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  1. ahmaltaj


    A year ago, and half. It was 9 march an I met this girl in snapchat, this was a coincidence. I liked talked to her immediately and she did also so we talked many hours continuously. I really like her (also translating my language for her) and she say she loves me as hell. But we scared about an long distance relationship because she can't work in my place still, her university is very serious and she can't move right now. Her family is very observant in islam and I don't think her mum will take me in. She also does strong drugs but that's okay for me and now I kind of accept this fact.
  2. Hi everyone. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 months. It has been going pretty well for the mos part except that we haven't had actual sex just foreplay. The reason we haven't had sex yet is that I am still a virgin and would like to keep it that way untill I know for sure he is the one. Also do to cultural circumstances. But as time passes by I get the feeling he's not satisfied sexually enough. I feel he might get sex somewhere else since he isn't getting any from me. I asked him if he misses sex he said "a little bit". I feel like he might be obligated to get some on the s
  3. I'm currently in a new relationship. My old relationship ended about a year ago. My new boyfriend doesn't really seem accepting to the fact that I've already had sex in my past relationship. When we argue he says things about my past. I've had a son, I got pregnant at 17 but I'm 19 now. He would say things like "you're used , I don't want you" or hell say things like I'm "young and dumb" for getting pregnant so early. Everything he says goes back to my past. This was way before he even came around. I feel like he doesn't accept me for me really. He says all kind of cruel things when he gets ma
  4. A few months back I turned 39 and still today I'm a virgin and I never had a gf or kissed a girl. I really believe I was born to be single, God doesn't want me to be with anyone because he is protecting me from getting hurt and used because I'm different. I know everything happens for a reason because of God. If I was supposed to be with a girl, it would of happened in my teens, 20's or 30's. Now I'm about 40 and so old and still nothing yet, that tells me I'm pretty much doomed. I'm a rare breed of being different and not like everyone else (born with a bone disorder and being so short
  5. I am 22 and I never had a bf before or ever dated. Guys never approach me for dates and never even approach me even for sex (so I guess that makes me a virgin also). I am also never hit on by guys or had a guy say he wants my number. I am 5'4 and weigh 125 lbs, so I am in good shape. I don't really go to bars or clubs but I do go to grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and malls. Once in a blue moon, a guy will check me out but it really doesn't happen that often. I keep asking myself what is wrong with me? Why am I doing so poorly in the dating and love world. I literally feel forever a
  6. There is this incredibly attractive girl that works at my gym. I really want to talk to her. Honestly I think the urge to talk her is increased because I think there's a mutual attraction. I'm confident there is. The problem is... I'm a virgin. I have NEVER been in a relationship my whole life. There's no chaotic reason as why I've been a virgin for this long. I never dated in high school, never went to college or university, I don't go clubs and bars, or do any kind of real socializing. I'm just a really, really, introverted guy. Honestly this whole thing kind of crept up on me as lame a
  7. Um so in a beginning relationship of a month. Just lost virginity to her, and wasnt what i expected. I couldnt get up at first, felt uncomfortable at times inside her, felt i was doing work, could reach any climax or much pleasure, and got really upset later on. I have struggled with my sexuality all my life, and this wasnt re assuring me. I lost it to her, and it wasnt that pleasurable, I couldnt get into it, i love being in her, i loved being close to her, but my testostorome or something wouldnt kick in, I couldnt get out of my head and in the situation, was really nervous, had butterfl
  8. Hey, guys, thanks for all the responses last night. They did help. But, guess what? We were talking tonight, and turns out she is a sexually active virgin as well. I apparently misinterpreted something she had said earlier, so I assumed differently. All that worrying for nothing! ~Softiron
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm new here, this is my first post. I've read a lot of topics on here until now and I've finally decided to ask a question. Me and my gf has been together for about 5 months now, and I'm taking it slow, because I don't want to screw things up. We were together last night and she can get me hard real fast, like lightning fast... she has an incredible touch, the thing is, is that I'll be hard for about 15 min and then it'll just go away! And she tried for 10 min after that to get it back up and it just wouldn't co-operate. I need to know what I can do to stay hard or some
  10. Ohkay. My girlfriend was a virgin. We had sex the other day. Then the next day, and so on. Anyways, theres a problem. It hurts her REALLY bad. Her hymen is unbreakable >_
  11. Me and my ex broke up about one week ago, and we were together for three years (I posted the whole story here). I am 19 years old and he is the only one I have been together with. He is the one I lost my virginity to, and he lost it to me too. He is basically the first one I have done everything and anything with. The break up has had a big impact on me, and I am really starting to feel anxious about the future. I am the type of girl that can not have sex with just anyone, so I know that the next one will be someone that I have been together with for months, and that I have a serious relations
  12. i've been talking to this girl i've know for 2 years for almost two months, and we both like eachother, we have kissed many times, and i even asked her to a school dance. she is now saying because of her past relationships she thinks she will hurt me. she says she really likes me and that's why she wants to end it. she's afraid i will end up like her last two boyfriends who turn to drugs and suicide after she broke their hearts. she is my first gf and she thinks somewhere along the line of us dating she will break my heart and i will "be ruined." i told her i know i'll be able to handle a brea
