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  1. but when i made no contact with her for a month my feelings for her grew...its liek that old saying where ppl say that you dont realize how much you love somone till there gone...i thoughti loved her with al my heart but i realized that i didnt even know what love was until she was gone just keep loving her more an dmore
  2. well my gf and i broke up a month ago after 11 months of going out cause she grew apart from me...i went no contact with her for about a month and each and everyday i loved her more and more....and then i asked her if she liked me at all and she said iw asjust a friends to her now/... what do i do??i love her soo much...im jus a big mess now and i feel all depressed all the time...ive been smoking weed more and more everyday cause it helps me forget her and i cant think of anything without her...nothing i do is the same with out her....ineed a reason every morning to get up and i wish i would jus fall asleep and never wake up....please help me
  3. i dont know the way it worked for me i broke up with my gf then went nc for amonth she got over me and i didnt and i feel like im slipping in to depression
  4. no i was very very sensative...i broke up with her because she said she loves me but she doesnt know waht kind of love it was
  5. i know that i should try and move on but i love her so much and want her back so badly i cant think straight at all or anything anymore...im becoming a bigger mess everyday and ive been drinking and getting high very very frequently because it helps me forget for the little while...when ever i think of her telling me that shes gotten over me i feel like that i dont know what to do and im getting more and more desperate everyday everyday i have to ask myself why i should even get out of bed what should i do??i dont want to tell her this because i dont want any pity dates or i dont want to come off as desperate or anything i do not know waht to do...
  6. yea were both 15 and we went out for 10 an a half months and thats along time for jus kids and ive just become so attached to her
  7. but i dont want to move on i still love her so damn much it jsu kills me to even think about being without her
  8. hello... well me and my gf broke up a month ago and we were talking a couple days ago and i said that i still liked ehr but she said that shes sorry but im just a friend to her now...and i really want her back so ive been talking to her when i got the chance and if there was a gathering where both of us are going i would ask her to hang out wit me and stuff my question is that does that make me seem desperate?is taht a bad thing for me to be trying to get closer to her like that?
  9. well i broke up wit my gf about a month ago an i still love her so much and im just a mess what can i do?how do i know if i can get back togethjer with her?
  10. about amonth ago my gf and i broke up...we are 15 and we went out for almost 11 months and when we broke up i was totally crushed....well when we talkedabout a week afterwards she said that she still liked me and i continued to ask her every week or so to see what she felt and she kept sayin that she doesnt know...now i feel like im jus left hanging and i need closure and im jus a total mess latly...what are some ways i can see if we are going to get back together or if we are really over??
  11. well we were doing really really good up until now we would get in fights like normal couples but we always made up and stuff and we hung out lots and such too i dont knwo why she just decided that all of a sudden she hasnt cheated on me or lied to me or anything liek taht so we have decided to talk again some time next week
  12. well this morning i was talking to her cause we had a fight last month and it got to her saying that she doesnt think she loves me as much asi love her and i said do you love me and she said she doesnt know and i said do you think you ever will and she said she doesnt know and then i said i think we should start seeing other people and i walked away but i still love her so much weve been together for 10 and a half months and shes just become such a big part of my life that i cant imagine my life with out her what should i do?
  13. no no im trying to keep her away from my friends cause they do stupid things
  14. me and my gf have been going out fo r11 months now and were dealing with some issues well we got in a fight tonight and it started off about how she doesnt get to hang out wit my friends very much and i said that she never made and effort and also because my friends drink and smoke weed so i dont want to her be around bad influences and she said that she doesnt want me thinkin for me and all taht but thats jsut a short summary of it. well the thing is i still love her...i cant picture my life with out her its like w/e i do i want to be doing it with her. if im jus sleeping i wish she was sleeping next to me and if i was just eating i wish she was eating something beside me and all that kind of stuff but shes not quite the kind of gf i want. maybe im wanting too much from her??i want her to act like she really likes me rather than just giving everyone else her attention and just giving the left over to me cause shes jsu got some left...i dont quite know what to do... what do you guys think i shoudl do?should i try to work it out more??or should i break up with her now?but i really dont want to
  15. well when we hang out we are together for about 7 hrs or so...how many activities should i be planning or w/e?
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