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About Me

  1. First, a bit of background. I'm a 34 year old man belonging to an ethnic minority in the country I live in. I am an immigrant here, and I hail from a culturally backward country where dating and relationships are still taboo, and are frowned upon. One of the reasons I moved out of my home country, is because I felt suffocated living in such a backward culture. I now live in a reasonably liberal western country (moved here 4 years ago). Due to the culture I grew up in, my experience with women has been pretty limited. I have only been in three relationships, and they were all pretty short te
  2. I'm just gonna get straight into it, so my boyfriend told me that he once slept with a prostitute and took drugs but that was all before he met me. I'm a virgin coming from a well to do family and hearing all this from him makes me so uncomfortable. I can't help but feel negative all the time after he said that. I know it's his past and I have no right to be sad but there will always be a part of me that will feel upset cuz of that. Also I just hate it when he tells me to shut the f**k up and calls me a bi*ch (he says he's just kidding but it pisses me off so bad) sometimes he flips me off to
  3. ahmaltaj


    A year ago, and half. It was 9 march an I met this girl in snapchat, this was a coincidence. I liked talked to her immediately and she did also so we talked many hours continuously. I really like her (also translating my language for her) and she say she loves me as hell. But we scared about an long distance relationship because she can't work in my place still, her university is very serious and she can't move right now. Her family is very observant in islam and I don't think her mum will take me in. She also does strong drugs but that's okay for me and now I kind of accept this fact.
  4. Hey all! Never posted in a forum like this, so we'll see how this goes! A little background: My GF and I have been dating almost 2 years at this point in time. I'm 22, and she's 21. When we started dating, she was a virgin and I was not. Our relationship started out really well, and we became close very quickly. After she lost her virginity, she wanted to have sex constantly. I obliged for a while, but eventually became bored with it. I found myself reaching orgasm maybe 1 in 10 times, where she (claims to) at least once per time. After this it became a problem for our relationship, and I
  5. I'm an 18 year old college freshman who lost around 45 pounds before coming to college. I'm very proud of how much weight that I have lost however I have never been very lucky with the ladies and even after coming to college i haven't been getting girls at all. I've been to so many parties and girls just don't bat an eye. I always get rejected for coffee dates. I try to approach girls but I get the dirty look and back off. I'd say that after losing all that weight, I've become a good looking person, like at least 7/10. I was 200 pounds before. I'm a very nice and caring person, everyone tells
  6. This entire year has been very hard on me. I have been dealing with some pretty bad depression and anxiety which I believe has been going on since I was a child. Ever since adolescence I adopted alcohol as a way to cope. I had my first drink at 11 years old. Since I graduated College and came home to live with my parents at 23 things spiraled out of control and I developed a serious heavy drinking problem on a daily level for 3 years. I ended up going to detox twice and finally sobered up about a year and a half ago. All of this probably in the end made my depression and anxiety worse (both we
  7. Like the title says, I am halfway through being age 21 and still to this day I have never had an actual girlfriend. Although I did lose my virginity (to another virgin too). The girl I had sex with wanted nothing serious, so I had no choice but to move on. It was just a hookup. Here is the issue: I will only give my heart to a girl who has never given her heart to another guy. She could be like me and had a hookup, but when it comes to love, I want to be her first love as she will also be my first love. I have turned down women due to this standard. I realize I have severely limited my
  8. My boyfriend came over recently and we got into making out and stuff but we did something we've never done before. We decided that what one person did to the other, the other would do the same. So basically, we started rubbing each other down there but not fully. I was more to the side of his member while I would kind of touch it if that was the way my hand bent. And he was rubbing my mound but not anything else down there. This was all over underwear but in pants. Does this count as a sexual act? As mutual masterbaition? By the way, we are both 16, both virgins. We have known each other since
  9. My boyfriend and I have grown so close recently. We've recently gotten into each other's pants, not underwear, pants. And tonight as I was rubbing him, (again, in pants but not in underwear), he asked twice for me to add more pressure (to do it harder basically) but I'm afraid I'm going to hurt him or just make it not pleasurable in some way. We are both virgins, I would really appreciate that advice.
  10. So heres my story. I’ve been dating with a girl until now. I just want to have fun. I met this girl through omegle. I asked her to go out just to have sex. That’s all. When I saw her on facebook, she’s so cool. sHe’s not the kind of girl who will just give sex to anybody. That’s why I understand why we refused to accept my invitation. We just stay virtual friends and talked about different stuffs. One time, i tried asking her again to go out, finally, she accept it but she said that we should take it seriously. She said that we should try to work things out. I told her yes, since i like her. B
  11. Ok, this is my first post and I don't really know what to expect, but I am desperate for advice and I have no one I can confide in fully. I am in the first honest, healthy relationship in my life and it is progressing the way I always imagined everyone else's relationships progressed. It has been wonderful, but I have a secret I am afraid will change things. Despite being 40 years old, and having had two long-term relationships, I have never had intercourse. I don't consider myself a true virgin, as I am experienced at "other" things, so I am not pure in the true sense of the word. I am fa
  12. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we just moved into a apartment together. I was a virgin before him but when we started going out I waited 4 months until I was comfortable enough to sleep with him. He was very patient and never pushed the issue. I've never had a orgasm with him yet. He's trying his best to make it happen for me and he always finishes but I just haven't been able to. I've come close a couple times recently but just never made it all the way. I feel like I'm comfortable enough with him but on the other hand I get in my head and I'm wondering i
  13. does it suppose to hurt when a guy eats you out for the very first time? Because I had a guy eat me out last week and when I went to the bathroom it started to sting a little then I took a shower too and I was wondering why does it sting after he ate me out? I'm 23 by the way and I'm still a virgin. He also have a pierce on his tongue but he told me that he has ways without hurting a girl with his piercing on his tongue.
