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About Me

  1. Me and my ex where together for 8 years, when I brought him around to my family everyone loved him but the relationship didn't workout so I broke up with him and moved in with my grandma, prior to the break up me and my grandma never had a close relationship before and thought we were getting close but my grandma still talks with my ex occasionally. She likes every one of his post on social media but when it comes to mine she doesn't. Am I over reacting? I feel stupid because its only social media? Should I ask him to delete my grandma from fb?
  2. He was 92. It would have been his birthday next week. He died from double pneumonia from the flu. He lived a long and fruitful life. He was born in the UK and immigrated to Canada when he was four years old. He was 17 when he married my grandmother ( she was 15)and became a soldier. He served in World War II. He was a soldier from 17 until he was 55. They had 4 children together, Five grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. They were married for 63 years when my grandmother died 11 years ago. He was a great artist and had many friends in his retirement home community. His favorite
  3. My son is having a very hard time with COVID fatigue and gets enraged easily with ANY talk of it. He blames restrictions partially for the death of his grandpa. ( which is partially true, my father found restrictions extremely impossible for people who were mobility disabled and deaf and with severe health issues. ) I have acknowledged his feelings , we have talked. I am extremely Covid fatigued myself and of course miss my father and my husband is gone until Christmas. My son refuses ALL suggestions of therapy so that is pointless and at 23 I can’t force him. If I wasn’t so
  4. My grandmother did drugs when she was raising my mother, specifically in high school. Because of that my mother had a horrible childhood. However...my grandmother got clean towards the last 20 years of her life. She was able to be a great grandmother to me. She took on the role of the second parent and partially raised me: picked me up from school, was there when I got home, was excited to ask me about my day. I feel that me being born gave my grandmother and grandfather a chance to be viewed in a new light without a past and they were grateful for that treated me like a princess. Howe
  5. I've been with him for almost 8 years. Sine sophomore year of high school. My family moved back to MI my senior year of high school but I chose to stay in wv to get away from my toxic step dad. So I moved in with his mom and dad and have had to be okay with everything they've said. They've been helpful and guiding me to success but I've been trying to build a relationship with him for the entirety of our relationship but if his mom or grandmother doesnt approve we dont do it. He doesn't ever change the things I've asked him to but if he wants me to change I'm on it and will fix it right away.
  6. First time my mum went to india she was 19 and forced into an arrange marriage by my grandfathers sisters. She didn’t even know it was her wedding day. My grandad was back in the UK and was completely against the marriage but his family had hidden my grandmother’s and mothers passports. So my grandfather said just do the wedding when you come back to the UK I will get it annulled, just get back to the UK safely. So after 2days my grandfather flew to India with all guns blazing only to realise that in the 2days of marriage my mother actually liked my father and wanted to stay married. So my gra
  7. Im 40 yrs old, been with my fiance for about 8yrs now. He has 9yr boy that his mom has only allowed him to meet and visit with in this past year. She never did give reason from keeping him from his dad. He always paid child support. And stayed in touch with her. The boy was allowed to stay with us this past summer. (Mom and child out of state.) He had bad behavior issues and ADHD. When it was time for him to go home it only lasted 1 week and his mom called saying for us to come get him, cause she cant handle behavior anymore. So he now in school here and living with us. She gave my fiance tem
  8. Hi, Sorry if this turns out to be a long post. So.. I'm 25 years old and thanks to the lousy economy, I'm still living with my family. Which for me would be my grandma and my aunt instead of my parents. Don't ask. Anyways, my grandmother is a sweet lady but she's also incredibly controlling and prone to bad mood swings. For an example, last summer I was working my butt off to find employment and ended up getting offered a lousy job "working in sales" AKA standing on the side walk in front of supermarkets trying to sell cellphones and other products. I considered taking it...until my grandmoth
