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  1. Oct 23 /2019 I was diagnosed with diabetes. And before that with hypertension. I still have time to turn this around. Right now my A1C is 6.9. And on meds my blood pressure is 105/75. Monday night I am joining a diet support group. I want to lose 50 pounds by next Christmas.
  2. I have a small problem. I really like this new girl thats a great friend and I know we would be together for a long time, but then theres the girl I had recently "broken up" with. After we "broke up" (ill explain the quotes later) she told me she she felt empty inside after I left her house that night, but she also told me that we should still talk and hang out more, even though things had just "ended". Ok so with the quote thingys, the girl and I were never officially going out, due to schedule problems, and co-corricular activites, and other things, such as the holidays. I was hanukkah, she was christmas, and I didnt want to mess with her family on Christmas. But at her new years eve party, we just wanted to end it, seeing how it was unfair to both of us. I felt it was fine, cuz we only kissed like twice, more like once, cuz her brother broke us apart. But she is gorgeous, and smart, and everything I could have asked for, but she is just out of my reach. We both felt that we acted like just friends, even when we were together. We had both come out of fast relationships, and wanted to go slow. I never really got "over" her. I can still listen to songs and just start thinking about her. Heck, one time I just started going on and on about her to one of her friends. But the girl I can promise things with, shes just amazing. But IF I have a chance with the ex again (Grace), I would take it over anything. I am perfectly fine right now being friends with the other girl(Megan). But I can tell she likes me a lot. And if I dont act fast, I may lose both Help!!! S'il vous plaƮt Zaids
  3. I am new to posting here though I did register a few days ago and have been an active lurker for quite awhile. I really need some advice/help and honest opinions please! I have been extremely attracted to a guy for over 2 yrs now. I wanted to be with him/get to know him better 2 yrs ago but when I found out he was involved with someone else I backed off. We still flirted whenever we saw each other which left me frustrated but again I just didnt want to be the third party. Over Christmas I saw him at our gym and we were talking/flirting around and he told me he wasnt seeing the girl he had been for a few months...that they had broken up. I had heard this but hadnt seen him until the holidays for this to be "confirmed". Well I decided to just go for it and told him I was really interested in hanging out with him. And he said likewise. Since Christmas we have only still been flirting and talking about making plans..that was up until 2 weekends ago. We made plans to meet somewhere and confirmed the "date" twice by phone and twice more at the gym. On the night I was to meet him I went at the time he said and stupidly sat in my car and waited for him to show up for almost 30 minutes and gave up and left. He didnt call me on sunday to say anything. When I saw him on Monday he was pissed because he thought I stood him up.....turns out there was a miscommunication as to the time. I had the right time and he didnt. So we agreed to set up for this past saturday. Made the meeting place and the time and this time we confirmed it FOUR times through the week and on friday he saw me and once again said "See ya tomorrow night at 630" Now we were due for some snow and he also said that if the storm came that we didnt need to be out in it and that would be the only way or reason we wouldnt hook up. It didnt snow or storm. In fact it was a beautiful night. He also told me that whoever got there first had to wait at least 15 mintues before leaving to give the other a chance due to traffic or whatnot. Well I left to go meet him at the confirmed time and once again sat and waited for him for 30 minutes. My cell is totally dead so there wasnt a way for me to call him or vice versa. He never showed up. And he hasnt called me today either and I refuse to call him. I just cant believe this and am still hurt and shocked that this has happened AGAIN in two weekends. I would think that if someone is interested as much as he seems to be and says he is that he would have at least shown up or had the decency to call me before I had left my house. I really thought he liked me and wanted to hang out with me. He has always told me how pretty and attractive I am and our flirting led me to believe we could have had a pretty good thang goin on........I just dont get this at all. I dont know what I am to say to him or if I should be a fool again with him......I really am so incredibly attracted to him, not just physically either but I cant be a fool either. Have I been played?
