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  1. Sex for me is complicated. After past trauma, it was something to be feared and given to met because it was what they wanted. As i’ve gotten older, i’ve started over coming some of that. Although i’d be lying if i said that sometimes those feelings don’t pop into my head sometimes and no matter how scared i get i always try to hide it and let him enjoy it - mainly because i trust him and know that if i asked him to stop, no matter how hard it would be for him he would. But mostly, now sex to me is trust, it’s giving someone the power to hurt me in a million and one ways and trusting that
  2. I can’t do this. My heart is racing. I’m loosing my mind. About to cry. I can’t do this.
  3. Maybe, but we’ll see. I don’t want to make any rash decisions. But i would like the cure to insecurities. The cure to seeing only the worst of yourself. The cure to feeling too much too quickly. I’m terrified. I’m starting to really fall for someone again.. But my brain keeps trying to sabotage everything, and i don’t know how long he’ll last by my side when i’m so emotional. So scared of everything. I’m trying so hard. I’m trying to stop over thinking. I want this to work, i really do. Deep breaths to get me through this first stage filled with panic attacks and tears.
  4. Thank you for the support, i really appreciate the kind words x Work is a struggle at the moment. It was always the one place i was happiest, it was the place that i walked through the door and knew 100% what i was doing and knew i was good at my job. Now i don’t feel like that any more. I feel lost. I feel like there is nothing stable holding me down and some days i truly dislike my workplace.. I don’t know how people do this over and over.. I almost want out.
  5. Yesterday i let go of my Jack Jack. He was my second horse. He had been my by side for the last three and a half years. Letting him go broke my heart. But he was riddled with cancer and had so many issues that i let him go whilst he was fat and happy and before he knew pain and suffering. He has certainly left a hole in my heart. I miss him already.
  6. Thank you, such kind words and very helpful. I just don’t understand my own mind. What thoughts are mental illness? What are justified?
  7. I broke someone’s heart who didn’t deserve it. I’m not the sort of person who would ever intentionally hurt anyone. But here i am. Leaving behind me a list of broken hearts. I honestly never thought this would happen. Driving away yesterday was the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life. Sitting here knowing someone’s in pain because of me. It’s the worst feeling. How do people do this intentionally? How do people go around breaking hearts? i wish in a way i could be someone who didn’t care.. I wish i could just let it go.. I hate that i’ve done this. I hate that i’m back to where i always
  8. How do people do this intentionally? How do you break someone’s heart. I don’t even understand how people can do what they do and feel nothing. I feel everything. I don’t want to hurt the people around me. I don’t want anyone to get hurt by me. Maybe i shouldn’t be allowed to date. I think i leave before things get too serious. I walk away so i don’t get hurt. But there’s something in my heart that’s crying out for something more. He loves me the way i loved my ex.. Purely, unconditionally. I wish i felt that way about him, but i think in all honesty i just loved that someone loved me so much.
  9. Not too much has changed since my last entry almost a year ago - yet everything has changed at the same time.. I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, eating disorder not otherwise specified and bipolar. I’m on medications. I’ve lost everything in my life and i think i’m about to lose my horses. They are the one thing that gets me up every day. I don’t know how i’ll survive. But i honestly don’t think i can afford to keep them. I’ve done something i am so angry at myself for. And no matter what i do now, i’m going to hurt someone. And either way, i’ll hurt myself. I’ve never been some
  10. Thank you as always for your kind words. The issue is that i find getting help far more triggering than helpful. I end up making myself worse to 'justify' getting help. So for me it's far easier to just keep on going. I'll be just fine eventually. I really will.
  11. I'm 26 years old in a month and i'm still doing the same things i've been doing since i was 12. Binge, purge, fast, cut.. People look at me and think i have my life in order. But the truth is every single day I wish i didn't have to wake up. Every single day i wish i could just fall asleep and not have to deal with any of this anymore. No one knows what's going on in my head and i don't want anyone to know. But it's so bloody hard on my own. I've tried so hard to stop all of this. I've tried to just bloody grow up! But i can't move on from here. I go out drinking and my female friend puts her
  12. Haha I know right! It would be amazing. It's just so frustrating that in the move up here I have sacrificed my qualification and a happy work environment as well as losing about $300 a week as well My Agistment cost also quadrupled itself so my expenses are more than ever and I'm really struggling financially. I had so much more free time as well when I was in Brisbane because I could work less hours and do different shifts - so I could ride normally 4 - 5 x per week. Now I'm lucky to fit 3 rides in. My pony and I are both loosing fitness and we hadn't jumped anything in about 5 months
  13. I have no close friends. I got torn to pieces all day at work. And barely made it to the paddock in sunlight. Let alone having enough time to actually ride or enjoy my horses. Why did I think moving here and that this job was a good idea? So unhappy currently. I'll just day dream about winning the lotto and never having to work again. God that would be amazing. I would ride all day every day. But then reality hits and up I get to get ready for another day of torture.
  14. And I have to wonder, After all the days and nights that are behind us, The seconds that turned into months; Even years have now passed. Yet here I am. My hands trembling, Just as they always do. My eyes - they struggle to meet yours. For every moment they glance upon you, My mind; It takes me to the darkest of my dreams. The night terrors, They still awaken me. At 2 o'clock when the skies are as black as my broken heart, My body forcing me to choose: Fight or flight. Natural instinct. Do I stay? Do I run? Do I risk it all for your arms around me, Do I leave for the sake of
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