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  1. Correct. Make sure to have your lawyer file for temporary custody of the home. Include that her work trips are a way she abandons the children, and are not fully work trips. You need time to decompress and away from her, so you can think clearly. It is impossible to do this with her there wining you up. This way, she gets to keep her househusband and child caregiver, while she's off banging other dudes. COME ON DUDE, don't let your little guy call the shots. You're better and worth more than this!
  2. What makes you think you can't do or find someone better than a homophobic, insecure racist? Honestly!? What makes you think you can't do better than a hateful moron? The only way you will ever do better is to actually want a real partner who is empathetic, compassionate, and loving to all, and he is not it! Either hurt now, or hurt the rest of your life with a narrow-minded avid supporter of discrimination.
  3. Living with two people with ADHD, I definitely recommend getting checked for this. It is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, or makes you less of an awesome person. It's like having a racecar for a brain. It's processing at a super high speed, or you may be impulsive or get lost in a thought, wanna conquer the world one day, and get stuck watching youtube all day the next. There are tools to work on things too! I find it helps for you and others to know your strengths and things to improve upon. My hubs and son are geniuses IQ wise, so there's that...your brain is just running on warp speed!
  4. I have been in long term relationships with guys I met on match.com and eharmony.com. Go for paid sites. You can what you pay for with freebie sites. I also know over 20 married couples that met online. Don't knock it, till you've tried it.
  5. He probably DMs strangers all the time, 24/7. And you were one of the ones in his rotation to get his socks off. I know plenty of good looking dudes who wouldn't mind the drive to get laid. I would get an STD check. Don't be weird about online dating - it'll help you get your feet wet, and you never know if they know someone who knows someone who is the one for you.
  6. I have two boys, 3.5 years a part, and are thick as thieves. I was convinced that my 2nd would be like my 1st, a 2.0 version, but he's completely different with preferences, even straight out as a baby till now, to eating habits, food and clothing choices, reading levels at the their ages, talking, how they are personally, empathetic vs life of the party, and life has been amazing having them both. Oh, my eldest (9) is as thin as a rail. My youngest (5.5) weighs more than by 15 lbs...think about that. You really never know what you're gonna get. But they are both WILLFUL children - karma for me and hubs being like that as kids...hahahhaa Also, I gained 50 lbs with my first, and 18 with my second, and 10 lbs of it was the baby! And my symptoms varied too. We wanted a second kid for the sibling aspect, that you always have someone to help you move, and be there for you whether you hate eachother or get on like gang busters. My husband is an only child, and he's cool. I find if you are torn now, then put a pin in it...come back in a few months, and see how you feel. A bunch of my friends have kiddos 7 years apart, and doing great.
  7. I once dated a guy like this. I married a MAN who doesn't even notice other women (and if and when he does, I would never know or have known). Get with a man who is too busying talking you up.
  8. Men and Women regularly saying something about my hub's calves because they are surprisingly extremely muscular and defined, unlike the rest of him (haha), so they blurt out comments. And they aren't hitting on him. I mean, were you creeped out? I would be, but I get creeped out by all men not my hubs paying me compliments that are body part focused. Like if he looked surprised, I'd let it slide. But if he's like, "GARATTTEEE Legs"...bleh
  9. "Behind every beautiful woman, there is a guy sick of sleeping with her." Meaning, there's more to a long-lasting and healthy relationship than compliments, fatty foods, and a good time. Life laughs when you try to set it to cruise control.
  10. People who refused help never go far in life. They are also the ones who never offer help. And no, he's the lucky one! If I were you, I would reconsider being in a relationship with him.
  11. 20 days in person vs 2 years in person. How they eat in public vs at giants events vs corporate events vs street fairs vs when it's just you two vs with the family vs picnics, on the beach, on a road trip at a dive at a Michelin Star restaurant. What a bad period day or good hair day is like. There is a lot of nuances you don't always get or discover by virtual meetings and phone calls. You married a woman and are already complaining about her, and sweating there's no other options left, and don't believe there is room for improvement for yourself? That this is the best you'll ever be? What it the post of posting if you are not be held accountable for your own actions? It's your life too, and it's not on cruise control. As basing it on a school schedule and time constraints is a shot gun wedding.
  12. Who in the world who lives in Cali, doesn't have a car. That's like the law 🤣 Sorry for that, but it needed to be said. To the serious part...your girl was raised by abusive parents. That woman is a complete narcissist and is doing what she can to break you both up. You could be Channing Tatum, and she's still try to isolate her from you. If your girl can't see this, and isn't taking your side, I'm sorry, she's not the right partner for you. Nothing you can do if the other person doesn't want it. Getting out from under that person's thumb. Sorry, but this is why it really takes a while to see what people are like, whether through loss, great days, family, on vacations, when you're sick, when they are sick, etc.
  13. Which part is crap? You have nothing to lose by getting to know your life with your wife in person? Shot gun weddings tend to work moreso if you have a familiar background like being from the same country or have family in the same countries? When you don't deal with your baggage, you continuously self-sabotage your next and next relationships? No one is saying they are better than you here - it's tried and true info where we've been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.
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