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  1. I just responded to his message with a respectful “good seeing you too, that sounds nice”. Maybe I should’ve let him know how I felt? But I didn’t have the energy to go into that at the time nor did think he deserved to get that kind of energy out of me to go through the trouble of all that when our “dating” wasn’t that serious. He responded to that saying “you did well!” Referring to my pool playing but I did not feel that needed a response. You bring up good points that are definitely logical. Most of my friends (myself included) have not had good experiences with dating so I guess w
  2. I have not heard from him since his last follow up and I’m letting it go at this point. I do get a lot of conflicting advice from friends, and etc. I ALWAYS have a guard up just because I do have trust issues and for the most part, since I haven’t had very good experiences in dating people. I don’t let people in easily but with each passing date, I do loosen up a bit and my guard starts dropping slowly. When this first started, a lot of my friends were jealous and amazed at how he treated me. I’m not going to lie, this definitely affected my views as well. I would voice my concerns to
  3. I am more confused than ever... I texted him yesterday morning asking what time he was thinking. He responded that it was his friends birthday, they were going out to the lake for a couple hours and that he would call me when they’re heading back, probably around 7. Around 6pm, he sends two voice messages and asks me how 8pm sounds and if I want to go to this bar he plays games at every Saturday night (I forgot he played pool every Saturday night). So I agree to meet him there. I show up and he is playing pool with his friend, who is this older male in his 50s so I join and play with t
  4. We have not had that conversation yet so he doesn’t know. I’m not afraid of anything right now, I’m just confused. I’ve heard of people deleting matches because they don’t want to constantly see their location and be obsessed but I think that’s being too optimistic. And if he deleted me because he didn’t want me to see him updating his profile, why would he feel the need to hide that when we aren’t exclusive?
  5. It’s still very early - we have been on 3 dates and talking 3-4 weeks. We don’t text much in between dates which I am okay with. We are usually only texting to set up the date up
  6. We had agreed on Saturday from the beginning. I think some posters here thought we said Sunday because he offered Saturday and Sunday up. But yeah I’m gonna wait for him to reach out. Thanks !
  7. I do feel there reciprocity. But I feel like I need an insanity check... he has unmatched me on bumble. Deleted accounts still show the convo but our convo has completely disappeared which is how I know he unmatched. My gut and instincts are just telling me all this is a bit shady. We’re not exclusive so if he is updating his profile, why would he feel the need to hide it? We agreed on doing something Saturday but have not set a time yet. I don’t think I’m going to reach out for a time and let him come to me for that
  8. We haven’t been seeing each other for long. I definitely have no right to be so suspicious, I can realize that I’m not thinking logically. And I agree, something like this can definitely hamper a connection. I do overthink all the time so I need to learn to go with the flow and take it one day at a time
  9. Yeah I don’t know why he would lie either. It’s just the safe thing to assume that both parties are probably still dating other people but I’d rather be more ignorant and not know when he’s going on a date with someone else, which again I am probably overthinking this by thinking he is actually going on a date tonight.
  10. It just seemed odd he’s meeting at 8pm on a Friday and also, I didn’t really ask either... idk I felt he could’ve just asked if we could do tomorrow/Sunday and not provide any additional info or just say he was busy tonight. Maybe it’s a good thing he went into specifics? I don’t know.
  11. Thanks for all the responses I am definitely over thinking things. I have a feeling that this is too good to be true because he isn’t like anyone I’ve dated. He even brought me a gift on our second date based on something I mentioned I really liked on our first date. He might be a keeper
  12. Yes he is very interesting! Seems like a real nice guy too but I’m always wary in the beginning because a lot of people can act that way and then turn out to not really be like that
  13. I started dating someone from bumble (we are not exclusive) and we get along great and are both into one another. He’s really sweet and treats me right unlike a lot of others I have dated. He’s a masters student and is writing his thesis and should be defending this coming fall. Last time I saw him (Wednesday) we talked about doing something this Saturday. I texted him today with some ideas, thinking he’d know I was talking about the weekend and not tonight especially since I mentioned some activities that are typically done during the day. Anyway, once we decided on an activity, he wr
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