  4. Ok here's my situation: My boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago after 8 months of being together. He's in another province right now working, while I'm at school. We were planning on going these couple months long distance (cuz we did it at the start of our relationship) but now we're broken up. We've stayed good friends, and today he told me that his work offered him to stay there for 12 months instead of just these 4 months til Christmas. I'm a little upset about it, even though he hasn't decided what he's going to do yet. I know I shouldn't be upset because we are broken up, but he said that he wanted to see how this time apart went and he wasn't shutting the door on us, and how our "status" is kinda up in the air right now. I guess we're both kinda hoping he'll work out his life and we'll get another chance, but I got upset at the thought of him not coming back at Christmas. I know it's not good to have hope of getting back together with him cuz it makes things that much harder in terms of moving on... but I can't help it right now. And I have the hope that this time apart will be good for us (we'll both learn, and just take some time to think, and be happy with our individual lives) and then when we see each other in person, we'll want to get back together. Is it wrong for me to be thinking about this, and being upset at the thought of him not coming back? I just feel like we're meant to be and he'll realize that when we see each other again and spend time together... and now there's this possibility of him not coming back, so we won't even be able to sit down together and talk about getting back together. What should I do??? Other than this, I have been really good at not talking to him all the time. I wait for him to contact me, and I'm moving on... I'm more happy with my life now. I just still have that little hope in the back of my mind - and now I'm thinking, if he doesn't come back at Christmas, what will happen??? Any advice PLEASE!! I just don't know what to do... thanks guys
  5. I see so many people asking about it.. I see people who have accomplished it.. but the ex has to want to come back.. my ex left me this past Christmas day after 12 years together.. said he met someone at work, wasn't in love with me anymore and wanted a fresh start.. 85 days later, I haven't heard from him.. I haven't contacted him either.. there's no plan that's gonna work for someone in my shoes.. he's gone and that's that.. am I right? I think so, and yet I still see these posts about how it CAN be done.. any advice for me?
  6. Since I began my college course in September 2004, I have been befriended by a delightfully-pretty divorcee named Vanessa. She is 10 years younger than me. Our acquaintance become friendship in three months. She first sat behind me in class, and sat next to me in time. She even asked me for my phone number - something of a rareity for me. She said that I give her motivation, something which I never thought was possible - so I am flattered on that count. She even phoned me about approximately 20 minutes on the phone on two occasions before/around Christmas. We even went out on Christmas Eve, with three of her friends, which was a good night all round. After the arrival of this year, she invited me over to study and socialize with her. I enjoy(ed) and value(ed) the time and company I have/had with her. During that time, she was having problems with a man, who she was introduced to, before Christmas, and in time was emotionally blackmailing her - i.e. waiting at the bus station for her, writing love letters. Any time she dumped him, he'd pretend to say, he was in hospital, i.e. had an accident, fell down the stairs etc. What she told me of him, I began to show that I do care about her, and think about her constantly. I began to have feelings for her, but kept them in secret. I let my cards out on the table a few days ago and let her know how I feel about her. I told her, I want to progress our friendship further without a timescale and didn't expect a decision until the end of this decade and know to well things could change somewhere along that period of time. I felt that in past relationships, she hasn't been given a good length of time to be with a man. I also stated I didn't want to loose out on her too and also demonstrated my patience, tollerance, kindness, understanding, humour and sympathy to her. I told her I offer myself to HER. But I think I have shot myself in the foot. I should not have kissed her when we met for a coffee and chat yesterday. She did say she likes me as a friend, but I don't want to make things worse because I may loose a friend, let alone any chance of a first proper girlfriend too. If Vanessa suggests something - meet up for a coffee/study at her home, I am expected to attend. But if I arrange something - pizza/day out somewhere, she won't. I can't get her out of my head and want to keep a lid on my feelings for her. I may never meet another woman if she and I are history. Any helpful advice will be very greatfully appreciated with thanks.
