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About Me

  1. Me and my girlfriend have been going through a rough patch at the moment due to me developing health anxiety and minor depression and it has really taken a toll on us but she stuck with me through it all, I noticed a distance in her and we discussed and sorted it all out and we were on the road to being happy again. Last night I had an opportunity to read her messages as I knew she'd been texting a guy she slept with a long time ago (I know I shouldn't have gone through her phone but I was drunk and my anxiety got the better of me) there were some flirty texts there and I noticed when she wasn
  2. I know that everyone is different and what may be forgivable to one may not be forgivable to the another, But I am curious what things do you think are forgivable (whether that forgiveness comes right away or takes time) or is just so bad that no time can mend the wound, I recently lost a friend, I lost her for basically two reasons I overdid it and sent two many messages and texts and she blocked me, That may or may not be unforgivable, What I do think is unforgivable however is what I did AFTER that I was desperate to move on but I just had to make sure she at least saw a letter I wrote so
  3. Post your most memorable movie quotes (or dialogue) here. I'm thinking not necessarily the most well known (Life is a box of chocolates), but those which stuck with you for some reason. If you wanna say why its memorable to you, even better. To start: From "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (major paraphrasing) Mona Stangley : And Jesus went to a wedding where he turned the water into wine Sheriff Earl Dodd: He was a great man, and he knew how to throw a party Mona: Earl, I can't believe you said that, that's sacrilegious Earl: I know, I know. But God forgives me.
  4. Austino96


    I feel like I cannot breath in my relationship. My girlfriend constantly hurts my feelings by hanging up on me, blocking me, and saying just crazy things. We’ve been dating for a year, she caught me cheating 4 months ago. It took a lot for her to forgive me. I’m not sure if she ever had actually forgave me or what is going on. I told her I was sorry but I don’t think I did enough to show her as she says. A month ago I catch her taking to 10-15 dudes at one time in her phone. She lied even tho it was right in front of my face. She proceeds to blame me because I posted a picture o
  5. I dont know if this is the correct section to post this since it includes many types of relationships so I am going to post it here and it will be probably moved. So I am 27 y old woman, I have been in two long term relationships, first (4years) being abusive and the second one(5years) with an emotionally unavaliable boyfriend. Breaking up this May left me completely scarred, unable to love and trust. I am not over my last long term, we are still talking once in a while, I miss him a lot and love him and I am trying to forgive and accept what our relationship was and that we tried our bes
  6. Hello everyone, I have been in a very beautiful relationship with my girlfriend who is also my best friend. We have been together for over 2 years now and I love her morethan anything else in the world. 5/6 months back we started having problems, fighting over silly things and the stuff I say hurts her very bad, these things happen quite a lot recently and last night she told me she is feeling numb. She told me I have become a different person than the one she fall in love with. I ask for her forgiveness and I do the same mistakes all over again, I act immature and silly. I dont know what to d
  7. Hi , my fiancé and I have been together for a year. We originally started talking online (Instagram) while he was overseas in Nepal. We talked and talked for a month and when he got back we went on a date and hit it off straight away.. we were together for 2 months when he told me that while he was away he had a one night stand (while we were talking) I was really hurt at first but forgave him and thought I had moved on.. I had also kissed a guy before we had met in person. We are getting married next month.. and I am reallly struggling with what he did :( we are really in love.. it’s just my
  8. Long story short. It was a very healthy relationship, the night before we were in the cinema and had a lovely dinner together and woke up arm in arm (we lived together). The next day we had an argument - I was upset and told him Im leaving. The same day when I returned home he packed up my stuffs and asked me for the key. When I got home he asked me: are you hungry? Should I cook something? And I saw in the living room my stuffs were packed in luggages. I flipped out. I destroyed our photos. I threw my beloved soft toy in the bin which was his gift for me, I was broken. He yelled at me: this
