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  1. I'm a 28-year-old man. My future father-in-law wants to leave me with a legacy of his thriving business, but he wants something in return. Why does he want me to take on my fiancée's surname?
  2. I’m getting married in a few months. I don’t want a bachelor party. My fiancée wants me to have one. I have no interest in one. First I don’t want strippers. My fiancée says she is cool with it. I’m not. She said she has told my best man that I don’t want them, but she said there is a possibility they could get one anyways. She knows I’m the person who would just leave if one shows up, but told me not to leave. My best man and most of my friends live out of state. I don’t want to travel back home for a bachelor party. I don’t want to drag her brother out there with me either. He wants to g
  3. Hello everyone, I am here to tell my story and I am looking for some help. So, me and my fiancée have been together for 4.5 years. I am her first love and she is mine. She has never dated another guy before me, I just had a girl in highschool. We have always had the perfect relationship, no arguments, no moody behaviors. We have been through a lot. She is one year younger than me and after 1.5 years of dating I had to leave for the UK to study in the university. But we never broke up, we had a long distance relationship and it worked perfectly, we became even more inlove. The next year our
  4. Sorry about the long post, but the background is very important. My fiancee and I met online over 8 years ago, and were good friends. About 2 years ago when we started dating, and recently became engaged. He has a female friend who he's known about the same amount of time. The main difference is we are LDR while she is there with him. When our relationship changed from strictly friendship, the female friend reached out to me, and we started becoming good friends. We would all hang out together when I would visit, and she was very supportive of us getting together, actually encouraging us
  5. Hello, all. On July 28, 2016, I received a call from my fiancée saying that he didn't think he could do our relationship anymore. This wasn't like him, so of course, I asked why. He said that his son had been hit by a car, & that when he got out of the hospital, he would be moving & trying to get full custody of him. I said okay, because I didn't know what else to say. About 10 mins after that phone call, he called again. He was highly upset, & he told me that he couldn't go see his son in the hospital like that. I tried my best to console him, but it was hard because I was hurt,
  6. Hello everyone These last 3 months (last 5 weeks especially) have most definitely been the worst of my entire life without a shadow of a doubt. I will try to be to the point and give as much useful information as I can, but I apologise if this is long, I want to give as much detail and useful information as possible. I have been in a relationship with my fiancee for 5 and a half years. We got engaged last November, she proposed to me (best feeling in the world guys seriously!!). I'm not going to say our relationship was perfect, because no one can say that. We have had our ups and
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post ever, I usually don't seek advice but I'm desperate. I'm new to this so please bear with me. This is a long post but I will try and keep it as short as possible. I've been in a relationship for just about two years now and for the most part it has been pretty amazing save for a few bumps every now and then. We are both working doctors in different hospitals in the same city. We met each other through a common friend and hit it off almost instantly and I've fallen head over heels for her, so much so that just two weeks ago I asked her to marry me and she s
  8. Many of these pages he probably liked a long time ago, he likes a ton of pages but many of them are sexy celebrities or semi celebrities. He's also in a group that is pretty much amateur porn/ random girls being sexy, he even showed me it once he says his friend created it and added him... but now it's bothering me. It is perfectly fair for me to ask him to not be in that group that I think? Partly it's because he's masturbating a lot, more than we have sex, and I would love more sex...I don't know why but I'm just trying to wait and see if it will change. Also he always says no when I ask i
  9. my fiance and i were together for 3 years and fighting but we also had really good times. i live in the usa and she lives in peru and i would go visit her for 6 months or sometimes 4 months each year. we have a daughter and she is almost 2 years old now. we broke up last year and after some months we were good again, technically we were together again since we were saying each other i love you i want to be with you forever, sharing naked pictures, videos, making wedding plans, etc. a week ago she told me she was dating a guy and had sex 5 times during 2 months while leaving my daughter with h
  10. my fiancee and I been dating for 4 years. I was aware that he takes care of his baby momma but it didn't bother me as much as it did now. Since they have two children together I know it's normal . Now it's just too much, the mother barely work , she is lazy . My fiancee takes care of her completely pays for her house which is $1500 a month and all the utilities and food that you can think of. He pays for her insurance car and health. money if she needs to go shopping or buy something from the store. She is a 100% depending on him. he says he's been doing this for 17 years for her . No , his
  11. I am a arab girl who lives in europe now and i have been struggling for the last 3 years in a relationship. I dont know if all the realtions have to be this hard or just me...I have been insulted and boolied by my boyfriends family. In fact we were “ engaged“ for 2 months. They cane to our house and asked my hand that was 2 years ago. At that time I was still in my country and him already in europe. And had problems with visa.. he propsed to marry in Europe because he cant afford to make big wedding at the time and my family refused and said that there is no rush, I have to focus on my career
  12. My fiancée and I have been drifting apart since the birth of our 2nd son. She hasn't been interested in sex for as long as I can remember. I've tried to support her through a period of depression and really have been the model partner and dad. But tonight I've came home from a business trip and discovered that she is cyber sexing with a guy at work. I'm not sure if this started from a physical relationship. She doesn't know I know. I don't know what to do. I feel it's cheating. We had been discussing going to couples counselling but now I can't see a way past this. Help
  13. Hi all My situation is this; I am engaged to my Fiancee, and we are due to be married September 14th 2017, little over two months. We bought our first home at the start of this year, and hadn't lived together before. My partner lost her dad 15 years ago, and lived with her mum before this. She only stays at the house 4 days week which is first on my list of concerns. We bicker a lot, mostly about trivial things but it is also getting to me, last week one of these trivial things led to her saying she doesn't know if she wants to get married, I took it as a heat of the moment thing bu
  14. My fiancee recently revealed she had been in a 26 year affair which transcended every relationship since she was in her early 20's including 2 marriages. Her revealing this truth made me recognize she had been telling me some of the same lies she had used to hoodwink her former husbands and boyfriends. She is now hurt because I do not want to be in a relationship with her and is having a dificult time understanding why I think it would take a good while before I can trust her. My feelings go back and forth between two (2) camps. Leave and don't look back or take some time to learn to
  15. Just found out my fiancee had a threesome in her past mmf not only that shes also had sex with random men on Craigslist not only that she was also interested in women. I'm deeply disgusted because this person I thought I knew isn't who I thought she was. I've asked her before about the threesome and she lied.
