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  1. I think you jumped to conclusions about her old school pal. I think hubs and I exchange numbers with friends we've lost touch with. And instead of saying, "what should I wear to the party tomorrow?", you accuse her of being a ***. Then, as a retaliation from your assumption that she sucks as a human being, you purposely flirt with a stranger. All because you feel you aren't good enough, and finding a way to self sabotage. I'd give her some time. And yourself some time. You have some things you need to work through on yourself.
  2. I would just say, you are called away on a work trip, and can't make it now. Sorry. HUGS and Kisses. Save your money...wait you were invited to the ceremony, but not the reception? EW. Usually it's the other way around to save space.
  3. I also want to add, the only person I could picture marrying or having kids with was my husband...so there's that. I know two buddies, one who dated this one woman for 14 years, well into their 30's at that point, and said they could never get married until gay marriage was legal. Then it became legal in the US. Then, me, hubs, and our 1st kid went to visit, I said I could get ordained, and marry them. We left and went home, and they broke up. He is now married with a little kid...he just didn't want to marry the other girl, and just had excuses for why he wasn't or couldn't. Same with another buddy who's been with the same girl for 25 years now...he will never marry her because he doesn't love her...sometimes, you also don't get the reason for marriage because you aren't with the right person.
  4. This video is for you. History and reasons for marriage, pros vs cons. I won't be able to explain why marriage is important for YOU, but I can say it was the best decision I've ever made, and has been way more than just a piece of paper. And yes, we celebrated our love, and had a super fun, amazing time that people are still talking about the great food served and games played 10 years later. In fact, my wedding was so much fun, my only regret was not hiring a videographer to film it. We also save a lot of money on taxes and benefits being on a family plan.
  5. So in your line of thinking, if she wears a tight top or leggings, she's going to cheat on you? Think about this. Every time you bring up how she dresses, you are telling her she's an unfaithful skank. Oof! Next time, if you don't like the way she dresses, just leave, and let her find a new guy who loves her just the way she is. I love to dress in revealing clothes, and have zero interest in ever cheating, and never look at other dudes. "Check yo self before you wreck yo self " -Ice Cube
  6. Married to someone with heavy ADHD and a kid with ADHD, and yes, this is so ADHD. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath, and focus on the fact he wants to make you dinner and do your laundry. If cooking, even they say they will do it, make sure to do one dish, so he stays on task. Many also respond to touch if you need their attention on something. Is he on any meds now? If no, and the forgetfulness has picked up, I would have him get checked out. Depending on what range of ADHD he falls since it's a board spectrum, like forgetfulness, hyper-focus, impulsivity, inattentiveness...so if he can explain what he needs, it will help.
  7. Why wouldn't you be hatin' on such a ho? Be glad she didn't string it out further. She sucks 100%. You will one day realize you dodged a bullet.
  8. Try coming at this from a self-care and fiscal perspective. If you purchase high quality shoes that were about $150. Technically, you are saving yourself from potential medical bills that may have been generated from bunions, low back pain and spinal deformity, sprained ankles, etc. And if you wear them for a full year, it amounts to $0.41/day. So, in reality, instead of $10,000 in bills, you spend $150. And let's say there is a dress that is $80 vs the one you do not like as much for $37. With the $80 dress, it makes you feel empowered, therefore making your day at work much more successful, which leads to promotions and raises. My point - think big picture!!
  9. Masturbate before the date, and it will help you not focus on kissing so much. Don't look at her lips when she speaks, and look into her eyes, and pay attention to what she's saying. You don't need a first date smooch to make the date a success. But if you like her, arm on back, holding hands, touching her arm gently, cool for first date.
  10. Sounds like just wasn't that into you. But you also weren't that into him. And there's nothing wrong with either of you. It just was a lukewarm fit. Chalk it up to someone you once dated, and move on. And you put getting your PHD!!! (Congrats btw) ahead of him because you should have. If a partner is so easily flustered by you pursuing higher education, no thanks. He just wasn't the one.
  11. Other than having some past sex partners on your Instagram, what terrible things did you do? Lie about getting rid of them?
  12. "Mo'Money, Mo'Problems." When Trump filed for bankruptcy (not trying to be political - I have a point), he was still a millionaire. I think you should speak to a financial advisor, or take a class on money management. I know you know how to save, but classes like these help you to understand where and how much you can splurge, save, invest, etc. With social security, savings, compounding interest, medicare, no mortgage, your expenses also change with retirement. Putting it on paper (spreadsheet) will make it more tangible than relying on stress of the unknown. Just a reminder, "you can't take it with you," and no one is laying on their death bed going, "why didn't I put more in my ROTH account?" Don't wait to travel. You don't have to live large on vacays, but you should take them - travel is good for the soul.
