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  1. Well I am still alive and kicking thekid55. -SuperDave71
  2. Bump for the newbie if you don't mind. -Take Care, SuperDave71
  3. Thank you all.. It's a bit late but thank you very much for your kind words. -SuperDave71
  4. To A Stranger... Many years ago, I did not recognize the person in the mirror. The reflection seemed almost transparent as if I could see right through it. I did not want to see myself as “broken” though my heart knew the truth despite my brain telling me that it isn’t really over. You can hide from your friends, family and sometimes co-workers but you can’t hide from yourself. This is a tough pill to swallow because no one wants to feel vulnerable. When your heart has been broken, you have to find once again what was originally you. You have spent so much time, love and energ
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