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  1. Hey, life is a never ending learning process. Let's make the most out of it, and not cry over spilt milk. At least you are wiser now when you face off with future relationships. Take heart!
  2. Hi LonelyFish, It is a painful process. As with all of life's lessons, the path of divorce starts off mostly with bitterness and hopefully, ends off with much healing and a re-discovery of self worth. It really depends on at which point did you meet your man. If you have met him when he is still recovering emotionally from the loss of his marriage, chances are that the relationship is doomed right from the beginning. This not only applies to divorced men or women, but also to those recovering from a breakup. A relationship can only work out when people have healed fully, and are stron
  3. All I can say is Amen to that. It is something I am trying to emphasize here over and over again.
  4. I believe in LIKE at first sight, but definitely not Love. Love is too sacred a word to be used for first impressions and such. It takes much time to love and understand someone.
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