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  1. well we were doing really really good up until now we would get in fights like normal couples but we always made up and stuff and we hung out lots and such too i dont knwo why she just decided that all of a sudden she hasnt cheated on me or lied to me or anything liek taht so we have decided to talk again some time next week
  2. well this morning i was talking to her cause we had a fight last month and it got to her saying that she doesnt think she loves me as much asi love her and i said do you love me and she said she doesnt know and i said do you think you ever will and she said she doesnt know and then i said i think we should start seeing other people and i walked away but i still love her so much weve been together for 10 and a half months and shes just become such a big part of my life that i cant imagine my life with out her what should i do?
  3. no no im trying to keep her away from my friends cause they do stupid things
  4. me and my gf have been going out fo r11 months now and were dealing with some issues well we got in a fight tonight and it started off about how she doesnt get to hang out wit my friends very much and i said that she never made and effort and also because my friends drink and smoke weed so i dont want to her be around bad influences and she said that she doesnt want me thinkin for me and all taht but thats jsut a short summary of it. well the thing is i still love her...i cant picture my life with out her its like w/e i do i want to be doing it with her. if im jus sleeping i wish she was sl
  5. well when we hang out we are together for about 7 hrs or so...how many activities should i be planning or w/e?
  6. well me and my gf hav beengoing out for 10 an a hald motnhs or so now and were great!the only thing is when we hang out we do alot of sitting around and doing nothing. what are some things we can do that is easily do able in most places?
  7. soo heress some background info. well im 15and before i met my gf i was quite a "rebel" i guess u cud say. On a night out with my friends we would have a couple beers and and such just like regular teenagers. we didnt get too hammered exept for the accidental acceptions every here an then say some once drinks too much and they pass out. that would happen say once every 3 months but never too the say ppl. well anyways since i started hangin out wit my gf more i stopped drinking because she said she worries wen im drunk. well the thing is i started drifitng away from my friends. the thing ab
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