty tough situation and want to gain some insight in how a person on the other end of this situation feels and thinks. I'll try to keep it short but complete. My (22,m) girlfriend (22) and I had been together for a year when she left to study abroad in Italy. Three months in, I planned to go visit her. Two weeks before I left, I discovered she cheated on me. I was angry, sad, frustrated and confused because our relationship was incredibly strong before she left, and she had a big anti-cheater mentality. We talked a lot after I knew and I knew I still loved her. She may ha
  21. Hello all. I'm 27, she's 46, the age was never a problem for me, I've dated older ladies before with no issues, she doesn't seem to have any issues with it. Little back story, I consider myself a very friendly guy, I usually go the extra step to show respect and make everyone happy, hate the thought of going over the line and being disrespectful. I haven't been in any sorta relationship for 3 years, just working and keeping busy. I always keep to myself, not shy, just prefer to be there only when wanted (which is a huge problem). Her and her daughter (10, home schooled) moved here from o
  22. Hei everyone! I'll provide more context as soon as I have more time, but in general do you think that inviting someone to your place on the 4th/5th date, providing that you don't want to get physical yet, can be too soon and a mistake? Should I express to that person before they come that I don't want to get physical yet in case he has that expectation? Or should I express it at the date itself if it comes to that? Should inviting someone home in the early stages of dating be avoided if we don't want to get physical yet? For financial and practical reasons the date will be at my place bu
  23. Hello peeps! I am a female! A very Single AF female. I haven’t been dating much these past years, and I finally went on a date two weeks ago, with this amazing guy! He’s so funny, he’s so intellectual, serious and genuine. I like his personality and I think we had a amazing first date! We met for dinner, and I paid for my own and drove myself there, and he respected that. Ok.... So a week later..he ask me if we can see each other again, but to chat and get to know each other at my place. He promised he won’t try anything, seriously, and we had a very great conversation, and he said “I k
  24. I met a guy about 9 months ago online. He came off from the start as different in that he wasn't trying to be slick... just a regular guy. We texted, had a few calls, and then went out after a few weeks. It was a nice dinner date. We talked a lot and kissed a little afterwards. He's not a big talker but said he talked more with me than he normally did. He asked to go out again before the end of the night. He was not a heavy texter but remained consistent. After the first date he had an unexpected surgery. We didn't go out again for almost 6 weeks, but again, we kept regular contact. I coul
  25. And he likes me... we’ve talked about wanting to date but he wants to respect my ex and not have an awkward living situation which I understand... I am wondering if it could be mitigated by being up front tho. My question is... do you think it would be a good idea if I went to my ex and told him I was interested in dating his roommate and wanted to know how he felt about that? I am willing to accept whatever answer he gives me... we have been apart for almost 3 years and he has a GF so there is no pining going on from his side. I guess I am wondering if asking is a good idea or if I s
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