  7. Just my luck to meet a great guy when he's leaving for iraq in 2 weeks! And he'll be gone at least 14 months. Anyway.... I met this guy at a Christmas party Saturday night & we totally hit it off. Today we met up for lunch & again had a great time. He even called me 5 minutes later after our date was done to tell me what a great time he had! It just sucks that I always seem to have really bad luck when it comes to dating..... Ok, sorry, but I guess I just need to vent a bit here....
  8. I haven't visited the forum in a while, but I figured I'd check back in. It's great having this forum-I've described it before as one big group-therapy room so to speak. I won't rewrite my story-I've written it before. Basically, I was with my last gf from November-February last year-so "only" 3 months-but long enough for the breakup to be painful and still painful now. I think it's the intensity of feelings for someone that determines how hard a breakup is, not really the length of time together in the relationship, and I loved my ex-it was amazing how much we had in common and I thought she was the one I was waiting my entire life to meet. I've thought about her more recently as it's now the one year anniversary of everything that happened-I cried a bit on Nov 21 since that would have been an entire year together, and it's a little hard going through Christmas now seeing my family and knowing how much I wanted to bring her home-I remember last year at Christmas seeing my family I was so excited about the prospects of eventually bringing her home. I had hoped she would meet me for coffee sometime to make peace, but it won't happen. I recently e-mailed her and sent her a Christmas card-maybe I shouldn't have. The whole one-year anniversary thing is hard. I'm hoping that next Christmas I'll be better as I'll be in another state. I know I'll never be able to completely forget her though-there's no way to wipe your memory like Eternal Sunshine-that's been the subject of many other threads here. That leads to my current situation. I've had a new gf for the past 3 months-same length as I was with my last ex-and things are pretty intense now-we have a very intense sex life and we're talking for hours and spending each weekend together. Even now though, I know I don't love her the same as I loved my ex-I just don't have as much in common with her. I almost feel like I'm settling-but I can't expect to find someone else who has all the same things in common with me my ex did-nobody else can possibly exists who is Catholic, a Yankees fan, a classical musician, a video game player, Transformers fan, fantasy novel reader, etc. After the breakup, I went 7 months without a relationship and it was difficult being alone and lonely-I went on tons of dates before finally finding my current gf. Now, at least I have someone, but I wonder if I'm in a relationship because it's a rebound, or something to fill my need for companionship. My current gf has said that I have this emotional wall around me and that I'm not opening up to her and she wants me to. I'm just unable to open up still-since I never made peace with my ex and most likely never will since my ex won't talk to me. I'm also not sure if it's right for me to be in a relationship now, as I'm finishing up dental school in 6 months and I will be moving back to my home state-my current gf does know that I'm leaving town in 6 months, but we're not really discussing that too much yet. I've told my current gf very little about my last ex-it's just not something I want to share with her too much-I don't want it thrown back in my face and used as ammunition in an argument or something and it's just something very painful that I don't want her to know about. I guess I'm not sure what to do. I'm not angry with my ex anymore, I'm not bitter-I've forgiven her, but she and I never talked and made peace, and I don't expect that to happen since she won't talk to me. It only takes 1 person to forgive-and I forgave her, but it takes 2 to make peace. I wonder if I should stay with my current gf-I don't know if it'll work after I leave town and go back to my home state, but I guess I'm too scared to break up as well, since I know how hard it is to find a gf-it took me 7 long and difficult months to do that after my last breakup. I know everyone will just say I need to just forget my ex, accept that she won't talk to me, and move on without making peace with her, but that's much easier said than done, but I know I have to do it. I'm not too sure what to do about my current relationship.
  9. Hi guys, I desperately need advice on what to do about an ex. We were together for five years, and lived together for three. I broke up with him nine months ago, and he took it very hard. There has been little or not contact for seven months now, but I've heard through mutual friends that he is still in a depression over the breakup, he is not doing well in school, etc. I feel terrible and just want to see him happy again. The last few times we did talk, he was very sad and begged me to come visit him for Christmas (he is living in Europe right now with his family). I gently told him I didn't think it was a good idea, and that we both needed space to heal and to move on. Recently, he wrote me an e-mail saying he had sent me a small gift and letter for Christmas. I'm not sure how to respond to this. On one hand, I am deeply touched by the gesture, but on the other hand, I know how expensive it is to ship from Europe over into the States, and I know he still has hope of us getting back together someday. If anyone can offer any advice, I would deeply appreciate it. I am really torn on whether to maintain contact with him or not. I am very worried about his well-being right now, but I also don't think us staying in touch is helping him find acceptance. I do care about him very much as a friend, and want to take any steps I can take to help lift him out of the funk he's currently in.
