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  1. I've been reading your posts. You are so incredible lol. Hope I dont sound weird now, but I really like your expressiveness. There's something about it, that's for sure! Great poem.
  2. Are you serious? I wish I could have seen it... lol. Something that resonates with you, maybe you've related at one point in your life? Loss of love is loss. I am grieving
  3. Ive never been in this spot before Where I am the weak one Unable to let you go Even after all this time I want you back I look back the years I cursed others' love For making me complete them Who tried to be mine But now I am yours And cant be Im refused each time You dont lean on me Like I want you to I need that goodnight whisper You are my moonlight Even now, though we do not speak As well You are my angel, singing me softly to sleep With that deep impactful voice That I only know to be your own It calls me home Oh God I love you Dont you know? Come home Why dont you dear On this brillliant road From all the years You have lead me So long and Im tired Let's rest And sing a lullaby of fire I knew myself before I knew you I knew myself before I knew you But now I dont know myself at all
  4. Lol HI SIRAF! I was quite strange two years ago!! haha not much has changed
  5. Aye, but it was just a dream This world going "boom" The darkness settled in As night time begins And to a dream he was led And split in two The girl couldnt make him see What she felt, the things she needs It's not in him She spends day giving him her attention Pushing him away And so it remains The freedom she longs for Stuck in that world His world He holds the key
  6. The sun sets The world spins Their hearts fall in and out again It's the way of things She touched his hand Got his heart instead Unforunate for him Her eyes were distracted By blinking stars and distant lights She tried to act into him too The sun sets The world spins Their hearts fall in and out again Her heart fell in and out again
  7. Your friendship was all I wanted To be close To be heard But you threw everything I had away It was my fault It was all my fault- I let you down I could not let go the ignorance and jealousy in me Childishness indeed I stare at your photos now at the person I knew since a child Whom is anything but these days Always with a smile upon her face Though my heart aches I wish the best for you I hope you wish The best for me too Good luck with him He's the only one you'll love That and new friends The door closes on me To your heart Here it ends Brown hair beauty Hazel eyes Found her way alone achieved responsibilites through strife Angelic face, always tried so hard Never let them see her weak At least not as she grew up I will miss what she meant to me The fun days we had, just connecting My closest friend, I hurt you the most Her parents and sister hurt her for show But now they are all her best friends She truly is a beauty I never believed it would end It hurts to lose you This time we won't make up Dont ever think I used you I just knew nothing else to do But show my emotions, raw and all I'm sorry you didnt understand me I'm sorry I blamed you for this Even now, I wish you did and accepted me dearly As I always have of you and will miss sincerly
  8. LOL Yes, let him chase the Virgin Goddesses. I'm sure you were much less boring and predictable. I'm also sure that you are better off without him, for lack of his attentive nature and ability to meet your needs. I hate guys like that! (esp. when they come off differently at first than THEY get lazy during the course of the relationship. The effort it takes never stops, but the bond it creates is beautiful- it's a sorry thing when lost. Good luck with the next one! You're an attractive female- go get em!)
  9. I think it's impossible for a relationship to make you happy forever, unless you both can really grow with each other and challenge each other, keep doing romantic things as life goes on. Love should be the most selfless things there is but humans are not naturally that. So effort hits that brick wall in us all. Eh I dont what I want with love. I dont know what makes happiness. And I've accepted that. Strangely, once I did, life got easier.
  10. LOL this thread was from a long time a go. Omar and I know each other, and recently he was logged in at my house so I wrote that above "I love blueangel" hehe but he's doing better now everyone. And please resist name calling sheesh!!
  11. Hijacking makes a post more intriguing- dont worry about doing that
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