  9. My rule in the house and my wife knows this is no drug use at our house (in or out). We each have kids from other marriages. My step-son (he's 17) has been drugged up many times and my wife does little to deal with it. One night the whole house stunk of it and when I went to the kitchen he was drugged up. Now I had my kids at the house as well (teenagers) and I don't want them to think this behavior is acceptable. My wife said she will deal with it in the morning which to be honest would be nothing or not much. I started telling him to not smoke that stuff etc. My wife came out and was
  10. Disjointed thoughts, rambles and some cliches in the middle: Many years ago I was in an extremely abusive relationship. It was a few years during my most formative years that took decades out of me. This person degraded me on many levels and I went through hell. My closest friends and family know parts of the story, but what I think no one really knows was that I forgave what this person did to me (on an emotional level, not on a "lets get back together/lets talk" level I blocked and deleted this person from my life ever since and don't want to ever interact with them as I know he's toxic n
  11. I just wanted to share this story quick and honestly I forgot about it until reading some other posts on here. I first signed up on this site some, heck 7 or 8 years ago now when my ex-girlfriend dumped me. She turned out to be a closet lesbian and it just absolutely destroyed my life for years. It really caused me a lot of problems with dating ever again. Especially because I felt like this girl was the one and I felt like a sucker for falling for her and not seeing the signs. I am still dear friends with one of her family members. In early July he invited me over for a gathering and my ex wa
  12. Hello, Here is my little story, i am in love with a man that recently broke up with me, we lived together 3 years and something.. Our relationship has become extremely toxic after a cheating event. i keep getting angry at him whenever he does something that annoy me, the reason why i get so angry is that i never forgave him for cheating on me once at a party while he was drunk, he thought it was a great idea to leave the house party sit in the garden and kiss another woman, i was there watching them, i got so frustrated, left the party, but he followed me running explaining that he didn't k
  13. Essentially got left by fiancé of five years together, with her quite quickly going into the next relationship. At this point in time, this relationship has gone pretty official, though I know they were hanging out pretty early into her bringing up issues with us (December-ish). I’ve wished my ex fiancé well, and have told her I forgive her for all of this, though it really doesn’t seem to matter at this point in time. From my understanding, we had a good relationship that wasn’t really bogged down with fights or any sort of big issues (cheating, verbal abuse, etc.), though I had been taking m
  14. From few days, I have been getting ill feelings towards every human being. I don't know what is happening to me. People just wanna criticize me. I try to help them but they don't wanna help me. I asked for some advice but only 2 persons helped me. Others just listened to the problem as if they are joining what is happening in my personal life. I feel as if they are so selfish. They just wanna take help but don't wanna help others. Even if they don't have anything to advice,at least words of comfort may help, isn't it? I literally avoid asking for help from people because I don't wanna disturb
  15. I’ve been dating a guy for 5 months, the relationship was really good and healthy, he treated me with respect and I did the same for him. He was always there for me, being a loving boyfriend, listening to my problems and giving me advice. The relationship I had with his family and friends was pretty good too. One day he dumped me out of the blue. He just woke up and told me that he didn’t see a future with me, and that he felt something off with the relationship for some time. Now he is back and asking for another chance. Should I forgive him or should I say no and walk away. Help please
  16. I left my husband almost 2 years ago. We were quite different but the trigger was me having a transplant in hospital over Christmas and he didn’t come visit. Not because he didn’t care but because he was working on the practicalities of moving house and looking after our son etc. However, at the time I needed him there and it summarised just how different we were- me being emotional and him being practical. So I left. I met my current partner 18 months ago and we are expecting our first baby at the end of May. But I can’t stop thinking about my husband. I’m overwhelmed with guilt. He i
  17. We are in relationship for more than a 1,5 year, we are living together for 1 year. We are truly in love, she is always smiling when I get back from work ,has happy tears when I do something nice for her, I really care and look after her, she knows that becouse she often tells me that i am a great men, perfect one… but i had a problem, when we were at some party and I drank Too much i started arguing with her without any reason, one time I hurt her so deeply that she basicly broke up with me but after two days she forgave me and from that situation i promised to her that i will work on myself,
