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  1. So for anyone who wasn't following my original post, here it is: So I actually do really like this guy. I think he's really nice and genuine from what I know of him so far. We also do have a few things in common, even though it may not seem like it from the outset. We messaged each other every day and on our third in person date I came to his place for dinner. He cooked dinner for me and we had a few alcoholic drinks and watched a movie. I was actually feeling kinda drunk and got my confidence up and I really wanted to kiss him. I started cuddling up to him and holding his hand and stuff. He said he'd been trying to be respectful and not come on to me or anything and just spend time together. I kissed him but he seemed very inexperienced and not very good at it. Anyway we ended up fooling around a bit but really all it was I took my top off for a bit and we just kissed and cuddled. I asked him if he'd had sex before and he actually said that he hadn't. Then he said we're both drunk so let's not do anything sexual while we're drunk. Afterwards he messaged me every day again. Three days later I came over to his place again and we got Uber Eats and watched some anime. I want to point out also that both times he had a hard on literally all night and I think it was bothering him but I wasn't sure what to do about it. I mean he was right that we were drunk the first time and probably wasn't good to have that as his first time. So it was last night we were watching anime and then I stayed the night. We cuddled in bed a lot and it was really nice. We discussed about having sex and he basically said he wanted to but I'd need to take charge. The thing is I've actually developed feelings for this guy and I think about him a lot. I feel a bit silly because every time I think of him I get butterflies and just feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest. So feel more like an infatuated teenager even though I'm 36 lol The thing was when he said he was up for having sex, I felt ridiculously nervous and kind of just froze. It's not because I'm not experienced at sex, in fact it's very much the opposite lol I lost my virginity when I was 17-18 and since then I've done a lot sexually since then. It's just that I've never actually been with anyone in their 30's who has no dating or sexual experience. He hasn't put any pressure on me actually but I think I'm putting pressure on myself to make his first time amazing, you know? I also understand he might think it's great and just be happy to have sex for the first time. And of course he'd have nothing to compare it to lol Oh yeah and we also discussed that we both want a relationship and we want to date each other. What I'm thinking though is, should I make his first time really special or should I actually try not to make a really huge deal of it? Like, should we go out for a nice dinner or something and then I can set up scented candles in the bedroom and stuff like that? Or should I not go all out like that and just do it? Or do I just ask him what he wants? I don't know why I'm feeling so nervous but this is a very big deal for me lol The only time I slept with someone who was a virgin was when I was a virgin myself too and just one other time when I was nineteen and this guy was twenty four and a virgin. But he wasn't really my boyfriend or anything and this was a very long time ago. Men, if you were (or are) a virgin would you want to make a big thing of your first time or would that make you feel more nervous?
  2. Hey Forum and sorry about the long post! To set the scene, I am late 20s(F) dating a late 20s(M) guy I met via OLD. It's been around a month now but we've been talking for longer. By circumstances (school, work, moving countries, etc.) I'm a virgin and mostly inexperienced in the dating world, especially if the person is a complete stranger. I have done some sexual things in the past with other people but there were always with friends or people I knew from my social circles. Just haven't been able to trust anyone enough to go all the way. I am now looking for a serious relationship but want to take things slow (I rushed before and it was a bloody disaster). However, by my own admission, I am thirsty as hell and do not want to wait forever. I just don't want it to happen outside of some form of a committed relationship, in case I form emotional attachments, which I am 1000% sure will happen. I know myself that well. So, the guy I've been going on dates with has been somewhat patient with me, always checking before he touched me certain ways, etc. I made him wait three weeks before we actually met in person, I shut down a sexting attempt before we actually met IRL. So far, we've met up twice and touched and made out on both dates, so I know the sexual attraction is there. Now we've recently started sexting and I don't know if I am encouraging him seeing me as a "piece of meat" rather than a serious potential partner. He has stated that he'd be open to a relationship but wasn't explicitly looking for this, while I told him I was looking for a serious relationship down the line but didn't want to rush and wanted to enjoy the dating experience itself. So, what are your thoughts and opinions? I am aware that the best way to get my answers will be when I see him again soon but I would still like some opinions from people who do not know either of us. Thank you!
