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  1. 2 weeks... I think? I kinda stopped counting and just started to have fun again. Everything is moving on pretty well, its only the time right before bed and on certain nights that she creeps into my mind, I wont call her I'm over that, I still wish things could've played out differently but I know and I'm understanding that the timing just wasnt right it would've played out this way just in a month..a year..sometime down the road, The only inkling I have to contact her is tell her I forgive her, that im not bitter about her being with someone else so quickly, I cant force her into a relationship and nor would I, but like I said I feel like things should've been different, kinda sucks sometimes to have her completely out of my life, but I know its for the best, and I dont need any setbacks in finding someone for me.. like the song goes, "theres gotta be somebody for me out there"
  2. its been one week, and im laughing and having fun again, went out last night with the guys and have a blast, today im in because I have to work tomorrow, but thoughts of her having been creeping in, I've managed to combat them with the fact that I'm the prize here, shes the one whose lost out. Remember everyone to keep loving yourself, we often de-value our own love right after a breakup, lets remember that were damn good people and were gonna have our shots at love again! I hope everyone feels a little better on this saturday night!
  3. I'm off for my career test in another city...I will pass within 1 block of her house...I WILL NOT LOOK DOWN THAT ROAD, I will take the long way if need be. I wont be on here for atleast two days...so I hope I can be strong the entire way, posting on here really helps..lets go.
  4. Had a minor hiccup at work, her friend (i work with) who just found out were not together anymore came by to talk...and I shouldve stopped her right away but eventually I found the courage to tell her I think its best if we dont talk about "her", she had her reasons and I dont need to hear more about it, the fact is were not together and thats her decision and shes chosen someone else and I dont want anything to do with someone who doesnt want to be with me.
  5. I guess this is back at Day 1..Im doing really well today, except for right before bed. I began to think of her routine and what she was doing when I visited her, but I know deep inside she doesnt deserve me and im better for it. I was confident all day even when her friend ask me if we split, told her "it sucks but shes really missing out on a great guy, I coulda been good for her'' and walked away with my pride, I remember the nights before being hard, and I know that shes seeing someone else gave me complete closure, the girl doesnt know what a true relationship is, and im thankful i found out atleast early enough before things got more serious Its tough, I can be very passionate about things, and I chose to embrace the distance between us, I was looking forward to driving in the middle of the night when I could hear in her voice that she needed me, were both nickelback fans and now when I hear "I'd come for you" or "never gonna be alone" it shakes me a little, I guess I can put anyone in that situation but right now its her, cant wait though until I found someone deserving of this and willing to reciprocate the feeling
  6. dont change classes based on him, it will be very tough, but you need to put on a smile and go about as if he isn't even there. Theres nothing that they hate most is to see us laughing and smiling without them, especially when were so "heart broken and depressed", and ex told me that she saw me out after we broke up and I completely ignored her and looked like I was having the time of my life, that she cried later that night. It was not my intent but it was nice to know.
  7. I've done NC before and it works wonders, just got out of a quick relationship today, we've only been dating a month, but it was a year in the making. Bad timing, she moved away last week for school, and now suddenly its all too much for her to have tonnes of nursing classes and have her mind wondering to another city. I feel bad, but not devastated or anything, I'm just more disappointed, I saw alot of potential in this, its a shame bad timing destroys another relationship.
  8. occasionally I glance in this section, and every so often I'm blown away by the depth and magnificence of such deep and moving poems. I felt as I read it as if I had been that person who lived it, great job!
  9. well to me it becomes less hope and more if we were meant for each other we'll meet again at some point but for now perhaps she isnt the one and I have to move forward.
  10. All the best on the self improvement and reconciling but that line was just horrendous
  11. someone had a good saying on here that even two halves must be whole themselvers before they can come together as one It seems he knows hes not whole himself and must journey on his own to find himself first before becoming serious in a relationship
  12. I read the title and was like...hey wait a minute... I'm coming up to 22 in a few weeks and have had only 1 relationship. And i'm ok with that, I'm not the kind of person to bounce around from girl to girl, it takes alot of what I'm looking for to get me interested. I'm told I'm a bit of anomoly, a young male who doesnt sleep around and who wants serious committed relationships, that doesnt mean I'm not fun or anything like that when it comes to going out on the town but I've enjoyed loving and I'm not gonna care what anyone else thinks about it, but for me its does become quality over quantity
  13. Hmm thats the golden question; some say you dont really start till half of however long the relationship lasted, others proclaim you kinda have to find someone new before it officially becomes nill, but like they say time heals all wounds and as long as you dont go stirring up the pot with the ex you'll be fine.
  14. ahh I remember just finding out the girl I was starting to like had a boyfriend...ahh c'est la vie.
  15. but also remember theres a few of us who tend to be more like a prince charming, you just gotta look harder to find us nowadays
  16. Yikes...restraining order material right there
  17. I think your over examinating the situation...well this may be all well and good I'd take a look at yourself on day 30 of NC, you'll find things tend to change quite profoundly. I remember thinking how easy NC was in principle but then there were days (like you at the gym or after) ...maybe if I did this...or had some other brilliant idea in an email and some of them I listened to and nothing worked out but I felt better the ones I chose not to run with. even now to be brutally honest I'm letting go in some mindset but I still plan to contact her down the road to see if theres anything there and in fact it was meant to be or not
  18. I remember one time I saw my gf ex at a club, right after she told me the story of when he hit her.....that guys lucky her brother (my best friend) was out with me that night...so no cant say I will compare myself with him.
  19. take the lead, it will catch him offguard but I gurantee he'll like it.
  20. hey I can say I've been where you are but it does get easier. Whats worked for me is to aknowledge these feelings and from there you begin to accept where you are at and can continue to move forward, continue the NC and self improvement
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