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  1. Hey all, I've become very confused about alot of things and I need some help. 1 month ago, my ex left me. We dated for 16 months. She was an entirly different person now but I still love her with all of my heart. I was doing well, not thinking about her as much, starting to move on when... I found out my good friend was seeing her, sexually. I also found out she had been in a threesome with another couple, she regrets it though, she was drunk and it was a mistake. This is all within the first week of breaking up. On sunday, she came back from a partying trip in Quebec. We talked on MSN for a while. We were 100% honest with eachother about everything that had happened, asked eachother questions, etc. Turns out our feelings are in the same boat. She loves me, she cares about me, and she wants to be friends. She even said she needed me, and she missed having me here, but we just dont work, and arent made for eachother, "right now". Shes a very stressed person, and has been for a while. I failed to notice and sympithise with this, making it worse. This is one thing that lead to the end. We've been talking at school, I've been walking her to class, etc. Shes being kind of distant, just because one part of her is saying I love this boy, hes my world and I need him. The other part is telling her that she dosent want to be with me, and we dont work. This is just my observations, maybe I'm wrong. Yesterday we stood by her locker before class, we looked into eachothers eyes and it felt just like it did a year ago. It was amazing... she leaned over like she wanted to kiss me, and planted one on my forehead. I never smiled so big, and she grinned at me. I told her "You missed!" and she giggled... Tomorrow night is the semi-formal. She told me to find her when the slow song plays. My choice is simple. a. Do I continue to talk to her as her friend, be there for her and not let my feelings get the best of me b. Dance with her at the dance. Whisper "our" song in her ear, and tell her all of my feelings, and hope for a kiss. c. Stop talking to her altogether and move on with my life. The past month was hell. I couldnt eat, couldnt sleep, couldnt get the will to go to school. I posted here alot, you people helped me so im asking again. What should I do?
  2. Hey all, Some of you know my story, if not I'll give a quick recap. We dated for 16 months, she met new people, changed who she was, broke up on the 16th month. A week later she had 2 threesomes with different couples and began to sleep with my good friend. I know shes not who I want, or who I fell in love with so long ago. For christs sake, shes 16 years old and having unprotected threesomes with university guys and their girlfriends. Anyways, its been 1 week NC, 1 month LC. I found out about the crazy stuff shes been doing a week ago, that was a setback. As much as I miss her and think about all of this, I realize shes not for me, I miss her but I'm getting through it. I've always enjoyed singing. I used to sing to everything when there wasnt anyone around, she was the only one I've ever sang to, mostly sweet-nothings in her ear as we danced. She always said I was good... Latley I've been havinbg theese dreams of being in front of my high school with a band of friends, singing something sad and somber to show my reflections on the past month, and what the 1.5 year relationship meant to me. What Hurts the Most by Rascall Flats, Gunnin by Hedley, something along those lines. Sad, somber, and post-breakup. I never sing in front of anyone, there is a coffee house (bunch of bands) and a high school "idol" coming up that would be good... I just want to get my story heard and I want her to hear it. I want her to know what shes done to me and what shes lost. Just looking for some advice. Should I do it? I'm not an amazing singer, I can hold a tone I geuss, no ones ever really heard me sing except for her. Thanks in advance. Craig PS If youd like to hear theese songs search them at link removed
  3. I must be going through some kind of denial stage. I don't want her back for who she is now. She disgusts me and our friends. If she wants to think shes in university at 16 then so be it. But at the same time... I want to hold my baby again.
  4. Thanks all. Another setback today... I found out she could be pregnant. Shes had 2 threesomes with people she barely knows and my friend had to tell me this. I dont want to know anymore... I feel so sick all the time... I got 0 hours of sleep last night, all I pictured was her having sex with other peope, multipl people because she has been. Ugh. Its disgusting, shes 16 and I know this isnt her.
  5. I sure hope this is as bad as it will ever get.
  6. He told me this isnt a rebound. He told me it wasnt just a fling. He told me that they are in love. I'm trying to move on. Trying very hard. I can go out with friends, or be with another girl but everything in life reminds me of her. Movies, music, tv. Im going to try to seek counciling, I hope it helps. I know people will tell me: get a hobby, exercise, blah blah. I can try all of that and it works for a while, then I'll get side tracked and her face and her voice is in my head. Whats worse is that this is somehow good for me. Shes a completely different person and I cant accept that its for the best, even though I know it. Im a wreck.
  7. A link to my story --> Turns out... one of my friends, that i trusted with telling stuff to, and helped me through my breakup the past month, has been sleeping with her for 3 weeks. We broke up 4 weeks ago. They are in love. I feel like I am at square one again. Shes in Quebec right now with all her older friends for the week... why did everyone change? I feel so betrayed. Any advice? I feel like I did 4 weeks ago when we broke up.
  8. NC is hard. I think about her so much and I get so sick. Shes in Quebec now with her friends for the week... those 19 & 20 year old guys staying at a hostel together. I cant stop thinking about what shes doing right now... I look at her MySpace and Facebook profiles constantly to keep a tab on her, I'm in so much pain.
  9. From a guys perspective... I diddnt cheat on my girlfriend. We met when we were 15, first year of high school, broke up almost a month ago, were going into senior year. Its hard you know... not knowing what its like to be with someone else... some much confusion and curiosity. I geuss it got the best of him, and hes going to loose his baby. You should blame him. He should have been stronger to love and care for you then to do this. You seem like a really nice girl, and you deserve better hun.
  10. Good for you man. Stay strong and don't break the NC. Im rooting for you.
  11. The Get Up Kids - I'll Catch You is a beautiful song. Any love song you know the words too works. Its nice when you whisper the lyrics in her ear as you dance...
  12. she diddnt even wish my a happy birthday. how can you not wish someone a happy birthday, especially your ex of 1.5 years... ugh.
  13. why do people change? 1 year ago it was my birthday. i spent it with friends and her... it was so fun. Now, they all changed. They all met new friends, and Im the only one who wants it back. I look at the pictures of all of our good times... we were all so happy. But a year later, I sit at home alone. I miss my baby so much... but its time to move on. Im trying so hard.
  14. I emailed her today. Its only been 2 days of NC. I said I missed her and told her we both know that we work, but not all couples work 100% of the time. Ugh, im pathetic eh?
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