  3. I really like this girl that I work with and we’ve been on a few dates. I’m 17 f and shes 19 f. We both have never dated anyone else or even had our first kiss. I was the one to ask her out and things have been going good, I know she’s interested in me, but she’s just so damn anxious. I know it’s not her fault but I have anxiety issues too and things are just not progressing because of this. I made the leap and hugged her, but I can’t make a move beyond that. I thought she may be opposed to affection so we had a conversation about boundaries and she assured me that I wouldn’t make her uncomfortable with anything. The most affectionate thing we’ve done is hug and we didn’t even do that until our 3rd date. I just don’t know how to get her to stop being so nervous. She keep apologizing for “being awkward” and I keep reassuring her but she never calms down at all. She literally just left my house less than an hour ago, I initiated a hug before she left, and it was a normal hug, but she’s so anxious that she thought she messed it up somehow. After we hugged, she said,”sorry Im so awkward.” What do I do? She’s technically the “boy” in the relationship, and I don’t want to overstep. I hate the idea of taking the more dominant role, and I really don’t want to be the one leading the pace. I need her to make the next move. She’s made it clear that she enjoys being the “man” in the relationship- so how do I make her comfortable enough to do that?
  4. ahmaltaj


    A year ago, and half. It was 9 march an I met this girl in snapchat, this was a coincidence. I liked talked to her immediately and she did also so we talked many hours continuously. I really like her (also translating my language for her) and she say she loves me as hell. But we scared about an long distance relationship because she can't work in my place still, her university is very serious and she can't move right now. Her family is very observant in islam and I don't think her mum will take me in. She also does strong drugs but that's okay for me and now I kind of accept this fact. She is not religious anymore but she still doesn't eat for Ramadan to please her mother . Anyway we have a problem we have decided to has sex bit she is virgin and very scared. So I decided to tell her in precise detail my earlier experiences with my other girls and now she menaces me to break up with me because I hurt her as hell. I don't know what to do, she say she wasn't jealous first and now this. I just said her that how can she think that I don't love her if I want to take her virginity? I plan to marry her soon too Also, she keeps pushing me to have sex with others girls before we met and I don't knosw if it is a tesst or if she want me to them. I am lost
  5. kaka


    Hi i am new to the forum and My questions are: 1> Will you reduce your weight by doing masterbation and each time you have an ejaculation? 2> Is it normal for a 23 years old male to be virgin?? Is it weird?? Can someone answer these quesions fast plz
  6. I don't know if I am just being paranoid and completely overanalizing the situation or if I have a legitimate reason to be scared, so bear with me here. My boyfriend and I were fooling around and I was just coming off of my period (I had been visiting him for the week and had had it for several days prior, was in the final stages where there is still some light, very dark residue). I am a virgin and I don't want to have sex until I get married, but we were basically at the point where all clothing had been removed. He was never inside me, I pulled away and all activity between us ceased as soon as his tip touched me. I wiped away anything that would have been down there immediately after that, and although I don't remembber him having precum at that point, I can't be sure. So basically we never had intercourse, he was never inside me, but what I'm worried about is the precum, if there was any. Should I be? Please help me out here, this has been bothering me a lot the past week and a half and I don't know what to think anymore.
  7. ok i was owndering i just read that 75% of girls dont argasm while havin sex.. this is a rather naive question but when girls have sex for the 1st time do they tend to orgasm? you know cause its like there 1st time etc.
  8. HI, My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months now and been sexually active for 2. The thing is, more then once now hes lost his erection just before weve started ot have sex, im scared this is because of me, even tho were told it isnt, i wnat to know what you guys think it could be. is it me? what are reasons for loosin it then? Hes the one whos mostly up for it, although i am aswell, hes usualy the one who starts the foreplay but then im just as into it. whats wrong? were both early 20's and lost our virginity to each other.
  9. First off, let me tell you that my boyfriend and I are both virgins, and neither of us have any diseases. We've both been checked just to make sure. Anyway, My boyfriend just told me about a tiny bump he has on his scrotum. I haven't seen it yet, but he says its about the size of a pea, and hurts like hell to touch it. Its on the inside of his scrotum, but not on his testicles. It's attached to his scrotum skin from the inside and it pokes towards the outside almost like a pimple would be, however it doesnt have a white center or anything. He tried popping it, to see if it was a pimple, but it didn't pop and only caused him some pain. He said its been there for a couple weeks. He is going to make an appointment with the Dr, I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this before?
