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  1. I find that if they are paying you a crap ton, and you are suppose to have a ton of autonomy, you need to just figure things out. If you need a mentor, get one at another company. Find memberships you can join. Your mentor does not need to work with you in the same company. I have no one here to help me do a lot of key things at my company - but that's cuz, I'm one of the owners. Sometimes you get to a point in your career, that you should be accountable for your own work. If you feel you need training wheels still, then I don't know what to tell you.
  2. Don't explain why you need 48 hours. Just say that's when you will get back to them. Bringing up that you have other offers comes off as overbearing.
  3. If your friend asked you for advice. And you are a true friend, even with the risk of losing her, tell her that this guy clearly doesn't want the best for her. And she deserves someone who will support her. The fact that he still makes her pay for his transport even after losing her job, but offers him a way to save - there are no church bells ringing for them in the near future. He only looks out for himself. I always want my friends to be honest with me. And wish they have with two exes. I didn't see it. It would have saved me a world of trouble. Good luck to your friend.
  4. Have him spend the night at your place. If he insists on his, just say, there is no place for my stuff. And if he says, "I can give you a drawer," respond with, "Thanks, but I need a place to hang my work clothes too." Or whatever. Exchange with toiletries, etc. And if he says, "no, what for, you live so close by," then respond with, "I know, and that's where you'll find me as we take turns where we stay." It can be a guy thing or not. But it's clearly you not piping up as well. It's okay to be upfront with your needs. Also, never give a man the test of life with wife, and play h
  5. She's nuts. RED FLAGGGGGGGG RED FLAG. When people ask you things like that out of context, it's a way to gaslight you to manipulate you. An insecure person may not ask, and instead fill out the boards asking if you like her. A person who is turning into a controlling person asks, "if you care about her at all." She will only get worse. And no, this is not normal behavior.
  6. Some people fall into the 4 year itch. Or where you think of each other like siblings. Some get a 7 year itch. If you are bored of her, most likely means, you have become boring. Plan dates. Take classes together. Get a new hobby to share today. Plan a vacation together. Sitting around netflixing at home over and over, or NEVER PROGRESSING makes any relationship boring. Not sure how long you've been dating, but sometimes you need to move forward to get where you need to be together. Marriage, Kids, big trips, etc.
  7. If they say this behind your back, how do you hear about it? If your boyfriend feels the need to tell you all the crap they said, and still stays friends with them, toss this guy out on the street. He does this to rip you down. I had this one friend who was saying the dumbest sh*t about my hubs, and you know what, I cut her off last month. The problem is not you - it's him. You really are not fully sure what they say. They could be saying nothing. And he tells them all these "nasty things" you say about them. It's drama he thrives on. Guys like this are are a pile of rocks. Drop th
  8. When your partner cannot give you any reason why they don't want to get married, and put it off, is because they don't want to marry you. I know that's an answer no one wants to hear, but it's right in front of your face. He makes no goal post - like a job, amount of money. In fact, all this sounds like is you settling. Settling with a guy who won't marry you. That the idea of getting you jewelry is a crock of media lies. Um, no. I have seen many a happy couple propose with a relatively inexpensive ring or a ring they get from their parents, aunts, relatives. Or no ring at all.
  9. Does he stop by and check if he's home, or is he looking at a building? I mean, how does looking at a building means he's pining for someone else? They are broken up for a reason. And, honey, after 4 years, you are not a rebound. I think you need to take a moment to figure out why you are self-sabotaging your relationship. Maybe you aren't happy, and are choosing to focus on this? What does he do or say that makes you think you two aren't the right fit? No shared life goals?
  10. I broke up with my ex after dating him for 4 months, calling him names, and burned his photos and whatever else. 14 years later, he reached out, and now we're married with kids. But you are looking at it all wrong. Why were you fighting for weeks beforehand? And he didn't treat you poorly after the breakup. You were broken up, so anything you let in is your own fault. Honestly, go no contact for your own sake. Pack up anything that reminds you of him, and put it away in a box, and hide them, or donate them, or burn em'. You don't need them even if you one day get back together
  11. 100% don't agree. What she is seeing is only the tip of his iceberg. Anyone who can be cruel by now, is hiding a wealth of cruelty underneath. What she is finally seeing are red flags of a controlling person. Abusive people or narcassists sometimes wait till you're locked in before they flip the switch. Or they ease you in the abuse bit by bit till your self esteem is crushed, and they can gas light you. At 16 months, dating, should be easy. If you have to keep forcing it, it's not a right fit.
  12. If she was an avid coin collector, cool. But a random purchase like this, makes me think someone is selling her a bag of beans. If she is the type to think there is such a thing as a free lunch, then I would stick to my guns, and ask her what the market would be for them in 10 years, 20 years - are they for your kid in the future? And if she wants to work, let her, probably really good for her to interact with someone other than your kid. I find fixation like this is tied to being super depressed. I have seen and supported my hubs through 3 completely different businesses - all of w
  13. If they ask for your number, write, "I'm not great about texting. Give me a call if you want to meet up for a date." Any the guy who wants to get to know you, the real you, will call. Don't get stuck in the texting loop. Take several hours to respond. If they try to make you a penpal, say, "can't text right now. Call me later if you want."
  14. Just because an alligator tries to eat you 4x, doesn't mean, you let them try again. Block him. Pack up all the tokens that reminds you of him, and throw them out or burn them. You're hooked onto this drug, which you think is love, but it's really just anxiety. It's a tool bag just using you as a landing pad. And don't make it about yourself - this is all him. Go treat yourself - I mean, exercise, get some new clothes, plan a cool outing or trip or pick up a new hobby you've been dying to try. Retrain your brain. If you think about calling him, call or text a friend or fun family re
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