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  1. So this is has been in my head for a little while as something of a flaw in my character(I mean, I suppose. I don't know what else to call it). For a good long while as I was trying to find work, fighting depression and poverty and generally trying to get my head above water, I had to deal with working a number of office and call center jobs and found that there were a number of people who knew my family and there was a narrative among a few that knew of my situation and had, let's say, "opinions" about me, my character and my way through life. There a number of different thing said: I was laughed at by a manager that was "roasting" me indirectly, of course not using my name, about a physically abusive situation followed by emotional abuse, blame and what have you, I faced from several family members(this was information I did not share voluntarily with that manager, by the way); was mocked senselessly by a number of ex-coworkers who laughed my poverty situation and the deep, DEEP financial struggles I was facing; and, last but not least during a job that stressed me out so much in itself that I now have NAFLD as result, I was relentlessly bullied by a janitor who said "I was too old now to make something of life", and dude that, literally right behind my back, said all sorts of cruel things about me and my job situation while staring at my bald spot and yet another roasting by a group of people with whom I was training. These are some of the more outstanding examples but there are many more. The only saving grace I had in that last job, by the way, was getting to work at home shortly before starting so as to be able to deal with only the one stress which was the job itself. Honestly, I know that office environments can get rather toxic and I know that it's not my business to control who says what about you. What I want to do is get help, because I might to face this in the future, with how to deal with the stress this behavior causes me. I have problem dealing with malicious from others as it brings up feelings of expendability, helplessness and anger and I need to find ways to deal with them so that they don't cause the anxieties or, the case with the latest job I had, medical complications so that I can deal with this sort of passive malice without it affecting my personal life AFTER my shift is over. Does anyone have any tips, techniques or ideas that can help mitigate the negative feelings associated with being confronted with this behavior? I feel if I have the right guidance I can develop the tools necessary to cope with such toxic, ridiculous, BS in the future. Thanks it advance!
  2. I have dealt with anxiety off and on for about 30 years (probably more, except I used to call it "stressing out"). Do those of you who experience anxiety find that it increases and decreases sometimes multiple times per day, even sometimes minute to minute? I am sitting in front of my computer attending a virtual training class, I felt OK, then out of nowhere I started feeling that familiar feeling where I can sense the anxiety creeping up. And sometimes it just slams me unexpectedly. Is this "normal" for anxiety sufferers?
  3. Hello, Recently I have noticed patterns of irritability and anger. I try to control it, but each time I fail. Yesterday, I lashed out at a woman at the Drivers License center because she was very rude to me. I was so upset afterwards and cried in my car because I’ve never stuck up for myself like that. Although I did that, I let it get to me the rest of the day. There’s other situations where I feel angry and I want to blow up, so I go into a quiet place to cool down and take deep breaths. I do consider myself to be communicative, but sometimes I feel like I am not heard when I express myself, which is probably why I feel angry. I have noticed that some situations in the past have made me an angry person. I didn’t always use to be this way. I was always the nice person, but I’m now the complete opposite and have a zero tolerance/patience level. My anxiety has worsen and I let the small things get to me. I want to know if anyone is going through this and if you can give me any helpful tips to control my anger? Thank you.
  4. I(20,M) am here because my relationship is beginning to go sideways with my girlfriend(20F) of two years. We are trying to figure what was going wrong but we failed to do so. She wanted to break up with me one night saying that she feels in her gut that this relationship is wrong. On asking her if my behavior or actions have had something to do with this, she denied. She says that she loves me but if this feeling in her gut doesn't go away, we will have to break it off. She says that she gets anxious and restless thinking about this relationship and while talking to me. We have also established that our relationship is very healthy and stable. It's just that she feels anxious and ***ed up while talking to me because of her intuition. This is affecting me a lot and I am starting to feel disconnected and helpless. I'm not able to do my daily tasks with the ease and enthusiasm like before. I'm not able to eat anything and I feel my stomach drop every time I think about her feelings towards me and this relationship. Has anyone faced a relationship hurdle similar to this? Could anyone tell me how to deal with this? We are currently making a journal to keep track of our daily emotions and are being 100% blunt and honest with them.
