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  1. You'll do ok. At least you have a second chance at happiness. Not many people do. Cherish it.
  2. Are you going to take her back? If the guy I loved came back to me, I would take him back in a heartbeat. No questions asked.
  3. If he chose to come back to me, it would mean that he missed our relationship that much that he would choose to return, instead of pursuing it with someone else.
  4. I know I would. If he came back to me because he missed me and slept with someone else while we were broken up, I would still take him back.
  5. He and I are still friends. We decided to keep a friendship. He found someone else. It hurts like hell to see and think of him with someone else. He still wants a friendship with me and we see each other as platonic friends on a consistent basis.
  6. The person loves someone else and doesn't love me in that way.
  7. I know self-control is important, but to use self-control and letting go as methods of bringing the ex back, is that ever possible? I am so in pain.
  8. Do people ever just let go of an impossible relationship in the hopes the other person will miss them and come back? What is the likelihood of that? People here seem to continuously advocate NC as the only way to go, but as you apply the tenets of NC, don't you people ever keep in the back of your head, the slight hope the ex will miss you and come back, in whatever shape or form possible. NC is cool. It helps to take the desperation out of the equation. But to give up all hope is cruel indeed too.
  9. I miss a sexual relationship with someone, especially since this person made me feel soooo good. It's not simple to be able to find someone who can fulfill you that way and yet also be a good and caring person.
  10. Where you like someone so much and want someone so much that you desire to sleep with them again, even though it is not a good idea and can lead to unfulfilled emotions and feelings. What I am getting at is, have you ever had a relationships with someone, it ended, the both of you are friends now, but you still have a strong sexual desire for them that you don't care anymore and are willing to ask for one more night with them, no matter what the outcome? Is that bad? The sex was so damn good that you don't care what the consequences, just to repeat that one night, to feel that closeness with that person.
  11. I'mThatGirl, I am sorry if I came off in a rather unpleasant way to you. I am just frustrated beyond belief about the problem at hand and a lack of an acceptable solution. It was not meant to hurt your feelings or malign your character. The only thing I have tried in the past was giving him space at one time. Not that he asked for it or wanted it. I felt that it was good to have my own thing going so I planned a few days outing with some friends. I thought that could bring us closer. Instead that brought us further apart. Consequently, now I fear what would happen if I pulled away.
  12. I'mThatGirl, didn't your ex leave you because you stood up to him and called him on his actions? If you kept along to the status quo, you could have kept him around. I go with the philosophy of "don't rock the boat". What this whole thread was about was requesting advice and opinions about whether pulling back and practicing LC was the proper way to deal with aforementioned situation. I don't care that he likes someone else. Big deal! She isn't an imminent threat. I am looking for stopgap solutions for now, to raise attraction level. If she were in the area, then she would be a force to be reckoned with. Now, she's just an annoying blip on the radar.
  13. I don't think he would disappear from me either. I think he has some compassion in him to know that if he disappeared out of my life, he would wound me terribly. Besides, he promised me he would never do that.
  14. Well, can LC (not showing interest, etc) bring a guy back, get him to be interested in me? The woman is not a local thing. so it isn't like he is seeing her ALL the time.
  15. There was no official breakup. We hooked up for a period of time. That didn't work out, so we decided to try and be friends, hence hanging out for the last six months. Things were great until recently when he met someone in a long distance thing. Never did think that would work out. Whatever.
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