  13. I have been going on dates with this guy for a few times. We were on a car ride and things get quite heated and he invited me to his place for fun. I said OK. He found out I was a virgin before we reached home. He decided to drop me off and not have me over instead. I was pissed. It was late and he had an early morning. But he explained as me being a virgin, he did not want to do anything which I would regret (sounds so considerate!) After this we have been texting - he apologised, but said it was the right decision etc and apparently I sounded pissed obviously. He said I deserve be
  14. So, yeah. I'm 30 year old male and was a virgin until very recently. My problem: I can't cum when having sex for real. I'm attracted to the woman I'm having sex with and I'm staying hard the entire time, but the last few times we've tried to have sex, we physically go to the point of exhaustion and I still can't cum without vigorously masturbating myself. I've been doing some reading and it would seem that masturbating for 15 years and being a frequent consumer of pornography is the main cause of this. I stopped doing both when I met this chick a few weeks ago with the exception of today for t
  15. My girlfriend and I have been going out for 2 years and have been doing oral for a few months. Were both 20 and virgins, I dont know if this is helpful but she has never masterbated, nor has had the desire to, and before we went out she says she never had any sexual desire. I guess my question is, is it common for a woman to stop or want to push away right before she reaches orgasm? Does anyone else have an experience like this? Its not a problem with me, I know she likes what I do but I really would like to take her to the next level. It's like we get a great mood going and she really en
  16. i was wondering... is it really a big deal to who you lose your virginity to?
  17. Okay.. I'm a virgin what do you say or do when you just had sex with a guy you like because I don't want to screw up by saying something dumb or make it weird...
  18. I am dating a 28 year old virgin and I don't know what to do! I met him seven months ago and we had an instant attraction, so we eventually started dating. We are similar in that we are very nerdy and enjoy similar things. He is a good guy. I moved to this city seven months ago and he's been there for me many times. I met his mom and she knew more about me than I thought I told him. I asked a friend about him and he said all kinds of good things. "He's a loyal friend," he used to work with mental health kids. Come on... I didn't find out he was a virgin until he was talking about it to
  19. Hi, I'm 30 and have been married for 9 years. Recently me and hubby are a lot more short fused with each other and there's barely any affection from him. To make matters worse, he travels a lot internationally and is either jet lagged or too stressed when he's home. We haven't had sex for more than 6 weeks and I'm so close to dry humping the bed post then smacking him with it. He's more than happy to get head but god forbid he does any of the giving. I've tried talking about all this, but he's never been able to take any form of criticism no matter how nicely I put it across. I'm juggling
  20. Hey everybody, I am having a concern lately which I wouldn't like to share it with friends or other people closed to me. I'm on my mid twenties, but I have never had sex before. The reason is not relegion nor is it lack of partners or possibilities. Now I know I am a weird person but I just like to do things a bit slow in my life and to wait for the right person. I could have done it with different giys just didnt find anyone attractive enough as I am a bit sapiosexual. Now I sometimes think it was an error cause I should have experimented a bit more earlier but here we are. Now I am g
  21. Thinking back to my last relationship that ended 2 years ago. It was a very toxic and emotionally abusive relationship. I was cheated on multiple times and treated with so much disrespect. Something that bothers me often when I think about it is when I had lost my virginity to him when we started dating 3 years ago. He was my first boyfriend and my only relationship. I still feel scared to date because of him. When I lost my virginity to him I told him we need to go purchase condoms because I wasn't in any way going to have sex unless we were protected. When we got back to the house and had se
  22. So I'm 26 years old and I've never even been on a date let alone been in a relationship, I am still a virgin and I've never even kissed a guy. Growing up, I lived in a very strict and complicated household and I wasn't really allowed to talk to boys so I never really had the chance to form any relationships in my teens. I finally got my freedom when I hit around 20 but by that point my self-esteem had hit the floor and, although since then I've become so much more confident within myself, I'm still struggling to meet anyone. Guys are just never interested in me and even when I've actively
  23. Im a 21 year old virgin, and all my friends sort of bust my chops about it and are saying that I'm missing out on a great thing. They've tried to help me get girls at first, and now they suggest hiring a prositute, even offering to pay for it. The reason why I don't get a real girl is because I have low self esteem and I'm quite honestly a bit afraid of girls. I've tried to start a few relationships with girls I knew well and felt comfortable with, but they just never panned out. People have given me all the tips in the book to get girls and quite honestly I don't even try them. Anyway, do
  24. So what was your main reason you lost your virginity, curiosity, you wanted to get it over with since most people your age already did it or because you fell in love?
  25. Just wondering at what age girls see a guy still being a virgin as more a turn-off than as something special? Like I'm assuming at some point it stops being "Omg it's so sweet he's saving himself" or "wow it takes strength and guts to do that" and becomes more "eww, there must be something wrong with him, I'm outta here". Let's assume secular parties in the relationship, live in the western world, and that they're the same age or a slightly older guy. Do girls want to feel special being his first, or is there a definite point at which being told that sets loud alarm bells ringing?
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