  5. I started seeing this guy and it’s been pretty good from the start! We were consistently texting and seeing each other about 2x a week for the last month. During that time, we had established that we both liked for this to continue and we stopped talking to other people. Ive met his friends and he’s even told his mom about me, which I thought was a bit fast but we both felt similar so I went with it. Before he left on vacation, he asked if we were exclusive (mentioned bf/gf but I can’t remember exactly how the convo went) and said he wanted to know if “we were really doing this” before we both left for vacation. I said yes and left the date feeling happy but confused—are we exclusive like bf/gf or are we just dating? My problem is that I come a very complicated background and have major trust issues due to toxic relationships and emotionally unavailable parents. I’m working on these issues but I still get caught up in my feelings and whiles he’s been on vacation I feel like maybe things are starting to drift a part. Our texts have been few and far in between and it feels like I’m bugging him. We FaceTimed a few days ago for maybe 15mins (he’s not a big FT person) and though it was awkward I let him know it was really nice to see him and I appreciated the effort to which he responded that we needed to do more of those in the next few weeks while we’re away. But the texting now seems a little forced—I feel like I’m bugging him and I kinda feel like he’s losing interest in me (maybe bc of texting or just bc now we’re not near each other there’s no appeal? Idk). We’ll go 4-6hrs without a response and my attempts to flirt seem to fall flat and when I back track I’m afraid it comes off as passive aggressive and he gets annoyed. One night a texted me late saying he fell asleep on the couch, but I could tell he saw my Instagram stories I posted that night—I don’t care that he was on SM and not texting but the lie (it feels like a lie) sort of threw me off guard. Since things happened a little fast for us, I’m wondering if maybe now that we’re apart, he’s losing interest and slowly backing off. Some days it feels like I should just send him a text and say “hey it’s cool, we can call this off” and just be done with it but I’m afraid I’m making all these worried up in my head and that he’s fine with everything. I know there’s nothing I can do to make someone stay interest but I also don’t want to ruin a good thing if there’s nothing wrong. Am I being paranoid?
  6. Hi guys, I guess this fits into this category, but i'm not totally sure. Anyway, on to my latest problem: About three weeks ago i started talking to a girl who contacted me via online personals (not the girl I was posting about at that time, but coincidentally someone else entirely). Thigs have been going pretty good, its basically long distance for now as she goes to a college about an hour and a half away and neither of us owns a car. For the last three weeks we've been conversing via email and Im, which has been going great, we exchange fairly long emails with ewach other at least once a day, and when we talk on IM its usually for several hours at a time. So based on that we decided to start talking on the phone, and had our first conversation friday, and just had another one today. These didn't go as well, I seem to freeze up when on the phone, and just can't think of anything to say at times other than "thats great' or "thats funny" or some other basic answer to what ever her topic was, although eventually we could get a decent conversation going, but sooner or later i would go blank again. Each conversation lasted only about 30-45 minutes, with her ending both conversations. I got the impression after the first conversation that she thought I was losing interest, so the next day i sent her an email letting her know that i'm not the best phone conversationalist. One of the things we have discussed periviously is that we both suffer from a great deal of social anxiety, especially when meeting new people. She seems sympathetic to my problem, and willing to be patient while i try and acclimate myself to talking with her on the phone (I rarely talk on the phone beyond calling family or someone to meet up to do work during the school day). I'm glad she's being understanding, but i don't want to leave her bored while i search for something to say, and i don't want her to have to carry every conversation we have. So can anybody give me any tips on how to better conduct myself on the phone? Its not like I don't have things to talk to her, its just that i can't seem to come up with anything good while i'm talking to her. I'm guessing as with any other anxiety issue i've faced, it will get better the more i talk with her. Any advice would be helpful, mtastic
  7. hi my name is teri and im 21 years old- i have been suffering from social anxiety and boredom ever since i can remember. then at age 11 i developed epilepsy. i feel like i cant communicate to any1 and i hate the pressure i get from my dad most of all but i cant live without him either. both of my parents are diabetic. i have no family or friends. its impossible for me to make friends since i suck at everything. i constantly have suicidal thoughts and i cant make it goaway. i hate being at risk for every disease like cancer and diabetes- it runs in the family. its bad enough that i wear thick glasses and i have hair loss. ive had to drop out of school because of this. i feel like exploding. if any1is suffering like me or going thru social anxiety, please feel free to email me at email removed
