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  1. I remember your threads. Im so happy youve found someone whos good to you.
  2. Somewhere along the way Ive lost myself trying to help you. I feel more broken then the day we split. Ive been so worried about you, and helping you, that I forgot how deep the pain is down in my soul. You've broken me. I dont even want to love another. My love for you is so deep. My heart is so broken. I dont think Ill ever be whole again. Ive never loved this much....I dont think I ever will again. One thing you have given me.....the one thing no one else has ever been able to...and thats knowing what true love feels like. Stop coming back. Stop giving me hope that you can and will change.
  3. I long for the day when someone makes me feel wanted again. You'll just be a distant memory of my past.
  4. After all the heartbreak, tears, and pain....Im still madly in love with you.
  5. Youre back on my 'repulsive' list. Sucka! Go ef yourself...actually youre the only one you havent screwed! Stop calling me, it wont go over well for you if you do
  6. I wish you'd give me back that piece of my heart that you still have so I can be whole once again. Im so damn tired of being broken
  7. you have serious issues. I was cool with just being friends, you're the one who keeps coming around wanting more! WTH is wrong with you?
  8. Im so thankful, for the past few days I actually feel good. I can honestly say Im moving forward.
  9. Ahahaha this cracked me up. Yes, we do!! Yes, we compare a lot of things.....sex being one of them.
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