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  1. Inscrutable - a name pronounced in snowflakes swirling, then changing into teardrops twirling in the tempest's waterspout we kicked out. The thing about wielding a sword, as good as they are for protection, is we don't always reckon both sides of the blade. My Inscrutable - all my own, or kind of could be - I thought I heard her say she should be in the tick before she fled as we bled. And the thing about saving the world, as good as it is to have heroes, is the world does not always prefer to be saved. Luke and Mark and Matt and John, bless the bed she lies upon, the pillows that she cries upon, the covers she relies upon for safety when the night is long. Saints, preserve this weary one until she joins the dawn.
  2. I call out to you... even knowing you will not answer. I beg forgiveness... even knowing you will flatly refuse. I await tomorrows... even knowing you will not be part of them. I plan my journey... even knowing you will turn your face from mine. I honor your name... even knowing you will not be pleased. I do these things... even knowing you will never again take me in your heart. And I will regret none of it on that last ever morning, because I will have loved you without cease through times when love was not the easier way.
  3. Makes me want to hang myself, but in a good way. I was eating some leftover IHoP pancakes when I read this and my throat closed up so tight with emotion that I had to run to the fridge to wash down the clog with milk. LMAO! That's one powerful piece right there.
  4. That's a load of monkey trumpets, strudel. I saw your latest posted work and it was damn sure no thang to peeze at. Maybe posthumously. I hear that's where the money's at.
  5. Elegant, eloquent, excellent. I'm heartened by what sounds for all the world like progression in healing.
  6. After reading this once, I find it necessary to avert my eyes. Its quiet horror is reminiscent of the visceral pangs evoked by Live's somber "Lightning Crashes" video, which I've always found very hard to watch.
  7. one eye - the left - and paint is peeling half a head hits three-foot ceiling claustrophobic cedar steamer trunk magicienne, ventriloquist pretending lies were on his lips justified her lopping off a chunk good plan good act good axe good thunk she took a bow and now her dummy's junk
  8. Wendy O. Williams 1949 - 1998 image removed image removed image removed Final Days (Another Angry Tribute) You were rocking in the aisle at the Perkins one night Gunpowder burns in a hot white spotlight Leaped from my seat and we danced and I knew It didn't mean a f___ing thing to you Queen of shock rock Bi-color Mohawk A pig that wears a wig Is a big blonde pig We all would eat it Everything's pretend But the animal's best friend Had nothing to defend You were rocking down in London town with Lemmy and his band But it wouldn't be your plan to "Stand By Your Man" Just a bunch of words and you laughed and they knew That nothing meant a f___ing thing to you Did you have to shoot? Did Lemmy wear a monkey suit? I wonder what you wrote In your suicide note I wouldn't read it Powder burns again Wasted in the end There's nothing to defend
  9. eighty-something keys that don't work on a stolen brass ring twenty-something blackbirds in a pile but none of 'em sing a bad motor scooter that he never gonna ride somethin' ain't clickin' inside he misaligned cookie on the table with a bite taken out milk all over the floor a million-power telescooper trained at the moon he don't wanna see any more his watch, it half-stopped and his gun, it half-cocked the boy, he frozen in time he misaligned tie on straight but he neck all crooked once he had a hat but he know she took it he pushing down donuts with wine misaligned, misaligned dozen-dozen-thousand angel choir it still sound weak DJ rape Rapunzel in the tower now she don't speak Holmes look at Watson and he shake he giant head and what good a detective when you dead? malignant signs the world so fine just misaligned
  10. Ha, don't believe the hype. I only put up this Gingerbrot-Haus to lure chubby Kinder into mein stewpot. *sharpens knives together*
  11. Thanks, thanks and thanks. Just a hind paw note here: I can't rightly hold anyone other than myself responsible for the real-life events that spawned this little doohickey. Bears are feeling critters, though, and I definitely do feel like my heart's been swiped.
  12. My thanks to everyone for the kind comments. I'd also like to mention that the material in post #1 is copyrighted by Syslexic Dongs Inporcorated.
  13. Felony I never thought that I would see that kind of brazen robbery You executed perfectly A wonderment of crime Felony I lie in chains no more to be a man whose heart beats quietly And ain't that just the irony for if you brought it back to me it still would not be mine And what did you get? What did you get for your larceny? A handful of coins thirty or so bright and silvery? Did you exchange for a handful of change something more precious, my dear? For a heart can be gold but a heart can be sold and formed into rings for a nose and an ear Oh, Felony I can't describe the misery My nights alone agony I still love you, Felony So slowly goes the time.
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