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Still Loving You - SuperDave71

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I hope you and your family are safe and well. My ex did come back and I came back to him.  But simply because we chose to have our paths cross again -casually, with zero intention of it leading to getting back together - and because we'd both changed over the years such that what were issues were not issues any longer and because sparks flew - huge motivator of course!  That was 16 years and 4 months ago.  Still going strong.  I agree with all you said because I did have exes I so desperately wanted back (including my husband, a month after we broke up -he said nope -so glad he did).   Great insight and input.

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Hello friend Superdave71, welcome back! I never knew who you were but many of your posts gave me lots of insights during my difficult times 10+ years ago.

I check ENA randomly (truly randomly every few months or years!) And was so happy to stumble upon this post.

I don't have a successful 'getting back together' story to share, but I'm in a good place mentally. And I can vouch for every word you wrote up here. Kudos.

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