  9. I know I have depression and I do take meds for it. However, even with the medication I have absolutely no compunction or drive or whatever you want to call it to leave my house. I used to get excited to do things, now I am not. I am a new grandma, my grandbaby makes me happy, which hopefully means that part of me is still there, I just cannot access it for everything. I want to get excited to go on outings. I want to find events that I really WANT to go to..... I am just newly disabled due to back issue that has plagued me since I was a teenager, so that is one reason I stay at home. W
  10. Hi All, First off, I want to take the time to thank anyone who is willing to over me some advice. Okay, so to start my ex-boyfriend and I were in a strong and committed relationship for a bit over 4.5 years. We recently broke up on March 27th of this year due to something I did, an active of extreme impulses. We are both in our 20s, him 23 and me going on 21 in a few months. This particular incident began when I called him to see if he’d be able to send me a few dollars to order UberEats around noon. With the pandemic going on, I lost my job working at an elementary school and hav
  11. Hi guys! I would like to ask for your opinion on the following: First, let me say that I have had such amazing support from my ex MIL and my ex SIL throughout my hardship since last year. We get along beautifully and talk to each other often. That said, my ex SIL's daughter will be graduating from college this month. I am going to send my niece a check for $200 which, to me, is a nice gift. Obviously, her grandmother will be sending her a gift as well. Here is my dilemma: I don't intend for my ex MIL to tell me how much she is sending but, at the same time, I do not want to outsh
  12. Hello all, I am a 29-year-old girl currently living in Italy. I have been dating this guy for more than 2 months and he invited to a family lunch with parents and grandparent in his city which was very far from ours. He is so nice and all but the problem is I think he is going so fast and I can't keep up with his pace. I have this feeling if he gets tired of me soon and I have some intimacy issue because of my constant fear of getting dumped, as a result, I am always the first one who breaks up and this time is the same. but he looks so nice and charming. despite all these facts, I have hea
  13. I am in the dating but non-exclusive stage with a man who is losing his grandma, and is all torn up about it. We usually talk a few times every day, but yesterday he did it call until 9pm to say hi/goodnight and I felt something was wrong. This morning he called to tell me that maybe it’s because he’s processing some intense raw emotion right now, but he felt weird that I didn’t contact him all day yesterday. That his grandma is on her way out and he was at the hospital for 14 hours yesterday and he’s absolutely distraught. He said he knows we are in the weird grey area, and he doesn’
  14. So I've been talking to this girl on a social network and she is from Denmark. I want to keep talking to her but I am torn at the moment Its either I don't talk to her or I might get into trouble with the law. So she is thirteen and I am nineteen. But I believe I haven't really done anything wrong. Because if I wanted to date her I would wait until she is eighteen. But she keeps wanting to know about guys and what they like. But she also doesn't know much her own changing in hormones and when something new comes up she always asks me about it, but must of the time I really do not know the answ
  15. I have a big family on my dad's side. A huge one I'd say and we're all very close and loving. On my mom's side however, it's just her dad and his partner. He has 8 brothers but they all live in Portugal, so it's only my grandfather on her side. My mom's mom died when I was 1 with breast cancer, I never got to know her, but I know my mom was very close to her. She never had a close relationship with her dad and they never got along. He was, however, always a part of my childhood and was always present. He lives with a woman who isn't his wife, but she takes care of him and makes him company
  16. BU was ~3 months ago. Ex and I are in the same program. I've been as NC as possible given that we're in the same class. I ran into my ex today. He was in a spot that I usually am and is relatively obscure. I asked him if he was going to keep being down in that spot so I can avoid him. He said that he has every right to be there and I need to get over it. To which I replied that he's the one who cheated on me. I ended up leaving the spot. I have no idea why he was so unnecessarily rude even after he told my grandma he'd do "everything" to make me feel better etc
  17. How do I console and stand by my man as he is experiencing a major tragedy? The love of my life recently shared that his oldest son was charged with murder (dui). I value my partner & want to be there for him in the best way that I can (long distance relationship) throughout this tough time in his life. We rely on one another for emotional support in every aspects of our lives & are very much connected. I have never been so open or honest with anyone in my entire life. A couple of weeks ago my grandmother tried committing suicide and he was the only person there for me. It is ve