  14. So something that does genuinely interest me in regard to virginity is what really counts as losing it or having sex?? So technically speaking, losing your virginity / having sex for the first time is seen as penetrative penis to vagina intercourse....this is how everyone understands it right. But then there are those that say other things could be defined as sex as well like oral, rubbing each others genitals etc. I know this has been discussed before but I would like to outline the sexual things/behaviour that I have displayed and simply, I would like to know if you think (not sure if
  15. I've been dating a great guy for the past two months. I’m a virgin (24) and he’s not - he’s actually quite experienced (and this is something he's expressed he likes about me and our relationship because he can "show me the ropes"). After about a month of dating, things got heavy and I pulled back. I explained to him my situation He said he understood and he’s take it slow with me because he likes me. Sine then, we’ve been slowly progressing physically and I am ok with it. I’ve explained that I want to explore and slowly progress to actual sex (but not sure when that would be). He seems q
  16. So, i have a problem that's been bothering me for awhile and i really need your help. 2 months ago, i met this boy (through our mutual friend). I don't believe in love at first sight but i do believe in that "click" we had. We talked all night about everything and nothing, and it was so perfect. Then we started seeing each other. The 3rd time we saw each other, he asked me out on a date which was perfect, like the ones you see in movies, he really put an effort to make it special, and we ended up together. Next time we saw each other, we ended up at his place(which isn't unusual, cau
  17. So today I was called "easy," and it's something I've never been called before. I never had this reputation in high school, and I still don't consider myself easy in college. I do not hookup with a guy unless I like him and am interested in/am dating him. The exception to this is when I lost my virginity, and I decided after that night to never hook up with a person unless I trusted them, and liked them enough to date. SO, in total I have slept with 3 guys: the guy I lost my virginity to, an ex flame that never turned into anything (that I was "with" for 6 months), and my now serious boyfriend
  18. Okay so basically my ex left me she was my first love and the one I really lost my virginity too, I did have a failure of a time where as I put it in a girl it went down and wouldn't work again so I don't count that. Anyway when we did have it she would always tell me how good it was and how she thought I was lying about being a virgin etc. We did a lot she was a girl who liked it rough (She also liked it slow and passionate) hair pulling wanted me to go as hard as I possibly could, Anal, choking, deepthroat (sorry for being so graphic) but I think you get the picture. Now I know not every gir
  19. My story is different I was involved with some one last year fell in love lost my virginity to him which was big to me because I'm in my mid twenties which makes me a late bloomer. When we first met we were just friends he told me he liked me and i started to like him but he was involved with someone so i was trying to go there with him. Than he told me that they were over and we started getting really close. It was great than he started going through some things and started to pull away i tried my best to be there for him but nothing worked than he told me that he didn't want nothing serious
  20. So I was out last night with my girlfriend and she was crying and told me that an old friend had said something to her. When I asked her what was wrong she opened up to me and told me that she had an abortion in October. The baby was her ex boyfriends. We are both 18 so this shocked me a lot. I appreciate that she has told me and is comfortable to tell me but I really do not know how to feel about the situation, I am also still a virgin and haven't really had a relationship before so I feel way out of my depth. Can anyone give me an opinion on this. I'm not against the abortion giving her
  21. Hi happy new year, RJ hit me like a train after I had "the talk" with my girlfriend about past relationship (she only got one relationship during 6 month at highschool, not a big deal you may say but you know what it is). After 2 month of struggling with that condition i started to read 2 book about RJ and they helped me a lot (Retroactive Jealousy: Finally, I'm Out by Joshua Fletcher; Overcoming retraoctive jealousy by Zachary Stockill) After 5 month of works I think I'm almost out from that s**t but something keeps me in it even if I'm much more better than some month ago. My girlfr
  22. So I've been dating this girl for a bit now but she's a little younger and I don't know what she's used to so I don't know if it's time to bring up sex or not i mean she claims she's still a Virgin so I don't know how she would feel about this plss some advice?
  23. Wanted to get a thread going about this because I have recently been battling constant, exhausting viruses and colds and am now suffering with the first couple weeks of Epstein-Barr Virus (Mono). I can't fight it with antibiotics, and am finding the swollen, sore throat aspect of it particularly awful, but today I started hunting around for natural remedies people have found and have been trying out several. Garlic: Apparently chewing on an entire garlic clove or two can help reduce viral and bacterial infections. Some sites recommend either chopping up/mincing two cloves and eating them w
  24. Now before I begin, I am not actively looking for a relationship or sex; I am busy with getting my undergraduate degree and saving up enough money to go travelling for a year. Me and a close friend of 16 years meet up a few times a year for a pint of beer and a catch up and he always asks me about my private life and it's always the same old story, nothing changes. I have been single for eight years, I am a virgin and given the amount of hardships I overcame in my teenage/early twenties, I am actually proud of where I am in life. So relationships, sex and settling down have never been a pr
  25. I am in my last year of high school and my girlfriend is a year older and graduated already. We have been together for over a year now and when we first met, we told each other about our past relationships and what not. She is not a virgin and has been with a handful of guys while I, on the other hand, was a virgin at the time (lost my virginity to her) but lied about it by saying I have had the same amount of partners in sex. I guess I was insecure about whether or not she would like me if I was a virgin, so I lied about it. It's quite a sensitive topic especially during the teenage years, an
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