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  1. This is what I did - told the ex not to contact me unless she wants to get back together with me. She still contacts me but I think it's just disregarding my request and just wanting to stay close to me rather than to try again. I was thinking of sounnding her out next time she calls - flat out ask her if she wants to try again and then reiterate what I said to her months ago. Trouble is I don't want her thinking I'm still "waiting for her"
  2. Sam, Sounds like you're a good guitar player - and everyone knows that the guitarist is the most important person in any band.... Yes, I pay too I think you should quit the band for good and start up a new band...
  3. You definitely shouldn't starve yourself. Have some fruit or some sunflower seeds or something like popcorn... Is it a massive burger, fried in pigs with mountains of condiments and fries? No... but you know - no pain, no gain!
  4. So I've lost over 40lbs in 4 months. I lost the first 20 pounds or so right after breaking up with my ex and then shortly after being involved in a serious car accident. Wasn't the best way to lose weight as I basically lived on chicken soup and Jack Daniels for 6 weeks. After I got myself back together again I started eating properly - cut out all the sugar and bad stuff and started swimming/ running and going to the gym. I'm very proud of what I've achieved but my weight loss has kind of hit a wall a bit and I still want to lose another 14lbs or so. I go to the gym 4 times a w
  5. Wow, what an awesome way of putting it Orlander - it really does ring of truth to me. All this suffering we've gone through will ultimately be worth it... eroding away layers of a rock to reveal a precious stone.
  6. Biffy


    That's always been my approach - I look how I want to look. But, right now I kinda want to maximise my options with the fairer sex and shaving everyday would be a small price to pay. Maybe I'll put a photo up tomorrow and let y'all decide if it suits me or not.
  7. Biffy


    thanks for the reply. It's very well groomed I assure you! Had this "look" for a while... Maybe I'll go clean shave for a while but I just hate having to drag razor blades accross my face every morning!
  8. Biffy


    Ladies - Facial hair - yay or nay? I have a kind of half beard - as in shaved from the jawline down and have been considering shaving the rest off. Opinions? Do we prefer clean shaven, shaved, stubbly....
  9. I can't tell you - when I've been the dumper before it was because it had gotten to the point with the lady in question where I just plain didn't like her anymore so didn't want to remain friends or anything. After I broke it off I didn't contact her once. In a relationship, if there is chemistry there, we love each others' company and we have a solid friendship and respect - I wouldn't hit the eject button if doubts crept in. So why do others' dump folks when these factors are present? I have no idea - but I assume that those factors must have been there for the ex's to plague us with
  10. Hane you not seen any Hugh Grant movies?? We're all one-women men over here!
  11. Yeah, being able to cook is a definitely a good feather in the cap of a courting gent. I took a cooking course after I got dumped 5 years ago... Weird as people are often advised to take courses and such after a breakup on ENA and I did this off my own back all that time ago. It's never been viewed as anything but a HUGE positive when it comes to dating.
  12. I don't really understand what you were hoping for from this/ what you achieved through this? You still want her back, right?
  13. Metallica are far too precious to me to associate with a lady! I've had far too many bands/ albums ruined by women so I'll never run the risk with 'Tallica.
  14. How's about "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails?
  15. High praise indeed Beec! I used to do this kind of thing when I was in my early twenties with a group of my friends and it really helps to gain confidence and a working knowledge of speaking to 'strange' women. Do it enough and the mystique fades and it becomes second nature (almost). Practise makes perfect.
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