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  1. The only thing in the universe that can fill the empty gap in your soul is love, this because the meaning of life is to love and help others. If you go back to the third world where you help out the poor you will lead a forfilling life.
  2. Go for divorce,that'll show him that cheating on your wife isn't without consequenses.Bottomline is that you don't want to be with a LIAR!
  3. The kid is a problem child ,obviously the awfull education his mom gave has made him into a monster that cannot bring up any kind of empathy for others, him being in juvenile only makes him more messed up. When he comes home, he'd be sure to have counselling sessions ,and you need to buy a lot of Dr.Phils books who has exellent solutions for disfunctional families. It doesn't replace the trips to the psychiatrist that the kid has to make, but if you build a strong foundation and educational atmosphere that represent and let everyone know that there are rules in the house that have to be obeyed, they have to know there are consequenses to bad behaviour. The kid is like a derailed train that needs to be put back on his tracks again, but with work the whole family can become functional again. I want your husband also to play an active role. Basically giving with the belt isn't appropriate, you need to read the books on to see what is appropriate. Don't let it go out of hand, if a situation goes out of hand (kids fighting) don't wait and let it all go, immediately take action and separate them. Kids always test you to see how far they can go. You are a parent first, a friend later. You need to set the example on what is tolerated and not.
  4. This is just one side of the story,what im wondering is, can you consider yourself successfull at life?
  5. E stands for additions that have been added to the food. It also means its a substance that is approved by the European government.
  6. Not to thanken , happy everything worked out.
  7. I would invite her and your job, if you are enjoying yourself maby she can work were you are too, or in a simular type of job.
  8. Give a swing to the conversation on what you would like to do, that way you can change the topic.
  9. Well its an oppertunity for you to focus on your study. However the only thing i demand (if i could demand anything) is that you stay loyal to him, no messing around with other guys , then when he comes back make sure he never leaves again, and end the LDR and make it a SDR , come together and life forever happy. This because you can plan ahead all you want , but if he gets shot in Afghanistan then *poof* all your plans will be highly disrupted. Not that im saying you should worry 1000% of the time, but i would just try to keep in contact with him during that period, send him nice stuff on a regular basis if you can to support him. Don't let him down or yourself.
  10. Guys are direct, so if you want something from a guy ask it directly in his face. Tell him that you like him and that you don't want to freak him out, but that you have fallen in love with him. Then a week later ask him if he wants to goto movie (x) on thursday, he doesn't have to decide directly but that if he wants to come he's invited. That way you don't pressure him into consequenses on going along or not, what matters is that you tried.
  11. He seems like a worthless guy not wasting your time over. That's why leaving him was the best decision of your life. I will cheer for your good grades, but you already are an A+ person in my eyes. You have my blessing and encouragement to take your life into your own hands, and become the best possible woman you can be.
  12. Rediculous, look at it more black and white. There's always a gray area but that's usually not worth regarding. Its all what you want. -do i want to be in a relationship? Yes or No. No = work further on personal growth Yes = get into a relationship. Obviously you want to be in a relationship otherwhise the thought of a relationship wouldn't have crossed your mind, thus you should do more effort to get into one, by introducing yourself more, going to parties along with friends, get to know people, get drunk have fun and meet a partner that you like. Or in other words, don't be your own worst enemy in preventing yourself from what you want to gain from life.
  13. You are the only one who can give a swing to your life into another direction by making a choice to do something different the situation can change for you. You should NEVER let the negativity of others mold you in something you do NOT want to be. You need to be like a castle gate, close yourself to bad people/things/events, and open yourself up to good people/things/events. If you let the enemy into your castle they will only bring your castle to ruins. So its important to close yourself emotionally towards bad people. And if your castle is ruined, there's only two things you can do, cry over it, or rebuild. Crying leads to nothing ,so the only thing you can do is rebuilding your castle, and preventing those horrorible people from entering your life. The only thing that can make you happy in life, is loving and helping other people. What you need first is emotional stability, before you can gain intellectual growth. So first kick yourself out of the vicious circle, let me telll you something There's only 3 directions in life -go down -stay where you are -go up The first 2 lead to death or nothing, so the only thing that is left is for you to go up in life, that's the only valid direction that leads you to a better place. So attain spirituality, do yoga, meditation, walk thru nature, start enjoying life. Keep bad people out of your life, bring good people into your life. Don't let people walk over you , close the gate and prevent that these people use you as a doormat. Work on a constructive and positive lifestyle. link removed provides a lot of info on why life is worth living, and how its a training for the soul. The stories there are really motivating on why to keep on living.
  14. If he is sincere then i would give him another chance , and if then an occasion occurs where he starts to argue again, kindly remind him about the theraphy sessions he had, and that that's the door and you could leave any second in it. But besides of that, i would give it another chance.
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