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  1. You have nothing to worry about , I've seen it with my own eyes that there is more, and if your in a faith crises, reading the stories on link removed and link removed iands org, can recandle your faith in God and the strenght to keep on walking like you have done in your life. But what you need to do is to give yourself 'time' to heal, you know the emotional impact is very large, and because of it its important to glue the pieces of your broken heart together and eventually move on with your life again. I always say to people 'imagine that you would have died instead of your loved one' would you love to see your family cry and be in dispair and miserable for many many years to come? Of course not, you want them to be happy and make the best of their lives. So instead of dying for your loved ones, start living for them! So basically your father died indirectly as the result of the war because of the poor health care that it induced, its important to understand that people create wars amongst themselves because of people hating and fearing eachother, God never wanted war ,church is just a method of spreading the word, if you know the word then you understand that a connection with God is that from the heart. The meaning of life is to love and to help other people, but we need to understand that there are some things in life that we can control, and that we shouldn't worry about the things that we cannot control. So maby you can fight for better sanitary and hygienic circumstances around and in hospitals, i don't know if thats too much to ask however because living in a country that is beridden by war seems like a dounting task already in itself.Anyway keep venting your emotions in order to process the feelings of your grief.
  2. There's no reason for you to blame yourself or any doctor for that matter of fact, you see it wouldn't have mattered to which hospital you would have gone within the region,because its the impoverished state that your entire country is in that has led to the overal neglect, hence first i was surprised that you gave money to the nurses, because that's a very uncommon thing in rich countries that have their institutions more properly arranged. Its not your fault or the doctors that your country has been struck by war, and that the medical facilities have suffered in terms of quality as a result of that your father received a treatment that was absolutely below any standards,so this because if a regime changes after the war, it will take long time before the most essensial and basic needs are restored. For a country that's just been made poor,the especially expensive medical facilities are very prone to economic difficulties and suffer severly as a result. So your dad knows that you only wanted the best for him, and that is enough for any loving parent, you worked hard, so its important to understand that from 'your side' you did all you humanly possibly could have done. What you need to do is to forgive the part that you can't control. You tried your best, you cared and showed true love towards your father. Any dad would want and would be satisfied with you as their child in that perspective. But the problem is bitterness. You shouldn't allow to let other people/things/events mold you in something you do not want to be. Which is definitly easier said then done, and as your lawyer said there is nothing that you can do, i would invest the angry energy and convert it to something usefull, namely the care of your mother. My grandma goes to this club for older people so that they aren't always alone all the time, right now your mom needs your support more then ever, so why waste your energy on sueing the health care industry knowing that something like that's probably going to take another 30 years before its fully restored from the impact of the war? My advice is this, when you or your mom get sick if possible goto a much better foreign hospital, even were i am its becoming more of a trend to take the plane, and get medicare in another country. Although the plane is a hassle its better then dying unneccesarly in your own country due to local poorly arranged health care.
  3. Time to keep your emotional 'cool' She clearly states she has fallen for your emotional maturity, so keep up the humor , and just go with the flow, the only thing you shouldn't do is panic or send gifts, gifts maby only for occasional days. Just keep on doing what you did so far, and you'd be ok.
  4. What country are you from? Because I never want to go there.
  5. The only thing in the universe that can fill the empty gap in your soul is love, this because the meaning of life is to love and help others. If you go back to the third world where you help out the poor you will lead a forfilling life.
  6. Don't be your own worst enemy, do not let your age stop you, always go for gold in your life, no matter how old you are, of course you can, you have my blessing to do so, be brave and just go for it, and don't let anything stop you.
  7. Always go for Gold in your life. I hope it works out, if it doesn't then at least you got some more dating experience,which you can take along to your next relationship, so no loss.
  8. Communication is everything in a relationship, how about asking her what's wrong? Since you two are in a relationship, You are entitled to an answer.
  9. Do not go into a relationship expecting it to work out just because it concerns your case, reality is that a girl can pick up her bags and leave anyday, from that you should understand that you need to be able to have a life of your own ,completely independent from a girl, this because you can love a girl but you can't own them, its all about being together, but still letting eachother being able to do their own thing. But what's most important now , is that you bring the power of your life back where it belongs, namely in your hands. Don't give it away to other people. Its ok to keep on loving her, just understand that the road has come to a dead end and you have to turn around and head back to the main highway of life.
  10. I don't want to hear it ever again that your problem isn't worth discussing. There's always people who are better or worse off, that's not the point, the point is that the problem matters to YOU, which is why its worth discussing about.Everythings should be discussable, this because a problem that remains undiscussed cannot be solved, so by all means please do repost what you stated in here.
  11. Priority alert!, the baby's health goes above your desire to give it breastfeeding. Id rather shoot myself with a bullet thru my head then letting my kid die by an infection caused by my irrisponsible actions. I don't mind breastfeeding, but not Infected breastfeeding!!! Make the step to normal babymilk or find a surrogate replacement if you insist that it gets mothermilk. But PLEASE do not bring your childs health in DANGER!!!!
