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  1. I was recovering from heart break number 2 back then. I remember my now-ex telling me that my then-ex didn't deserve me, after the way I had been treated. Practise what you preach, biatch!!!
  2. DAY 97! In three days it'll be 100 days since I send her a birthday card! The last time I contacted her.
  3. I know you hate me. I didn't want the ring issue to push us even further apart but it obviously has and I guess that's understandable, but I hate that we can't even be civil to one another after everything we have been through. I do believe you.
  4. I know exactly how you feel. I don't want my ex back. I don't feel the same way about her any more. But I'd love to talk to her and see her. Crazy eh!?
  5. Day 23. Found out (pretty sure anyway) that she's with someone else. It has definitely helped me cut the last chord and head out on the final road to recovery!
  6. Day 16. She broke it. Probably Day 30 something for me. Been 7 months now. I still miss her. It really sucks!!
  7. Day 8. Prolly the hardest day so far. I hate Saturday nights in by myself.
  8. It's this simple folks. Sending a birthday greeting to an ex is not going to have any bearing on whether you ever get back together with them. If they ever wanted to come back, a birthday text or no birthday text will not have been a decisive factor. In my opinion, no good will come from wishing them a happy birthday.
  9. I got back together with my ex about 3 years ago. My posts about it should still be on here.
  10. Thanks Scout. I definitely think initiating NC from the very beginning was a huge help in getting her back. I walked away, so to speak. I kept telling myself during the period of NC that I was giving us the best possible chance of making it. I had to encourage myself that what I was doing was a very positive thing even though it was killing me inside. The period of NC also added that bit of mystery when we did start hanging out again. As for 'the talk', I agree with Scruff, we mostly let it happen naturally. But there were several times when we spoke in depth about what happened and how we could do better this time around. The one piece of advise I can give is to keep it any talks light hearted and speak of the negative aspects in a constructive manner, if you get me? Remember, at the start of a relationship there is no water under the bridge, no negatives, just fun and laughter, so it is important speak of everything in a positive way. The one most important thing I learnt is this. Nobody likes a negative person. Nobody likes a dullard who always complains about the smallest things. A positive outlook on life and an upbeat nature are such attractive qualities and can win over anyone. Think of the most popular person in your school, college or work place and I bet they are someone who knows just how to smile and laugh. This, I believe, was the secret to my success!!!
  11. Hey enol, I had tought many times about posting my story but somehow thought that it would sound conceited, particularly as I know just how painful it all can be for many on these boards. But I learnt so many things while going through my break up and even though I'm almost 32, it probably made me grow up. So I thought maybe I could share some of the things I learnt with others who really want their exes back.
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