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  1. It seems pretty obvious that resentment has sent in and he's no longer interested in being constructive and putting the effort in to fixing the problems. If your birth control is killing your libido, it's not the only thing. Resentment is NOT sexy. I think that writing your significant other is a great idea, you need to make it clear to him that if he doesn't care enough to try to fix your problems, that you should both re-evaluate what you are getting out of this relationship.
  2. Make sure that you've clearly communicated this to her, so that she isn't worried that your opinion of her has changed in any way due to this situation. She's still the same girl that she was before this happened. Also, don't forget that this was YOUR fantasy and that she went along with it primarily for YOU. As long as neither of you resent or blame the other for the situation, I see no reason why this would need to cause the end of your relationship. Just take care of her health, chock this one up as a learning experience, and move on. Good luck!
  3. I don't think he meant to say that if you aren't okay with sharing your partners, that you don't have a trusting relationship. I think he was just saying that the only way an open relationship would thrive is if there is 100% trust or if the relationship isn't serious and not meant for the long term. Open relationships are most definitely not for everyone.
  4. I agree. I already stated my concern about that in my first posts.
  5. This is where the not being jealous thing is important. In my case, the guy was not only "bigger", but he was a firefighter/carpenter, so he was in amazing shape and had twice my physical stamina. Didn't really bother me though, because the whole point was to experience knew things. He may have had his 'strengths', but there is a lot more reasons my fiance is marrying me, our connection in the bedroom being one of them. This is where a little thing called communication comes in. You can't have enough of it in these situations. Ever. Period.
  6. Oh, and also, I am 100% not a jealous person. The guy was also more well-endowed, and it didn't bother me. If you're a jealous person at all, this is a bad idea.
  7. I've done this before. It was more positive an experience then negative. One thing that concerns me is that your girlfriend may really regret having sex with an older man she is not attracted to. She sounds reluctant and you are both young, and most likely easily hurt. My advice, if either of you don't like the idea when you aren't horny, not to do it when you are.
  8. Not to say that it's not an issue, but due to her comment... "What do you want me to say? That I'm gay?" made me think that she's having a problem with it.
  9. It sounds like her main issue isn't her fear of relationships and sex, but rather her inability to face the idea of being labeled "gay". Hang in there Wayfara! Just give her the space she needs, and who knows what will happen. Maybe she justs needs some time now to think about what's going on and accept that she's atleast bisexual.
  10. Best way to explore it would probably be to have him dress up for you. Chances are he never would have told you if you hadn't sorta brought it up. It is possible to keep things like this to yourself and not let them affect any other aspect of your relationship. Don't sweat it, see if you can have fun with it, and if not, ask him to keep it to himself.
  11. The SAME exact thing happened to my girlfriend when we first had unprotected sex. Lube is super important, and this will occationally happen to us anytime we don't use enough lube, or sometimes when we haven't had sex in awhile.
  12. I know exactly how you feel. My girlfriend is the same way. Men and women operate differently. Women need to be stress free to have sex, men need sex to be relieve stress. The easier you make your wife's life, the more she'll be in the mood. I've found that by taking care of the apartment, it relieves stress from her, and I get laid more lol. That and her courses are easier this semester, so she's got less to think about. Also, there may be more to it then this. Does your wife have any confidence/self-image issues? Thats a killer for my girlfriend...
  13. Like Tiredman said, you need to find a way to tell her just how much this is bothering you, so you can make an attempt to fix it. She'll be alot more stressed out when she has to deal with work/school AND a failed marriage. Try writing her a note maybe? So she can't interrupt you? Something simple like: I want to talk to you about this. It's bothering me. I don't want to feel like I'm nagging you but I feel we need communicate our feelings before the issue gets blown out of proportion.
  14. I understand, and would definitely prefer preparing my own food, as it's usually cheaper and obviously better for you. The only problem is that atleast 2 days out of the week, we aren't at home until late at night.
  15. Eh, it's bad enough I'm going for a 6" inch sandwhich (I was eating two foot longs during the summer of 05), no way I'm cutting out the bread. I'd starve. I'm usually still hungry as it is. Do you think the vinegar and oil is much healthier then the vinaigrette dressing?
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