  12. As Jesus said ' there are many wolves in sheepsclothes ' , a lot of people wear masks to cover up their nastyness. You need to be like a castle gate, close yourself to bad people/things/events and only open up to good people, and before you let anyone in let the security guards do a check on them. This because if you let the enemy in, it will only reduce your castle to ruins, it would be better to be engaged for at least 3 years before getting married, it would let you get to know the guy before you fall in a possible trap.
  13. Aw dear, well what helps for me is reading the near-death experiences found on link removed or link removed, the real accounts can be found here. link removed I pretty much like reading them all, but the one that really stood out (plus long read lol) is this one link removed Not only because the stories can make you learn so much and are interesting, but also because it allows me to keep looking towards something positive.
  14. Even tho this is the Health: Body, Mind and Spirit , this is such in the need of a professional answer that you might be better of asking this at link removed forums, this because great body building routines are described, and i believe you can download calculators for your diet vs body building.
  15. Your only being friendzoned her, she is fishing with multiple lines and expects you to accept that, hey your so blindly in love you would jump back in her arms the moment she snaps your finger, but then behind your back she is having sex with your best friend, and your so in love that your perfectly ok with that. I'll give you some honest advice here, your just being pulled in a blackhole triangle affair , so If you have not noticed yet, you have become a mental wreck and you are just begging for more. This time you snap your fingers and say ' To here and no further' Show some Spine and choose C over the constant heartacke that this woman is giving you. Don't expect it to turn out in some fairy tales, time to become an adult and be man enough to remove the blindfold of love from your face, and stand with both your feet on reality. If she wants a friend, tell her to buy a dog, then dump her and tell her how your feelings have changed, and find a new gf.
  16. Bring the power of your life back where it belongs namely in your hands, show some spine and do not contact her again, contacting her again only makes you look weak, and you don't want to have the word ' doormat ' written over you, it seems that there have been quite some arguments in the past, but its better not to because arguments only poison the relationship only bring love and light into the lives of your loved ones, so refuse to give another spin to that wheel of hatred, i basically think she had her chance and is done for, you might always love her but a restart is not what you should be looking for, look for another gf.
  17. Regardless , if the guy does that or not, why don't you take the initiative and ask him out instead?
  18. Read 'doormat' you immediately need to learn to say ' STOP to here and no further' Change your password, no more automatic login, if she complains say' oh just use your own account' Yeah its not all that friendly but you have your own personality, your own space. I had to throw out a friend who became too intrusive, who wanted to forfill the role of the lost son that my dad never had. Ok,I am the real son i have to stand up for what i stand for namely my own role in life as the actual son. I might not be ideal but i am the real son. Relationships are always about being together but still letting eachother being able to do their own thing. You will have to confront and reclaim that ' own thing' of yours which you definitly have lost.
  19. Whats important now is that you give back to her what she put in and invested into your life. The happyness and love, and doing those special things to make her feel special and loved, and which she deserves. A warning should be issued tho. It might already be too late, to preserve your feelings i would definitly take this in account. And as towards your previous ex who has hurted you i say this. In life you need to act like a castle gate, closing yourself to bad people/things/events, and opening yourself up to good people/things/events. So normally to a wonderfull person like your current gf you should open up, however since there is a lingering possibility of a break up, i would give the love she deserves but i as said again ' be aware' that she is definitly in a period of doubt. Give her the security that you are there for her, and that you want and can provide a fantastic future for her.
  20. link removed sorry for the bit of commercial that is on it, but it seems to provide at least a bit of info on what you might be looking for.
  21. You have no idea where you are standing in life. You need to replace the chaos in your mind with order and logic. You two should indeed focus on healing. And you need to sort out on what you want in life.
  22. I think that what you want in her is a friend and not a lover. But this has created an impossible situation. You have to jump out of the vicious cycle and end the relationship. That might be a hard thing to do, but cutting yourself off will set you free.
  23. Imagine you change jobs, and there is 2 of these type of guys. Or in other words, you can't always change simply because you have terrible people at work. I have people at work who personally i would be on good terms with, but who basically treat people so bad, that you wish you'd got a dogs treatment because that's better then how we are being dealt with by these individuals. I also can't do anything against this guy because he is the boss. What you can do is keep your distance from these kind of people, simply don't talk to them avoid them, and in every sentence a hidden translation of (get out of my life and go away) You know a job is just for the money, all kinds of weird stuff wants to come between you and obtaining that money, you just have to ignore and get rid of all of those things. I don't believe in friendships to begin with. You must decide for yourself with whom you want or do not want to be.
  24. I think you got your answer 'it didn't work out' And you people couldn't be completely open towards eachother, and that's definitly not a good thing in the relationship. So although it was a hard decision its the best decision that you two could have made. Wether he has someone else now or not is not your consern anymore.
  25. ehm hehehe ,fyi there's tons of books who have that title. So there's no knowing of which book your referring to anyway =\
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