  8. Hey - I know I've kinda been posting a lot here in the past month - but I'm just kinda concerned about something. I've been getting a lot of anxiety - to the point where it makes me sick to my stomach - over little things - like over dating a guy or calling a guy - stuff that I normally wouldn't worry so much about. Today I had a day off which normally I am grateful for except for the fact that I had to find a way to pass the time and there was nothing to do and I got this big anxiety attack and everything. I'm feeling really lonely - which i think is contributing to the anxiety. I really wish I had someone to talk to. But I don't. No one at all. Well I DO have people - but like I already talked to them once this week like they want me to go calling them again about the same problems. I check my posts here everyday - not getting much response. I'm going out of my mind. The anxiety gets so bad that some days I just pray that someone would shooot me in the head. Ive resorted to suicide before, I'm afraid of going down that road again because last year this happened and it was really horrible and I was in the hospital twice and really sick and stuff. What if the anxiety gets so bad I do that again. All it could take right now is one little thing going wrong - as I am not prepared to deal with stresses right now. I wish someone could help. I know that this sounds so dumb and stupid and all but I really do want some help. I even got anti-anxiety pills from the doctor and I've been to counselling and it is no help. I've tried a few different kinds of pills - they are really hard to take cuz they make me nautious and even then I still take them but they dont' really work. I wish I could better describe what I'm going through - I'm always really jittery - I can't sit still for long - I can't do an activity for a long time, can't sit and watch TV, me at work is just crazy waiting for time to pass, feels like my heart is beating out of control, the phone rings and i jump out of my skin, i have no motivation to do anything, I don't want to socialize with people. I really wish I was dead.
  9. I need help. Major. I know that I get incredibly and irrationally anxious when in a relationship. My perspective is whacked (so I've been told). For example, if the guy I'm seeing isn't home when I call and I leave a message and I don't get a call back that night. I freak. My mind starts automatically thinking that he doesn't like me anymore, he's avoiding my calls, he'll never call back, this is it...so this starts the cycle. I get angry at what I preceived as his neglect so he'll eventually sense my irritability...and so on. I am so afraid of being left or rejected that I basically CAUSE it! Does anyone go through this and how do you stop? The example that I gave is what I'm going through right now and I know it's my warped perspective. I feel crazy!
  10. I am suffering from what I have come to realize is generalized anxiety disorder. My relationship is severley strained because my girlfriend feels like she can't do anything right. Everything she says that isn't "roses" causes me to doubt her feelings and get very anxious about our relationship. I am always concerned that she would rather be with someone else or that she is going to leave me. The anxiety has been their my entire life but I remember it gaining on me after my divorce. My Ex-wife cheated on me and that really set me back. I have a great girlfriend who cares about me and wants me to be happy but the constant reassurring she has to do is wearing her out. My anxiety is like a voice of paranoia inside my head telling me that the relationship isn't working and that she's gonna leave me. I have come really far from how bad I was last year but the anxiety is still affecting me. I can't trust myself to make a sound decision because of it. I made an appointment with my physician to discuss medication but I tried paxil cr (50mg) for a few months last year and it did nothing. Can anyone relate or offer advice. I really wish I could be free of this feeling and give my relationship a healthy chance.
  11. I have had problems with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. But for the last few weeks, the anxiety has been horrible. I've gotten a few panic attacks in school, and had to leave. Now I have missed about 3 days of class because of my condition. I'm scared that somehow I'm becoming housebound due to my anxiety, and that's sent me into a state of deep depression. I've been in counselling on and off for a year or so, but never been on any meds. I don't know if I need medication, or if these attacks are situational (lots of stress from school/relationships) and will go away on there own. I've only had one other panick attack about 3 years ago when I was 15, and at the time, I didn't know it was a panic attack. I really need to pick things up before they completely fall apart. I can't miss much more school. Advice would be great! thanks!