  18. This has been a rough year for me. My grandmother passed away. Broke up with my girlfriend, and I lost my job. I'm back home with my family in attempt to piece myself back together, but I'm battling a few demons since a lot has happened at once, for me. I've always struggled with depression/anxiety, and recent events have really triggered these inner struggles. My grandfather will pass soon as well, and it is really having an impact on my parents and I'm slightly unable to provide support since I'm so lost in my own sorrows. I'm not really sure what to do with myself as of now. I went on a tri
  19. A year ago, my grandfather who has been living alone developed cancer. His daughter tried to help but there was some altercation that our family never got the full understanding of. My father drove out, picked him up, and moved him into his house with the rest of my immediate family (parents and siblings) (I live separate). He's been living there for a year. It hasn't been easy for anyone, but for the most part he has gotten along with everyone, had the appearance of being grateful for the help, has gotten better and cancer-free, has been growing a garden in the backyard etc. We thought we
  20. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months now and we really really care about each other. I currently live in California and he lives in North Carolina. I'm officially closing the distance and moving to NC at the end of this year. However, I am moving to VA with my grandma in a few days. I will only be 5 HOURS away from him!!! I flew out to visit him earlier this year in March and that trip was VERY expensive for me and hurt me financially. I was planning on taking a train down to see him next week, but unfortunately plans changed because my grandma isn't exactly comfortabl
  21. My girlfriend and i have been in a very strong relationship for 2 and a half years. During that time i have been through a lot with her. When we first started the relationship her mum and dad had just split up and i was there for her then, not long after this her dad began seeing another woman and i was there for her then as well. Her Great Grandmother then passed away but she dealt quite well with that, but again i was always there for her. We then went travelling Australia together for 3 months where she suffered from severe home sickness but i was there for her all the time and she got thro
  22. My step son would rather be at his grandmothers than here with his mother and only father he knows. He grandmother has spoiled him to the point he whines about everything. Won't go to sleep. Won't listen. Won't clean after himself. Has to be told five six times to do something or jumped into before its done. She baby's him so much it has hindered him badly. He doesn't listen to his mother at all. He says his grandmother is his mom. He is constantly cutting his mother down. Says things like nana said I can do this or that without asking his mother for approval. It's ok to step on her toes becau
  23. Hi everyone, I have been dating a woman for 6 weeks now. She's 27, and I met her on eHarmony. I am 28. She told me that she had a drug problem (metamphetamines + LSD)when she lost her grandmother ~2 years ago. I understood her pain because I had lost my grandmother to cancer and was depressed for 2 years and took medication. Hence, I didn't judge her. However, I noticed that she's a party animal. She went out last week with her girlfriends, got really drunk, and told me that she had forgotten the end of the evening. I was like ok... Happens to everyone. However, she told me that she used to
  24. I'll start this by saying that I don't usually require advice; I'm usually a giver of advice. But this is something I've been struggling with, for a year or two & need help with. Also, my family never needed me before & barely ever called me before, so I was used to having my own life & not being needed by them & I adjusted accordingly. My mother & grandmother call me CONSTANTLY. Sometimes I don't feel like talking; either because I'm depressed, sick, have a 3 day headache, have severe PMS, or am just plain busy. If I don't answer their calls, they will just call & ca
  25. I met a Chinese girl Online a number of years ago. We have been talking over facebook, and videochats intermittently for these years. Our attraction I would say was more physical but also a definite connection there. Now she wanted to come out to see me a while ago but I thought I could get my life together before she came over. Unfortunately this was not the case. Now I have no job, no income, have been seriously depressed... and friends are few and far between. I'm living in a small apartment with my cat. My grandmother died. My mother is living in my grandma's old apartment th
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