  10. What age did you guys or girls lose ur virginity? If its not a secret
  11. well whats the best postion in your opinions? whats the best pos for a virgin girl? just a few Q;s i would like to know? or whats the best pos for a good orgaism
  12. Hey guys, I have a girl friend and she is a virgin, neither I or n e one else has penetrated her vigina. The last couple of times a 2 weeks ago.. litterly only like 3 times with one time underwear being on we surfaced. I didnt put my penis inside of her only to a point where my penis was touching her vigina. and i am 100. percent sure . that i didnt ejaculate while it was over there. She is a little nervous cause recently she is feeling nausiated and she never feels like that even on planes or boat rides. She said she felt like throwing up but hasnt yet. She also hasnt been sleeping properly. SHould i be worried ? if she is pregnant then how soon or when is it to late to get an abortion ? how soon can i do a pregnancy test ? whats the best ones ? please reply asap
  13. i found this totally awesome girl, and we both hit it off so well. her previous boyfriends totally screwed her over, and litteraly changed her so that she has a hard time even trusing guys. She isnt mean about it, she told me she wants to be able to trust me, that it will just take time. The prob is that almost immediately i kissed her, and we kiss a LOT, like to the point where its litteraly all we do. we talked about it, and i think that it would be better for me to back off a little bit. I know people say that all the time, but it never happens. would our relationship really be screwed over if we move that quickly? Its not a physical thing, because we never do anything beyond that. We are both virgins and arent ready to just give it away, so i dont think that we are going to be messing around like sexually for a very long time. I dunno, i just need some help for what i should do. She is so special, and i dont want to lose her.
  14. I have a quick question for everyone... How long were you dating the person that you lost your virginity to? And how did you know it was the right time for you to start having sex? And also did it totally change your relationship with that person? Thanks guys!
  15. hello ok heres my thing is anyone here a virgin and dateing whos not a virgin, or merried to someone who was not..my bf is not and i am and i dont know how to act around him, he always planning one night he wants to have sex im like well im saving it for merrige but he dosent wants to wait im lost confused i dont know what to do..i asked him how many girls he was with it was kind of alot i dont know if i can trust him if his gonna do the same to me....like to other girls..do it and leave what should i do???
  16. I was just curious to know if there are any women out there, or anyone that knows of a women that has taken a man's virginity, I know it's unlike but it's possible. And (if) so was there ever a question about it before she took it? like "doubt's" because he had no experience, is what I'm trying to say. Reason i ask is because I'm still one, and a close girlfriend of mine was telling me i need some experience because i might disappoint a girl in the future, which i understand may very well happen, in fact it probably will, But i want to know, what do you guys think i should do here? take her advice or wait like i have been?
  17. hi i am really curious about something. is it in any way possible that a guy can know he is sleeping with a virgin or not when he has sex with her for the first time . assuming ofcourse the girl has not disclosed anything about her sexual past to him. and that it is possible for women to have a torn hymen before they have intercourse with a man. is it absolutely essential that a girl wil have to bleed a little the first time? Thankyou very much. waiting for replies
  18. My boyfriend and I have decided to have sex. We are both virgins. We went to the store yesterday for condoms and there were just so many. Does anyone have any suggestions of what type of condom to use for the first time? I know lubricated is best but what about ones with spermicide? Also, is ribbed better? Any help would be great. Thank you.
  19. I made friends with this popular girl and she introduced me to these cute jock boys she knows...I ended up gettin with one of them but we NEEVER had sex or nething really i DID give him oral for my first time...During all this i THOUGhT we were going to be together for a while and that he was going to treat me good...It turned out being an ONLY time kinda think and we never really talked since..A few days after that happened A few guys asked me if i gave him oral and all this...I told One yes but thats all and it was a one time thing..I SHOULDNT of told him yes..I thought i could trust him..he told someone else and someone else told someone else..the cycle turned to rumors and GOSSIP.. Behind my back for 2 years now there has been nasty rumors going around that i have crabs and that im a BeeP... who will go out and do it with any guuy...Which is so not true since a matter of fact im still A VIRGIN... I was friendw ith this one jock dude still and we talked alot...Later on he started being really mean and rude towards me on AiM instant messenger...It hurt me so i told him he will get Beat up by one of my friends..Who I didnt know who really...i just was mad i made someone up so he woul dbe scared and apologize but it just got worse where he wanted to meet "him" and all this crap... I just signed off and talked to him later and he said Hey Hoe and all this mean stuff...I HATE HIM NOW...But now i just found out about all these rumors... Another jock dude i know that i talk to Was talkin crap to me...Im just sick of it and it hurts a lot..he told me Im the laughing stock of the school and all of this crap i wasnt even Alert about at the time... NOW i get why ppl look at me funny and stuff... My brother told me That he will Beat up the head poncho of the Jocks NOt "Clark" but Clarks friend who wanted to fight my made up dude .....So what shoul di do???i already told him its not true but NOBODY seems to take me serious and believe me about all of this..It just hurts and i want to cry but im just ANGRRy ...
  20. I am an 18 year old female and I have not had my period sense Augest. I am not sexually active I am still a virgin. It came and goes when it wants. I just need to know if I need to go to the doctor about it or is it just normal that girls dont have there periods all the time..