  12. I use to be the type of person where I could walk in a room and the people around didn't bother me. I could walk into stores and my stomach wouldn't turn wondering, "What will they be saying when I walk off." Now, I don't like going in stores if I know there are a lot of people in them. Today I had a doctor's appointment and I thought I was going to have to go by myself and I was so nervous. I repeated the steps over and over in my head. I just don't like being around people. I want to overcome this. I'm trying to become a new person, change my outlook on life, but I have to be able to face people. I have to be able to talk to people and not be scared of going into places on my own. I thought I could do it on my own, I didn't think I would have to post about it. But, I do need input because I don't know what to do. I think I have developed stomach problems because of the stress and anxiety of this. The way my stomach tightens, so I do need to over come this. I want to. I'm ready to. I just need help, and ways to. Thanks for any input. under*
  13. I have some symptons of it I believe. I can't concentrate on one thing for long especially on dull tasks, infact it cost me a job once(lost concentration too easily). I notice I think about stuff way toooo much, my mind is always thinking and doesn't stay on track with one thought. I get restless easily and I have some anxiety problem. I try to avoid things where I have to focus alot because I really just can't do it and sometimes just don't feel confident in my ablilities. I have trouble getting to sleep because my mind won't shut off. I don't know, it's not depression, I don't feel sad I haven't got the blues. How should I approach my doctor about this? Should I just come out and say "I think I might have Attention deficeit disorder" or should I just tell him my problems and let him decide? It's been like this for a while now but never bothered to do anything about it because I thought it was normal, but from hearing about people with ADHD they have the same problems. I don't run around like a maniac or anything like that though. What do you guys think I have, could it be ADHD? P.S. I'm 20 and male if that helps...
  14. Man, where should I even start? I suffered from depression and social anxiety for all my life up until a year ago. I worked hard and beat depression and was well on my way to over coming my anxiety. Well that all changed now. I transferred to a different college (UW-Madison) because I thought going to Madison would have more prestige and people would be more impressed by me being there, than at the college that I was at. (which was a little school in the middle of no where) So I got here thinking things would even be better now, because with all the work I had done with myself I would be strong and make all sorts of friends, be on my to acheving my goals in the field I want to go in, find tons of women and go on lots of dates, blah blah blah or should I say bs bs bs ? I hate this school. The academics are horrible here. My professors do not teach anything, nor do they care that they aren't teaching anything. I just misserably failed a calc test, but since the professor told the class that everyone would fail it ( which they pretty much did, only a couple people out of 300 or so even got over a 60 percent) I guess I didn't exactly fail in the terms of the class. The TA's are completely useless to me, one I have no idea what he is saying, another just makes the class more confusing. I don't know why I bother going to lecture because the only way that I learn anything is by reading the books. So I have gone from loving school and being very foucused on it to not even caring about it anymore and thinking about dropping out. The people are stuck up. I have tried to talk to people in classes, but they don't seem to really want to talk to me. I suppose if I where to disscus the finer points of wasting your life on beer and parties they may be interested (I am being sarcastic in case you don't know, about there being any fine points to being a no life drunk loser). There's a girl I like in my physics class, but I don't think she likes me really all that much. I try to talk to her all the time, and I'm doing my best at giving her a chance and not pushing her away like I usually do with people. But, nevertheless I feel as if she hardly sees me. I suppose if I had any confidence I would ask her for a date. But I always feel as if I have nothing to off anyone, because I'm too much of a closed off person. I'm very emotionaly sensitive, and because of it I have high walls built around myself too keep me from constanly feeling hurt. The walls are a part of me as much as my love of physics is a part of me. You know why I feel like I'm worthless to other people? It's because I don't do a whole lot with my life in terms of going to social things, mostly like parties and bars. I feel worthless because I would rather volunteer my time to a cause that I deeply believe in. I feel worthless because I love animals and want to fight for their rights, because I would to try and share my vegan ways with other people. I feel worthless because a lot of times I just want to be alone, I just want to read books or stay inside myself. It is not because of depression or fear, it is that I just enjoy it like most people enjoy lots of friends and people. I feel worthless because I have figured out who I am, and I have accepted that and don't want to change what I am. So why does it seem that no one accepts me? I can't change my past, and can't change my memories of my childhood and make myself remember that I had a good and happy childhood. I'm sorry to all those that I've hurt and treated badly over my life. I'm sorry that I'm a guarded person and that I try my best to be different from everyone else. I'm sorry that I care about things, and believe there is more to this world than just my self. Well enough of this. I have no idea why I'm even typing all this, not as anyone would think much of it. Just another depressed young male trying to get people to feel sorry for himself when it's his own fault. ugh, time to go waste another hour in disscusion bye bye.