  10. My former boyfriend and I broke up at the end of the summer. He goes to school in Massachusetts, I live a few hours away. He started dating another girl shortly after we broke up, a girl that he's been friends with for years. His reasons for the breakup were: I can't handle you - You're too good for me - I have to grow up. Very true reasons, in all honesty. We've been in contact these past few months. He never brings up the other girl, not even to his family. I'm not threatened by her in the least, but you know, it bugs me. He gave me his phone number, asked me to call. I told him to call me, and he did. We've spoken on the phone several times, we play a lot of phone tag, he texts me, and has expressed an interest in seeing me while he's home (for a mere week) on his Christmas break. He's also not bringing her down for Christmas. His sister is my friend and she told me that originally she (the girl) was going to pick him up from his house and drive him back up, but he asked her (his sister) if she would please drive him back up to school... I dunno, just a little thing to throw in there. He's been ridiculously weird lately. He's constantly on my website (he doesn't know I know that), looking at pictures, etc. Also, he contacted me on a screen name I had used a couple of years ago (before I met him) the other day, and it threw me for a loop. I'm looking forward to seeing him, but I'm nervous. I'm sure he's a bit nervous, too, but to what extent - I have no idea. While I don't have any crazy expectations, a huge part of me really wants something about "us" to come up when we see each other. I dunno if I should initiate any talk or what... I would assume not to, but I feel like I deserve a little more clarity on what happened, and some truth about how he feels about me and about how I feel about him. Any advice? I'm nervous!
  11. I received two christmas cards from my ex (together 1.5 years, split up 3 months ago). I sent her one, but didn't say "love" or whatever. She has said she would like us to be friends and we have met a couple of times socially but everything was light hearted and good humoured, no mention of "us". She was adamant that when we broke up, that was it. She signed her christmas card to me "Lots of love" x I feel pathetic for reading anything into this, but if I had a new gf, I would expect her to be upset at such a sentiment, would that be fair ? I know I would be well angry if my gf got a card from her ex boyfriend saying that. Is it just what girls put ?
  12. My ex and I had a rough breakup, but a great relationship. It ended without much notice, and a few mean words from him ( he fell out of love with me... my words) He is still in the possesion of my stuff too. It has been a month since I have tried to contact him.. his last response was impolitely " your stuff is in the mail". My problem is we have a mutual friend who has an Christmas eve party, and she doesn't want to count one of us out...but he doesnt want to have anything to do with me, an dI don't think I am ready to see him. If I don't go to this dinner, I will be left out.. and the night will suck... all because of my ex. But if I go and he shows too, things will definitely be uncomfortable. He may even go as far as treating me disrespectfully. I can handle being nice to him.. seeing that I was the dumpee, and I am a bit older too. I will say merry christmas and smile, then move to someone else.. hopefully. But since the breakup.. he is nothing but disappointing surprises. What should I do? Should I just bail on the dinner? How can I talk to my friend and make her feel better about being in the middle? I mean there is no real way... to feel good about it. But what can I do so she isn't in the middle anymore? What do you guys think the right thing to do is?