  18. Me & my significant other are currently going through some things that are veryyy complicated! .. to make it sort of simple.. We were having disagreements & arguments like no other for the past 2 weeks straight.. the arguments stems from him turning down my advances for sex .. again! at first it was the "I'm tired from work" "I'm to stressed out" to a blatent "I just don't want to" & him not wanting to do any bonding activities (it's fair season) so.. I can admit I have been giving him a hard time because I was frustrated. Things ended up getting physical. & I broke his windsh
  19. Me and my bf have been together for 5 years. He is a reay great guy and loves me a lot.He cheated on me once with my close friend where they exchanged texts for a few months... But he felt v.guilty came clean to me... After lots of fights and time... I forgave him... Its been 4 years now and he has always been extremely truthful and goes out of the way to make me happy... But two days ago he has a beer. He promised he will never consume alcohol and even if he did,he would tell me...He dint tell me and told mr only because he got sick. I feel so betrayed again... He said he was forced to take a
  20. A few months after breaking up I had a discussion with my ex in which I somehow indirectly accused him that he had hurt me during the relationship. I said that “I hope you will understand one day how much you hurted me. And how much I gave for you”. (The relationship with him was very hard for me because I was the crazy in love one, ready to do everything, while he was detached and I felt he never really cared for me.) He said it was never his intention to hurt me and that he knows how much I gave for him and also he somehow pointed at the fact that I should have learned to forgive and forg
  21. I have been with my partner for three years. We have lived together for the past two years. Last year I bought my own flat with the inheritance money that my dad left me and we moved out of our rented flat into it. We have had issues in the past with his money problems. He is a recovering CG and racked up a lot of debt before he met me. He tends to hide his problems from me and eventually I discover, he promises not to do it again and I forgive him. Besides that our relationship has been great. However I started a new job 7 months ago which has been extremely stressful and requires qui
  22. So me and my ex have been broken up for 3 months now. The first 2 months after the break up, she was in full party/ rage mode. Wouldn't respond to me, tweeting and posting stuff and so forth. During this time I was hurting really bad. I would try contacting her friends in hopes of figuring out what she was thinking or just any little bit of information just to try and talk to her. In hindsight, I realized it was wrong because I isolated her from being able to open up to people. This was my longest relationship and it was a hard concept of not talking to somebody whose been a major part of my
  23. Hello, I'm a 21 year old woman. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five months. We love each other but we are having troubles. I have hurt him a couple of times: Firstly, I have lied to him a couple of times about my past sex life, not big lies that were far from the truth, stupid lies that makes no difference but he thinks that I have bigger things to hide and keeps calling me names. He says though that he is really hurt by the fact that I lied and I didn't need to because the truth wasn't bad and that this means I have worse things to hide from him. Secondly, I hurt him
  24. Thank you for reading this but I need your wisdom and help, please. She was the dumper after 7 years together. We broke up last year. We both had good and bad days but we could not let go each other. We were mostly mad every time we were in contact someone was yelling and crying. Last week we had a fight, she stated all my faults and reasons why she doesn't want to be with me, I lost my temper and she hang up the phone. Few days passed by and she sent me a message: Her: I hear you too. Forgive me too. I hug you and your whole family. We will meet some day and look at each other in the eyes. S
  25. Greetings to the good people of ENA. Question to those of you who lived not only through break-ups, but through the kind of break-ups that were completely gut-wrenching, identity-changing (not for the best), questioning everything, and where you woke up many many mornings not wanting to live: how long of solid NC did it take to feel at least some relief? To where you are able to live at least most day if not happily then at least with reasonable amount of peace and internal stability? For me, it's been from 1 May now. I'm supposed to have a new life and try to reconstruct and stabilis
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