  21. I am in a really crappy situation right now. I am in love with someone who beyond meets my expectations mentally and physically and on the phone she tells me things like "you are my world" and "I dont know what I would do without you" and all sorts of mushy stuff that makes me feel wonderful. She calls me about every 3 days and have great conversations about our lives and our futures. Problem is she says she is too busy at school to see me. She goes to school and lives about 2 hrs from me, shes 18 i'm 21, both in college. We've talked about marriage and kids someday and both of us arent going to have pre marital sex, and are both virgins. Ive made it very clear to her how it bothers me to never see her and she keeps saying that we will be together and we will meet, however she will never give me a specific date as to when we can hang out. Also this summer we never met and she was on school vacation. Everytime I bring up the subject about how it bothers me to see her she either gets really upset and says that I have no faith in her and it bothers her not to see me as well or she just pretends like its not a big deal or something. We met on the internet and I saw her on a webcam so that is also not a concern to me, I know what she looks like although we have never actually met in person and have known eachother for 5 months. I just would like to know what is going on here with her exactly and why she might be avoiding me. I'm very close to breaking up with her because i'm tired of waiting for her, what should I do? what is going on with her? This dilemma tears me up inside please help.
  22. Right , I've been with my GF for a couple of months now , (she's 17 and I'm 16 ) we've had sex , well not properly , but like , this is why I'm asking . We've done it , three times so far , I was a virgin before that , and well , I have problems with my erection .I don't know why because , when I do be sitting with her , or when we're fooloin around , I can get a strong , long lasting one , but when it comes to doing the deed , he decides to turn Mr Floppy . I Don't know what has caused it , but it's getting worse with my paranoia , thinking is it gonna happen again ? Well it did , today in fact , had a good firm one , and decided to go get a condom , which would have taken less than 20 seconds to do , but no less than 10 seconds , I could feel myself getting soft , but I overcame that one , and was ready , I put on the condom , and it happened again , no recovery this time . Naturally my GF is very understanding , and says don't worry about it and that I'm not to get angry about it , but , I don't know why it's happening , and I feel like I fool not being able to pleasure my GF , (I know your probably gonna say there are other ways to , but she rarely lets me give her oral , or when I finger her , it's only for a short while) . anyone else here , who have had a problem like this , or any advice , Please
  23. I was talking with my girlfriend a few weeks ago and somehow we had gotten to this topic. I knew even before I asked her out that she had gone farther than I had (oral as far as I knew). By now we are extremely close and we got to the point where I felt comfortable telling her that while i was not ready now, I could see in the future considering going 'all the way' with her based on how comfortable and good we always feel around each other. She agreed which made me very happy (just to know that someone shared a similar feeling with me). I don't take the idea of sex as lightly as some do, however I am realistic about it. Following her agreement,however, she said 'I don't know if you should reconsider or not...you'd probably want to share your first time with someone who was also a virgin.' I didn't understand exactly what she meant at first and then I was kind of surprised. She had never told me that she wasnt a virgin. This didn't completely bother me. I still think of her exactly the same. But the idea of her 'suggestion' kinda keeps coming back to haunt me. I think about it and I get almost depressed, because when I first brought up 'us going all the way' I was doing it under the impression that we would be sharing the 'loss of each other's virginity' and it would be something very special to share. I could be naieve, but the thought of her doing that with another guy than me is so hard for me to even fathom. I still consider myself kind of young (16) to have considered this but it had to happen sooner or later. She is younger than I am which makes it even more difficult to grasp (I think its unfortunate cus I'm usually a very understanding guy). If anyone oculd help me out if you've gone through this or otherwise that'd be great. Thanks
  24. ok, im pretty confused about the subject, and i just wondered if you lot could clear this up for me... -if both partners are virgins, but have also not given oral to anyone, can you still get an STD from either having sex or giving/recieving oral to them? so basically if both partners have done NOTHING with NO-ONE are they safe? thanks for your help...
  25. Another thing that I just thought about (well I didn't just think about it, I just REALLY started thinking about it) was the sex with him was absolutely amazing. It's hard to believe he was a virgin when I met him. But I know for a fact he was. And it wasn't b/c he was just good at what he did. It was the way he made me feel when we were "intimate" with each other. He was the only person I'd ever been with that I could make eye contact with when we were "together". He just had this way of making me feel inferior (I'm somewhat submissive, so I liked that little feeling of inferiority) yet my pleasure mattered at the same time. And I felt so much love. I just had this connection with and feeling for him that I didn't think I could ever experience. It was the stuff fairy tales and romance novels are made of. lol. It was a feeling that seems like it can only come once in a lifetime. Now that I've had it I don't want to lose it forever. I don't think it's possible for anyone to make me feel the way that he did. Can anyone else relate to this problem? Has anyone ever thought they could never feel the same way again (about this issue in particular) but was later proven wrong?
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