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  1. Can't say I've ever heard of that one. I'm not really a Christian myself, but isn't the idea that you're happy in heaven? As in, existence there isn't a burden but a continual blessing?
  2. Are you out to your friends? Does Henry know that you're gay? It might be worth talking to Henry if you get the chance. I don't really see how it affects Rafael all that much. Assuming Henry's really gay, he's going to need major support in the near future. There's always the possibility that you're misinterpreting, so be careful.
  3. Because she enjoys flirting with people, and you happened to be there. I really hope you don't think that there is still a chance of something between you... I think she's made it quite clear that she's not the type of girl that you are looking for. Maybe. She hasn't shown any inclination to do so in the past, I don't see why that would change, but who knows. Possibly, but that kind of thing makes it harder to move on. At the very least I think it is wise to go at least a week or two with NC, and then trying to reform the friendship later after you've had some time apart to think
  4. That's not fair to say. It's not like he forced himself on her, or begged her to date him. If her "beliefs" mandated that she only date within her tribe, then she should have made that clear at the beginning of the relationship, which she clearly did not. This is more about an issue of basic respect, not religion, and she's clearly violated that on many accounts, regardless of whatever beliefs she may or may not have. I don't see anywhere in here where he has demonstrated anything but complete understanding and acceptance of her faith, which she is not reciprocating.
  5. Karhu, I'm sorry you had to go through this. You are an extremely thoughtful guy, and you deserve better than this jerk of a girl. Regardless of the whole religion mumbo-jumbo, it's clear that she doesn't give a rat's a** about you or your feelings. The business with her taking YOUR Dublin ticket- she's walking all over you, man. I'm sorry, she doesn't need time to sort through her feelings. Dump her now, if you haven't already. Start looking for somebody else. For somebody with your maturity and depth of feeling it shouldn't be difficult. If it comforts you at all- just from
  6. Hey Karhu- has there been any developments since you wrote last?
  7. Strange. Is it possible that she didn't know that you were a different religion at first? How long were you dating before she suddenly decided that "God's plan" had shifted? It looks to me like she may have not understood that your faith is actually a different religion, perhaps she thought it was a subset of Christianity, like Catholicism and Protestantism. In either case I think you have an uphill battle here. If she doesn't feel comfortable with other religions then it is unlikely that she is going to take you back, regardless of how spectacular you may have felt the relationsh
  8. Karhu, I'm sorry that you had to go through this. You sound like a good guy. If I may be blunt, your ex sounds a bit shallow. I'm sorry, but there is no denomination of Christianity or any faith that says that it is "God's plan" to use another person as a stopgap while you wait for someone of the correct faith. If this was an issue for her, she should not have gone out with you. That was wrong and extremely selfish, and for her to pass this off as "God's plan" is frankly a bit insulting to the Christian religion in general. You may not feel this now, but the day will soon come whe
  9. It sounds to me like your friend is attracted to you on some level. It's absolutely true that drunk people act the way they think when they are sober- in many ways I think a person's true self comes out when they're drunk. I would bring it up at some point. It's possible your friend isn't ready to admit that he likes you, or is afraid of being gay, so you have to be ready for it. Or you could always try getting him drunk again and if it happens again then you have your proof. BTW, how drunk was he? If he was just a little then this is very suspicious. If he was pretty sozzled th
  10. Congratulations kyle! See, it's not really that hard. Good luck!
  11. Hey turqouise, Yeah- I agree that homosexual and heterosexual aren't very good words in general- actually English kind of sucks when it comes to love. (The French expression to fall in love means "to be struck by lightning" - isn't that cool???) That's interesting that you say you'd rather by gay then a lesbian- I think I would too. Although, really, I'd just rather be ME than somebody else. There are definitely alot of positive stereotypes that go along with being gay like you said. Our culture seems to be in a state of fascination- you look on any reality TV show and it's usually
  12. lonelykid- it's okay!! I was just like that when I was your age. You'll still be part of your family in the same way that you are for a long time yet. You'll leave the house, of course, but slowly, and you will still see your parents a great deal. You'll start to see more of the world, meet new people, and see places and things you never saw before. You will never forget your family, they will always be a part of you, and you will always be a part of them, even if you live on the other side of the world. It is hard at first... I'm not going to lie. Even now, 5 years after having mo
  13. Hey turqouise, I do like your definition! Another way to put it might be "someone who is romantically attracted to the same sex." Where romantic = physical, emotional, mental all wrapped into one. To be fair, the Oxford definition of heterosexual is "someone who is sexually attracted to the opposite sex," so you can hardly accuse them of being unfair. The reason they said "usually a man" was because of linguistics- women that are attracted to other women are almost always called lesbians and not homosexuals. Try this experiment: think of a group of homosexuals. Is your group men or wome
  14. Don't be too hard on your mom. Maybe this is her way of trying to set you up.
  15. Just because you're bisexual doesn't mean you can't be a Christian and can't believe in Jesus. Yes, there are things in the Bible that seem to contradict this, but I assure you these things are very much open to interpretation. I think it might be helpful for you to look for a Christian church that is accepting of bisexuality. There are some pretty mainline denominations out there. The Episcopal church is one of the largest Christian denominations in the world and it is accepting of bisexuality and homosexuality. You may also consider the United Church of Christ, or the Unitarian church
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