  13. My dad is a compulsive gambler that has lost several million over the years, at 90% of the time has not told my mom, his wife about it. From selling their paid life insurance policies to cashing in his entire 401K to where my mom had to bail him out since he didn't report the tax penalties. He still regularly opens a new credit card and maxes it out. They are still married over 50 years. You need to keep your own money in a separate account. Get your name off any credit card you share together because he will destroy or has destroyed your credit. Close off all credit cards of his, and put a max limit if you let him keep one. I know this is all controlling, but your hubs has a problem - he can't help himself. Whether you choose to stay or not, he cannot have ready access like this to your money, which you need to put food on the table, a roof over your head, and clothes on your kids.
  14. I know, right?! Haha - last word!!! Beating the horse! Sometimes friends have mad up their mind awhile ago. I've lost friends to jealousy. I've written off a friend over a guy or defending my husband. Give her some space.
  15. Yeah, I am an essential worker...zero issues talking about, looking at it, cleaning it. My dogs do it on the carpet...like why not the wood floors?! My husband on the other hand wants to throw up when he sees my kids vomit. I assumed you were asking me, and not rhetorically.
  16. Cool. Thanks for asking for it. I guess? I've written off friends for lots of other reasons, from being insulted to my face to being shown a lack of appreciation. Any accidental bodily fluid leakage just has never been a reason for me to write people off. Plus, having two boys that have projectile vomited or blew out their diapers a plenty, the OP's ex-friend could have been pissed off for a while. Since I've also have been written off too. Granted, I have yet to misfire any vomit/poop/pee...well, ugh, now that I think about it...crap, I once vomited all over my folk's guest bed after my big bro took me out drinking, and they never once made me feel bad about it, like at all. Granted, I have a dad who once caught my kid's vomit in his hands like it was nothing. I love my dad...he really is awesome (sorry for the tangent!)
  17. To be honest, I'd be more impressed she could have even driven while vomiting on the ceiling, and frighten she drove that smashed. Not said anything? Is it because she passed out on the front lawn? Maybe hit something with my car without saying anything is more realistic? My hubs has done that twice to two work trucks, a giant pallet rack in my warehouse without even realizing, and we're still married, and no, I wasn't even mad. I think there's more to what happened then vomiting on the floor in the bathroom. And yup, plenty of people at my many parties over the years - never mad over that. It's vomit...not exactly drawing on the walls with poop. Don't know too many coherent people when they're smashed that they have to vomit.
  18. Two things. First, for you to gain 50 lbs in a year and a half, you would need to be eating at least 2800/3000 calories a day without any exercise. Is it COVID weight plenty of America gained? If no eating habits changed, I'd get your bloodwork done to check for thyroid issues. I've lost 44 lbs on Noom so far! Second, you can lose 200 lbs fast by dropping your tool of a partner. I'm sorry, but weight gain is only a excuse for SHALLOW As$hats. It could be cuz he's 41, and has ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and doesn't want to admit it, but he's still a loser for blaming weight gain on you. My hubs and I have known eachother since 16, and I put on 50 lbs with my 1st kid, and so has my hubs, and I can't get him to keep his mitts off me. I would be proud of who you are, and tell him his excuses are LAME. You have given him your best years, and a son, and he better recognize! I'm guessing he's also never put a ring on it? I think you need to focus on you - get back in shape - NOT FOR HIM - for you, because you will be healthier and stronger for it.
  19. Me too. I've had tons of people throw up at my parties, and I could care less. Vomit happens when you get sloshed.
  20. I've had my buddy vomit all over the inside of my brand new car...I mean, completely brand new. Vomit on the windows, the roof of the car, inbetween the seat belts. I plied her with drinks for her birthday. And when we got home, I had her go to bed, while we and my 3 guy friends cleaned the car, and I had it detailed the next day, and while it still smelled for weeks, I never once thought to kick her out of my life. And I'm still buddies with her. I wonder if you said something to her while hammered that really upset her.
  21. Hire a cleaning crew and let her know you'd like to send them over.
  22. My afterschool program was in NY. Drawing nudes is a part of any foundation course for drawing worldwide. It's been common practice to draw nudes since the 1400s.
  23. Get a Lush Vibrator - they kind you leave inside and operator by blue tooth to the phone. Have him control the pulsing levels. So it will fulfill the BDSM drive, and all he has to do is watch/not watch/either way, it gives him control without having to get naked.
  24. OP, this video is also for you:
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