  13. Hey guys. Basically my ex-gf broke up with me and wanted to remain friends. I tried for a month but she kept playing headgames telling me in chronological order: week 1. that she wanted to get back with me but needed more time week 2. she wasn't sure cuz things could happen in the future or new people might come in our lives. week 3. that she maybe wanted to get back but after she finishs nursing school(in April long time away). week 4. that she was talking to someone now(her best friends brother). She's known him for 8 years and never been interested in him in that way PLUS just by looking at them no one would even think they're compatible whatsoever. I think it's more of a comfort thing. But I really don't know if she's even being serious. Anyways I was getting hurt by all her mixed signals and so one night I finally told her that if she was interested in working things out(which she said she eventually is willing to do just not yet) to call me. But if she wasn't then not to call me. AND I told her that in the meantime not to call me for Christmas or New Years and that I wouldn't call her for her birthday(Jan 19). She said it'd be hard not to call for Christmas but I told her to not do anyways and she said fine. THE REASON I told her these things is cuz I had tried to initiate NC once already a week earlier but she broke it the next day by calling me to ask a stupid question. And then she came up to my work with her friend to eat and to see me just 2 days later. Basically she didn't respect my decision the first time that's why I took that attitude the 2nd time around eventhough I still love her and would like to go out with her again. I know I've done everything in my power to show her that i'd be a different person a second time around in our relationship but she keeps saying not yet cuz she needs to work out her personal problems. BOTTOM LINE: I left things in her hands, whether to call or not. And I WILL NOT call her. So there won't be any slipping up on my part like some other people that give up after a month or so. Question is did I initiate NC in an alright manner or did I make it seem too much like an ultimatum by what I told her. The one thing I may do is send her a b-day card on Jan 19, but I assure you guys that it's not to make contact with her. It's just out of generosity. And if she calls to thank me, I may or may not answer. But this is really looking too far into the future cuz I don't know if she'll give in and call before then.
  14. I've been with my boyfriend for nearly three years: all these three years we have been at university, which means that every Christmas, Easter and Summer we go our separate ways and see each other once a week or so. I'm getting sick of this though: I can't wait for him to finish university (I already have), so that we can finally be a normal couple - is this mean? I moved to the city he studies in just to be closer to him. He knows I don't get along with my family, so it's very likely that I will be spending Christmas alone in my house. He gets along with his family brilliantly, and loves spending time with them. There's no point in suggesting that I spend Christmas with his family: seeing as we're not living together or engaged, he doesn't think it would be appropriate. Am I completely out of order for wanting him to be with me all the time? He wants that too, he says so, but I just want him here. I sacrificed a lot to be here, I could have lived with my parents (grudgingly, yes) rent-free, but now I'm stuck in this cold lonely city alone, whilst he's five hours away with his family. I'm scared that this will always be the case: that whenever it's a vacation he'll go running. Does anyone have any answers? Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate this.
  15. I'm so happy, I just have to tell someone!! Ok, before school started earlier this august my best friend decided that she wanted to go to a different school than the one I'm at. Well, she just recently learned that she has the opportunity to transfer back to the school that I'm at!! So next semester, she's going to be at my school!! After an entire semester apart, we're going to be able to be with each other again everyday!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!! This is the best christmas present I've ever gotten!! Of course, now the entire Winter Break I'm going to be dying for school to start again...
  16. Hi, Well I asked out the girl I like tonight. The way it went down was we were out for lunch sitting and talking. I started a conversation about christmas lights and she was like yeah I havnt gone to see any in a while. I said well I would be happy to take you sometime this week if you want to go. So later that night we were talking about movies and she was like we should go see one on Wednsday after we look at lights. Now that all sounds good an everything. But...when we were on break before I asked her out we were talking about another guy that she liked. I didnt let this effect me asking her out I'm just worried of what to make of it. What should I do on this date to let her know I'm really interested or is there a good chance that she already knows?
  17. Hi everybody, I guess u all must have notice a newbie like me in here, offering my little elf helping hand this coming xmas. I guess i have miss some people posts in here, as the forum refreshes. Let us say u are looking for me for a reply and i am not there. Would u send me a thread, let us say i miss ur post, and u wan me to post? Or pm me, if u wan to keep things secretive. I have been trying my best to be creative in providing solutions to u, so as my motive IS to make u FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER, THINK BETTER, AND BE BETTER! If there is any current offence i had made this christmas, my apologies to everybody. And yupz! I hope i have given u the BEST service i can offer. Haha! best of lucks.. Hmmz Advanced merry christmas then. Be naughty and yet nice, santa sends a double gifts for us treating the nasty kinds...