  15. I've seen the commercials on TV about Paxil and the chemical imbalance someone can have in there brain that causes social anxiety but couldn't shyness also be a part of your personality? I can be so shy at times in public, but when I'm around "comfortable" places or people I know or if I'm in a positive mood I tend to be more outgoing. Plus when I'm on the phone talking to friends or people I've just met, I can be really open and not be shy at all, so I really wonder at times if shyness or being timid is just a part of my personality or if its really a psychological problem.
  16. So I have in the past been a very happy calm person but the last couple years have been different. I have progressively started to worry about things more and more whether it be about my fiancee or money or my job or my family. I can't turn my phone off because I am afraid someone will be hurt and need me. The other day I got upset because my fiancee didn't call me right when he went on lunch like he usually does. At first I was thinking maybe something bad happened to him, but then i started thinking thoughts about him possibly doing something that would hurt me. I don't remember the last time I have been relaxed and I am so tense that my back hurts all the time. It is ruining my relationship because I trust my fiancee but these crazy thoughts come in my head and I obsess and dwell on them until I get sick to my stomach. I am having panic attacks lately and I find it difficult to breathe often, especially with Christmas coming and being so worried about money. My fiancee is getting tired of me being upset and worried all the time, and so am I. I dont know what to do and I feel like I am going crazy or something. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been through this kind of situation? Thank you.
  17. i've been this way for years, since at least second grade, but i worry about everything. i act like the smallest mistake will ruin my life. if i have anyhting to do, like a few things for school, it will freak me out and i think i have too much on me and sometimes dont even do it at all. i'm very lucky to have understanding and supportive parents and boyfriend (he really helps me at my down times, and makes sure i get everything done). i will cry and feel worthless over these things that never turn out that bad. i know that nothing is as bad as i make it out to be but i can't seem to stop the way i constantly feel. when i get "down" all i want to do is cry and sleep. i am very easily frustrated and its a wonder why my boyfriend puts up with me. sometimes i get to the point where i don't think i want to live anymore...like i'm not WORTH living anymore. i feel like if i can't take the stuff i'm only doin in highschool, how am i gonna do stuff later? college will only be harder. and i want to be an RN..or a mechanic (lol--yeah--they are different). this is my senior year and they have really loaded alot on us. school starts tomorrow and i'm really freaked out because i dont think i can take it. on top of all of the school crap, there is highschool BS that you have to deal with. al the people seem to push you and pressure you into being so many different things. please help me find a way to deal with my feelings. in a way i know i shouldn't feel this way, but in a way i also think that i am just ...different...and i may NOT be able to make it.
