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  1. For those of you here on a break, don't go NC until all the rules and conditions are set and you've both dicussed your feelings thoroughly, and even then give it a week or two to mull over via. LC. You'll be able to tell when NC is needed after that, it's when you start communicating your ups and downs to each other, and that's going to ruin everything very quickly - that, you have to deal with without them, that's the point.
  2. Beginning of Day 2, easier than Day 1. Called my mobile phone provider to block her number but evidently didn't work, will try again and leaving my phone off for now. Could O2 be any more useless? Keeping busy. My aim is to move on and I can tell NC is the only way.
  3. Day 1, broke NC yesterday, which was also day 1.. Feel terrible, hate life. Wrote her a letter so when she gets that and replies I will have to reset, but that should be it from then on. Other than that she won't contact me, I am sure of that, she could go weeks without caring even when we were together so.. Going through the worst time in my life right now.
  4. To be honest, I've never found life in the west particularly rewarding. What's changed is that upon working in the third world, I didn't find much meaning to my life there either. The result is I'm relying on these cheap thrills to tide me over until I figure out how to fill that hole. Actually, I really do know how to fill that hole, but finding her is a whole different kettle of fish.
  5. I recently spent some time in the third world where I found the extreme poverty eye-opening. Since returning though, I've felt rather empty in my life. Life back in the west feels ultimately unrewarding to me, and yet I don't actually have anyone to see or be with abroad. Over the last few days I've found I've been spending an increasing amounts of cash on gadgets and consumer items - a TV, DVDs, cinema tickets - it amounts to a lot of money. I'm genuinly enjoying these things, but I realise they are ultimately superficial and that this hole I feel will never truly be filled by any of
  6. I actually have quite a specific idea of what I want. I'd like to soften my nose by reducing it's protruision slightly and taking a little off the bridge, and augment my chin so that my lower jaw extends further slightly. Together these two things, I think, would bring a "balance" that I don't have right now and which drives me absolutely mental on occasions. I've always thought that a flatter face would suit the rest of my features, and it almost feels like a "waste" or "shame" not to make the change. I would settle for just one to begin with, but apparently a combo of nose reshaping
  7. I'm generally a very stable and rational kind of guy, or so I'd like to think. I don't suffer from any incontrolable emotions, phases etc. Apart from one... This is my neurosis, and I can't shake it. It's my physical appearance - namely my face. Starting literally since I was in primary school, I have been unable to judge how attractive I am - today, I'll look in the mirror one minute and see a genuinly handsome lookin face, but the next minute, I'll see the most awkward ugly mug on the planet. It even seems to differ hugely depending on the freaking mirror I'm looking at, or the ligh
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