  18. Hey All, In case you arent familiar with my situation, my gf since high school (5 years) and I broke up a couple of weeks back. This is the second time we broke up (pretty much teh same reasons). She said that she wanted space to experience things by herself and with other people, because we are young (21) and our relationship is pretty serious. We both knew that there was no chance of marriage until i graduate med school, which is still about five years away. She is still open to getting back together in the future, and I can tell in her eyes how much she loves me. She is seeing another guy right now (about a week after we broke up, pretty much the same thing that happened last time), and she really likes him. At any rate, this guy is graduating soon. We have been doing the no contact thing for the last four or five days because I could tell it hurt her and made her anxious when we talked. I stopped talking to her because I felt it was what would make her happy. I think the break up was a good because it showed me how much she meant to me, and also realigned a lot of my priorities. However, now I really want things to resume. Today she text messaged me and broke the silence saying "I am watching fantasy fb." (We had a fantasy football team together.) After much thought and discussion with one of my friends, I messaged back saying that I was studying for orgo. Later on I found out that she went out to a nice dinner downtown with this guy. I am really confused at why she broke the silence. She is the one that wanted the space, and she broke it with some little thing about fantasy football (whihc i thought was really random.) THe message really surprised me and confused me. I am not reading anything into it because I don't think her decision could have changed so quickly. I am not sure what I am supposed to do about this, she knows how I feel, and so its pointless to talk to her about it. I am fairly confident we will get back together, and I think I am showing that by not talking to her right now. She is a very independent girl, and part of the break up is she just wants to refind herself outside of a serious relationship. She is going to Cali next quarter for an internship, and so I will pretty much be forced not to see her. I was thinkin about visiting her while she was over there. One other thing, I was thinking about still getting her Christmas presents and going to give them to her on christmas day (something we have actually never done before, because I always viewed the major holidays as nuclear family time). I was thinking about writing her a note explaining some of the things I have been thinking about and some of the changes i have undergone. DO you think that is a bad idea? I know I am supposed to wait until she contacts me, but isnt that a bit childish? Is it really taht important?
  19. the guy i broke up with my bf for has decided e does not want a gf. im fine with this except hes still at my house everyday, im going to his familys for christmas he talks to his ex still but doesent hang out with her. he saus he loves being with me, he could see him self with me. i feel like im getting played but i dont know i know he has strong feelings for me, he dpesent want the commitment. hes all over me all the time he only hangs out with me, he acts like im his gf he gets upset when other guys call. whats going on?
  20. Hi All, Things were going pretty well mid december. The ex made it a point to mention he had broken up with his new gf early december. I was concerned he would be spending the holiday alone as he has no family nearby. I gave him a $50 gift card to his favorite store. He seemed pleased. Thanked me several times and hugged me. It was a gift from my heart and truly a friendly gesture. I didn't see him again until after Christmas-at that time I asked how things were going-he just said fine. A few days later one of our mutual friends brought it up that she had bumped into him & his gf on Christmas Day. She went on & on about all the gifts he had for her and was really nosey about what they did that day. Needless to say it was awkward for me to listen as he tried to sidestep all the questions. And, it hurt that he didn't give me anything. Not that I gave to receive (it hurt that I gave to him & he gave to her not me-i have been a really good friend to him & he knows it) I felt so betrayed. Ok, yes I still care about him and I still have feelings for him. I will always love him as a friend. I don't understand why he couldn't just be straight up! If he could tell me he broke up with her, why couldn't he tell me they got back together. Has anybody else extended themselves this season only to be hurt by the ex? And does anybody have any tools for coping with the ex as a friend?
