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  1. I don't agree with this line of thought. Speaking as someone who's husband had emotional affairs, it's not me that's an issue, and trust me, the women were toe up, and I'm not saying that to be a jerk, but oof, yikes. You can be an amazing badass wife, lover, mother. It's the tip of the iceberg is what you got to see, but in underneath the tip of it all is a vastness of whatever. Either way, it comes down to the cheater being 100% SELFISH. Don't blame yourself any further. It happens a lot, and take a long time to heal from it. Whatever you do though, practice self-care!!! And lea
  2. I have been drawing nude models in a professional setting since I was 14, and went to art school...and NOPE, ZERO times I have ever been attracted to a model. And I have been a few photo shoots with art photographers, and NOPE, No sexuality behind it. Either you need to take a deep breath and relax, and learn to love your own body to realize, it's just a naked body, or you two are NOT a compatible match, and that is okay. Not everyone can be cool with all professions out there in this world.
  3. Kids don't understand constructive criticism. Adults who can't see how they are wrong doesn't make them right. Think of this way, you and your wife are having a meltdown over a six year old calling someone their mom. It's like shaking a baby for crying. I can only imagine how you respond to "yo mama" jokes.
  4. If you aren't sure why you feel the way you do and what's for the best, take a break from trying to end it, and figure it out, focus on her and the kids, instead of yourself. You will be able to figure it out then. If you only focus on yourself, you won't figure it out.
  5. It's one thing if you two were in a serious relationship, and you broke up...but after one date, I would 100% wish them the best, and move on. Don't sweat over a man who didn't pick you. It doesn't make you a loser. There's no competition in the love game. What fits, what's right, that takes time to discover, and there was something between each other that they want to pursue.
  6. The kid is 6? Yeah, I can see you and your wife don't know anything about little kids. If you ever have your own one day, you will eat the words you said about this.
  7. It's called gaslighting. This is something you will work on and through with a counselor. I mean, I get that you think you can just get over it or time will heal, but when dealing with a complete narcissist, all hands on deck...the longer you are with them, they more they breakdown what you think is real and what you can trust. Do not think you are the only one. They pour on the charm and slowly ease on the abuse.
  8. I don't know how any one can manage to light up for anyone during a pandemic when you're super prego and remote-schooling. My eldest is now in therapy, and my husband had a hypertensive crisis from the stress. If you think all long-term and strong and loving relationships are all flowers and romance all the time, then you are in need of a wake up call. THEY ALL TAKE WORK, especially during the tough times! Until you get this, you will repeat the same over and over in the next and next relationship. Sorry bud, but if you want romance, be romantic.
  9. How old is this kid? Sometimes my dad, brother, and I will call people different names in a row. Kids have so much data going through their brain, it's super easy to get mixed up. I think you're wife is wayyyyy over dramatic about it. And not sure why she'd be in a giant tizzy over it. If the kid was never once corrected by her or you, how would she know who she is. The fact that your wife is losing her sh*t over it indicates that maybe she's bothered by her appearance or something else - her way of deflecting. I mean think about it. This has been going on for six years, but only
  10. In your settlement, he would pay for legal fees. Consult with an attorney. Your police report can be used to file an order of protection. Do not abandon the premises - you have an attorney file for temporary custody of the house. For the LOVE OF GOD, get a consultation with a lawyer; it's usually free. And for domestic abuse, there are so many that work pro-bono through the state. The kids also don't stay with you, so no reason to stay in the home.
  11. My aunt was shot right in front of her two sons (my cousins) who were were young children at the time, and they aren't abusers or narcissists, so stop making excuses for your boyfriend's horrendous behavior. He's just a bad dude, and you need to make an exit plan.
  12. Idle threats. Keep documents of everything, every email, text, photo, threat. Start sharing your side of the things now with your co-workers, family, friends, social media. Act now, and he will not have a leg to stand on. If you want your kids to trust you again, fight back. Stop listening to his EMPTY BULLSH$T. The person threatening you now is the REAL HIM - 100% LOSER AS$hole. Don't ever for one second be embarrassed telling others about what is going on. It happens to the best of us!!!!! I and buddies have had to get restraining orders on boyfriends, husbands that are fathers of t
  13. I would just ask him, "so what's up for only asking me on walking dates?" And don't add more, just let him respond. Could be because he wants you to feel safe and comfortable. He wants to see you in yoga pants. Or he's cheap. Or can't plan anything, and this is how it will be like, and BLEH.
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