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  1. I really liked that ! .... I promise to tread lightly nothing I will stir .... It has such a sincere and gentle feel to it. I hope you share more of your writing. Thanks, Blazer
  2. Beautifully written S.B., you didn't waste one single word ... sentimental and pure. I really enjoyed reading it.
  3. Very nice pink pearl ! Well written and I really enjoyed the way you chose your words. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Truth razor sharp brutally cold cuts deep a mortal wound The heart in raw agony asks... why? love, trust betrayed again
  5. You wouldnt know it if I just met you today that I am not who you think I can smile, I can laugh but look closer if you care into my eyes dead, empty eyes Its the only way to really see how ugly I am behind my mask I've grown cold I cant feel anything Under this thin veneer I am armor plated bulletproof Each layer is a scar one upon another born of regret and pain I am safe in here untouchable
  6. Touching and sad doyathink. You conveyed your feelings so well with what you wrote. Thank you for sharing it for all of us to read. Blazer
  7. " And fever this frost that tapers the flame"... Great Line ! Very well written Wicked Miss, thanks for sharing it.
  8. I like that a lot Cyprian, nicely written !
  9. yup, took it off and just re-posted it
  10. I remember how I held you in my arms so close to me. Through thin silk, I felt your heartbeat against my chest. Your beautiful eyes full of love and desire looked into mine as our lips met. In that fleeting moment time stood still and we were one under the soft blue light of the lover's moon. But time stands still for no one and on this night arms empty, eyes turned to the ground, surrounded by cobalt shadows and echos of whispered words I thrust my useless hands deep in my pockets and hunch my shoulders against the chill. I hear the dry rasp of my footsteps on cold concrete I walk alone, knowing I will never forget and I will always hold close the way I felt with you, that night under the soft blue light of the lover's moon.
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