  18. This is an age old story of mine but will make it brief for some help. I have been with my man for 11 months and the past 3 months I have to deal with my divorce to someone else, my present b/f return of his ex, his female friends who I found to be threatening and my anxieties in general. I am nursing student just about to qualify and paniking about whether or not I will get a job and what type of nursing I want to be in. I think the last three months have brought up so many emotions that it has left me very anxious and clingy to my b/f and its scarying him a little and pushing him away. We had a big talk last night, putting our feelings on the table, I told him I wanted to be with him because I love him, love the lifestyle we have, love our friends, and what we do together. I don't believe in breaks and neither does he but he realised I have a lot going on at the moment. He said he felt that he would be very sad if we split up and that he felt now he had found me I would always be in his life, but felt frightened that I was becoming clingy...(just like one of those people in a Dear John letter to a problem page!). So, we have both decided to try again, he said he will be more considerate to my studies and my work and I said I will do things to conquer these feelings of anxieties. It's like I have a devil on one shoulder telling me he doesn't love me want me and on the other side an angel saying of course he loves you, he wouldn't be here otherwise... From last night I know I am loved and wanted and want to be with him but I want to fight this anxiety now...because if I don't it will break us up and maybe future partnerships as well... Can anyone help me give me good advice...I don't want to leave him so please don't tell me to do that, when we are happy its fabulous...I want these feelings of anxiousness to go...how do I make them go and feel better about myself, my work, my life...because that's what it boils down too, that I don't feel good about me..
  19. I believe I have social anxiety. Although I have friends, I'm always pretty distant with them. When I meet new people, I tend to get nervous easily and my hands shake. I feel like my condition is getting worse and worse. I can still make friends but I never feel close to anyone. I' m 25 years old male and living with my parents. Recently I decided to get my own place to live by moving in with a few other people I do not know. I've had roommates before and was never nervous but I feel nervous now which is why I said I feel my condition is getting worse. Most of my friends think its totally illogical for me to move out of my parents house because there's no reason to. We live pretty close to my job. I feel like I agree that its a waste of money and there's no reason for me to move but I also feel like its something I need to do as personal growth and improvement. What I want to know is... Am I helping myself? Or making things worse? Sometimes I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore. Thanks for any replies.
  20. If you have read any of my other posts this one is quite different. I have come a long way personally and learned a lot about myself. Most importantly that I never do anything challenging. I am 25 years old last year I moved away from my friends and family for the first time. It was very hard and it took a lot to get used to. I now know one of the main reasons I left was because of my job. Its weird I know why not just get a job in the same town. I loved the people I worked with, but the job was killing me I had to go to the doctor and I had such high levels of stress and anxiety. In order to leave my job and not feel bad I moved(there were other reasons). Well I started working ina clinic and when some of the people there found out my research background I was moved back into the same job, I should have known it was a bad idea, but if you read my other posts at the time doing something familiar was what I needed. I took the position because it was the easy thing to do. I have never been happy here and have made the decision to leave. If you have made it this far thank you for staying with me. I have applied for school in the fall full time I don't know if that is going to happen yet I have also looked into joining the army national guard. At this point in time I feel that would actually be the best thing for me. Everything to me has been fairly chaotic and the sense of order and regiment that it involves appeals to me. I don't know if I am just looking for anything to stimulate me anyway that it can for the past year I feel I have been walking around in a daze my mood being depressed to apathetic this is not the person that I am and I hate it. I see this opportunity as something that would help me at the same time I question whether I am making the right choice. I know the right thing is to leave my job, but what do you think about someone like me joining the military. I know only I can make the decision, and right now I feel that I would thrive in that environment but I also now that I am prone to act rashly. I have talked to people in the military and non-military people and their responses are divided. I know thise is terribly long and probably not as clear as I would like it to be, but I have sought advice here before and found comfort and help and this seems like a good place to go to. Thank you for anyone who read through this far and more thanks if you have any advice.
  21. Recently I've been talking about how I've been feeling. And I've been looking around and I think I may have social anxiety. I get so nervous speaking in public, my heart races, certain parts of me tremble, and my stomach gets upset. This is usually when I have to talk in front of a group of people, to someone I don't know, or when I am the center of attention for whatever reason. I always feel like I am not meeting up to people's expectations. Even if I don't know them! Does this sound like social anxiety? If it is, are there medications that can help? And if so, what exactly do they do to help someone suffering from this? I've heard of people who have taken something and claimed having a new life.