  21. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 2 months. I feel so happy when I am with him. I went out of town this past weekend to visit my family and I just got back. He told me that he wanted to wait to give me my Christmas present when I got back home. I talked to him on the phone tonight and he told me that we needed to talk about us. I was on my way to a friends house so I told him I would call him back. He told me to call him when I left but that he might be asleep because he had to get up early in the morning. I thought that everything was going good but now i don't know what to think. Does "we need to talk about us" mean a bad thing, or could it mean a good thing?
  22. Hello friends, I've posted several times before, but in the next week I suppose I will have more concrete answers to a lot of questions I've been having. My ex and I have been broken up for about 3 months now. He's been dating a girl for convenience reasons (whatever), and essentially we broke up because he couldn't handle me... felt threatened by my career, all that stuff. I was wonderful to him, though. Anyway, we've been in contact the last couple of months, and he comes home from school today. The first email we exchanged, he said we should go have dinner "like old times". I responded with "Well, I'll be up to see your sister and the family for Christmas, so we'll see each other." Then, he sends me something in the mail about when he's going to be home (the exact dates). The next time I spoke to him I didn't mention anything about it. Yesterday, while at a luncheon, I got a voicemail from him apologizing for not getting back to me sooner, but that he just finished his last exam, etc. Again, he went on about the whole "hanging out" thing. He said "We should definitely hang out" and then "If we could work something out, that'd be great." I obviously want to hang out with him, but I don't want it to seem like I'm hanging onto his being home like a desperate puppy. Also, his gal pal was supposed to come pick him up and bring him back up to school, instead he convinced his sister (my friend) to drive him back up. I have not mentioned a single thing other than the "I'll be up on Christmas" thing to him in regards to us making plans. I mean, it's pretty obvious he wants to see me... but why? I guess the answer is pretty much in front of me, he wants to see what might happen... I want to make sure I take the best approach and be a mystery to him. Considering we've been broken up such a short amount of time, do you think it's possible he still has those feelings for me and wants to see me for "other" reasons?
  23. Yesterday I have sent a Christmas gift to my ex-girlfriend of 5 years. It is a small box of her favorite chocolates (very expensive) with a cute Christmas card (nothing serious in it, just a "Happy Holidays" message. She will receive it this afternoon. I wonder that her reaction will be like? I would like to have the oopinions of other girls on this forum please. How would you feel, if you hate and despise your ex-boyfriend, if you were to receive a nice card with your favorite box of chocolates? What reaction should I expect? What reaction is she likely to have?
  24. In the last year I had my heart broken by A, refused to date B, dumped C, was dumped by D (but don't care) and am currently dating E unenthusiastically whilst pining for A.I also have struck up friendships with F and G but haven't dated them. I also have a friend who is ten years younger than me. He is the brother of my friend and is home for christmas. We email each other alot. Hes called H. We are quite attracted to each other but would never act on it due to age, geography and the fact that it would upset me friend. We have never spoken of it either just flirt and touch alot. Over the holidays B,C,F,G have all texted to ask how I am and wish me happy christmas. E texts me everyday often and we are going away for new years. And H bought me a christmas present. D never contacted me and A used to email me until he finished his job in December but hasn't contacted me since. Why is it the guys I don't want are so persistent and the guy I want always so resistant. Do I have some sort of phermones that are released when i'm not attracted to a guy and make me irresistible? Do I have some other phermones that repell men i'm attracted to. Why is it I can have any man I don't want?
  25. on christmas eve i got the strangest phone call... while the phone got picked up by my mother she said hello about 5 times and after the first hello, someone started playing music, but it wasn't by a radio or anything they were literally playing music next to the phone.. it was a christmas song and i can bet my life on it that it was my ex.. his life is music...and i was the one who gave him that keyboard and at the end of the song you could hear this wooden whistle thing going along with the song, and i remember buyin that with him.. but if he's comfortable enough calling my house and to play music over the phone, why the heck can't he just say hey, merry christmas at least? why does he have to be anoyumous? anyway, on christmas i texted him a happy holidays and he texted me back with "merry christmas (myname)". im tryin to figure out what his motives are .. it's like hes scared or something?
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