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  1. Okay, this time i have to actually vent. Dear M, I HATE that no matter what you do or say to me, i still love you. I hate that you can move on so quickly after our relationship that it seems you never cared. I HATE that no matter what i try to do to get over it, you find something to make me feel worse about myself. I HATE you. so why do i love you? Just get out of my mind for good. I want the last three years of my life back.
  2. DN: Thank you for providing an end to that dilemma. Now we can all safely vent what we would love to scream into our exes faces while still abiding by the guidelines set in place. Diddy323: The "why" isn't really considered relevant, because we're going to have to abide by it regardless. Not to say you don't have a right to ask why.
  3. Totally understandable. That's how I felt when I did it, but the thread had accumulated some 170 pages over 2 years so I figured someone in there somewhere destroyed the language barrier beyond recognition...so why not me?
  4. I can understand both points of view on this subject. On the one hand, language should be watched because it's polite and respectful to those that don't use that sort of language. On the other hand, it does tone down your emotional release when you have to stop and think about what you're writing instead of just letting it all flow out while you're screaming it at your computer screen. I think this forum self-censors some words. It censored out W-T-F until I put the dashes in-between letters
  5. (I got this idea from another forum I visit frequently, if one like this already exists by all means ignore / delete this one.) OK, it seems a few of us have had a rough time with the darned NC. I had fantasies today of unloading all this anger, longing, and "W-T-F" onto my ex. I am creating this thread as a place for all of us in pain to post instead of contacting Ms/Mr ex. It could actually be kind of fun, at least a release. What would you like to tell him or her? Even if it's been building up for years, post it here! Rage-fest! Longing-fest! DO NOT CONTACT that frigging ex, put it all here!!
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