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  1. DAY 97! In three days it'll be 100 days since I send her a birthday card! The last time I contacted her.
  2. I know you hate me. I didn't want the ring issue to push us even further apart but it obviously has and I guess that's understandable, but I hate that we can't even be civil to one another after everything we have been through. I do believe you.
  3. I know exactly how you feel. I don't want my ex back. I don't feel the same way about her any more. But I'd love to talk to her and see her. Crazy eh!?
  4. Day 23. Found out (pretty sure anyway) that she's with someone else. It has definitely helped me cut the last chord and head out on the final road to recovery!
  5. Day 16. She broke it. Probably Day 30 something for me. Been 7 months now. I still miss her. It really sucks!!
  6. Day 8. Prolly the hardest day so far. I hate Saturday nights in by myself.
  7. Seroiously, it's a blind date!! How often does a blind date work out!?!? He probably went on it for a bit if fun and has probably not seen or heard from his date since. Just let it go.
  8. Nail on the head. Do NOT reply to her. If you do decide to, do not mention anything about your relationship. Be as nonchalant as possible. Just be completely dismissive of her games. say something like "haha! you always were a drama queen!!" or you've been busy etc. Totally disarm her. DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT YOU GUYS GETTING BACK TOGETHER.
  9. I'm in the exact same position. 5 years together, getting married in October. 6 weeks ago my fiancee called it all off. We weren't getting on. I was out of a job, she had her working week cut to 3 days and we had 2 dogs. But neither of us said we'd never go back, so there is a chance in the future. We've only spoken about wedding, household and financial things since. I've only made contact once. Any time she contacts me I keep it quick, polite and mature. I'm giving her the gift of missing me. I'm also trying to establish mutual ground for myself so I when something comes up, I can take
  10. Here's an excerpt from a book I once read. "How do you make someone want something? Interesting question, isn’t it? Do you offer it to them? Do you tell them how great it is? Do you try to convince them first? How do you do it? You might think that diamonds and gold are precious and expensive because they’re ‘beautiful’, but in fact their value comes from their scarcity… What originally made them interesting, what originally made them beautiful, and what originally made people WANT them was that there was nothing else like them. Coal and diamonds are both made of carbon, but the forme
  11. You wait for a special occasion a few months down the line and then propose. The important thing is you two are together again and have eachother. Marriage is a distant second in terms of whats really important.
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