  22. Hi everyone Im a new member here, but Ive known about the site for quite a while. Ive been having this problem that seems to be getting worse and worse as the days go by and I dont know what to do about it. Im now a senior in high school, and I remember back in middle-school days when I was so social, everyone knew me, then suddenly around the end of sophmore year of high school, this horrible depression, insecurity, and major social anxiety problem hit me. And it hasnt gone away since. Now its been 2 years, and it just gets worse and worse. I never want to do anything sexual with my boyfriend of 4 years anymore, who I love very much, I dont want to hang out with anyone, or be around anyone, but when Im alone I feel extremely lonely and even more depressed, and I just dont know how to socialize anymore. I feel like I never learned how to socialize to begin with, I just dont know what to say to people when they talk to me anymore. And not that I care so much what people think, but I can tell more and more people are starting to see me as very strange because of the way I act. If anyone could help me out with some advice, believe I would appreciate it with all my heart. Thank you so much for listening
  23. hello all. i have been tortured with mental health problems for about 10 years now, and i dont think that things will get better. I've managed to stay alive so far, and will likely do so for a few more years yet. Thing is i dont really see a future other than living off state benefits. I have not had a girlfriend in years, i dont have any mates i dont have any money, i dont have a future. all i have is alcohol which i really truly hate. i only drink a few times a week nowadays and dont drink much either, but i know my future will evolve suffering, alcoholism and a premature death, whether by suicide or liver failure. I do see a shrink, though she is useless and i dont have a rapport with her. I also see a community psychiatric nurse as well. for example no matter how much i beg for help, they never precribe anti-depressants, or sleeping tablets or effective anti-anxiety medication As i suffer from debilitating anxiety i rarely go out, but when i do, I turn green , puke everywhere and faint when i do. I have been told that cognitive behavioural therapy would help, but because i suffer from psychosis i have been told that i am not eligible for CBT. I also have to feed my mum becuase she is so heavily in debt. consequently im always broke and have a little money to spend on myself. i just dont get it. i really dont see why i keep going, especially when i know what my future holds. life really is a stupid thing. cheers
  24. Hey Everybody, i was just wondering if or anyone out there takes medicine or the same medicine for anxiety. I went to the doctors yesterday for my headcold and got some medicine for that but then i told the doctor about my aniexty problems so he gave me "Alprazolam" aka Xanax does anyone take the same thing? does it work for you? I'm kinda scared to take it cos i never taken any medicine for anxiety before. I was thinking to take one cos i am having racing thoughts in my head right now but i dont know because i dont have any other symptoms of aniexty.
  25. Hi. My bf and I have been going out for about a year. Since the winter, my BF has really wanted to talk about moving in together. Although we've only been together a year we are older (32 and 33) settled in our careers and also we knew each other as friends for years before we dated, so the timeline is not as rushed as it may appear upon first reading. In the spring, we did talk about moving in together and I told him that I didnt want to move in unless we had a 'ring and a date'. I lived with someone for a few years and really dont want to do it again - it led to such disaster. Up until a few months ago, my BF was very eager to make some kind of timeline (engaged within the next 12 months, married a year after that) but now he is backing off - he told me a few weeks ago that he is not sure he would be ready to propose within a year.. or marry within two. I've been there before - have been in 2 serious relationships, 4 years each, which pretty much ate up all of my prime childbearing years. This delay just puts me right into the "freaking out about getting older" zone. I'm getting worried about my age - In two years I'll be 34-35 and he'll be 35-36. and there are definite risks for having kids (we both want kids) after age 35. I wouldnt mind waiting according to his schedule if this biological fact wasn't staring me right in the face. My bf doesnt seem to let this bother him because he has a friend who had her first child at age 40 - he doesnt seem to understand how risky and how rare this is!!!! How do I deal with this? How can I get him to understand that I"m not trying to "trap" him but give our yet unborn kids the best chance in life they can get by not delaying their conception and birth? How do I deal with my own anxiety about being in this situation before, and not having the patience this time around because of my advancing age?
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