  16. My fiancée gave away my cat today without asking how it would make me feel. I have a strong connection to our animals and I’ve been super upset about it all day. Is it wrong of me to be mad at him for giving him up without ever asking me how I felt??
  17. This is something that I need to try & get answers to, hence my post on here. Any help would be appreciated. I am 40, my now ex fiancée is 35, we were together for 5 years, engaged for 3 & we have a 2 year old together. We lived together. On February 5th this year, completely out of the blue to me, she told me that she didn’t think that we were working out & that her feelings for me had changed. This totally blindsided me, as I genuinely didn’t think that our relationship was bad, I mean we never argued or anything like that. I had noticed that prior to this happeni
  18. I've been seeing him for 3 months. He's been open/honest, even when I don’t like what he’s saying. He told me up front, his relationship side is ‘under construction’ from being left by his fiancee b/c of his gambling addiction, which he is also currently coping with. He has also told me he’s cheated in every relationship he’s been in, which sparked major insecurity in me. That said, in these 3 months, he’s given me a code to come over to his house anytime I’m around, we’ve gone on a trip outside the country together, and we’ve been intimate. He’s introduced me to his friends - not officially a
  19. My boyfriend I have been together for over a year everything was fine till I got invited to a hen do and also his sisters birthday. The problem comes that I had to pick one my boyfriend wasn't going to go to the hen do but to the hotel overnight after to stay with me. His sisters fiancée did not like this and stated I couldn't go and my boyfriend was going to be going to the party and not with me. This led to a little tiff and his sisters fiancée blocking me on Facebook nether the less I went to see him after work to find out I wasn't allowed in the house and that his sister and her fiancées h
  20. Hello, Me and my fiancee are in a relationship for over 3 years, we know each other for almost 7. We have been through quite a lot of challenges together in all these years, but in the last few months I feel things have changed for the bad. We are a biracial couple, and even if we are grown ups at 25 yo, our families have tried to keep us apart. Both our families never approved of our relation, due to (wrong) stereotypes judgement and different skin color. We kept our relation a secret as long as we could, but when our parents found out all the problems started...My fiancee was living b
  21. Hi eNotAlone I was in a relationship for 5 1/2 years, we had been living together for almost 2 years and we got engaged in August last year. In March, my (now ex) fiancee had some sort of a meltdown. We had a massive (and abusive) fight back in January which she claimed had affected her to feel that the relationship had past a point of no return. She was lacking direction in life in regards to her career as well as general unhappiness with being in a domestic relationship where she admitted she was not contributing enough to the household. She also suffers from mental illness which has b
  22. hello, I'm searching for advice on what to do about the communication issues my fiancée has. We have been together for about 5 years and he has always been unable to communicate to me in a healthy way about things I might do or not do that irritate or upset him. I just kind of let it be up until now but I can't let it go anymore. Since he doesn't tell me in the moment what he's mad about or whatever, he will just hold it in until I say something about him. Basically anytime I try to communicate with him he turns it into an argument about me and unloads 5 years worth of grievances. He says he n
  23. My daughter is 35 and has one son. She is engaged to a man who has two children, ages 6 and 10. Mind you, they are only engaged at this point and they have grandparents that live close by. I live over 3 hours away. I sent my grandson an Easter card with a check so my daughter could buy my grandson a nice outfit, a teddy bear, Easter goodies or whatever his heart desires. A week later, I receive a text from my daughter that my grandson and his fiancee's two children are selling raffle tickets at $5 for 5. She informed me, (she didn't ask me), that she hoped that I would buy all the ra
  24. I really wasn't sure where to post this because there is more than one aspect. What's going on: Broke up with my fiancee of 8 yrs about a year ago and we still live together in separate bedrooms. She moved on and is now engaged to someone new whom she has introduced our children to but has never met me. He has never been to our house. It took me a long time to deal with my emotions and come to a point where I could move on myself. I had a lot of love for her. So I met someone through a dating site and went to meet her one night. As soon as I came home I was told that they would be moving
  25. I signed up for the gym my fiancee had just recently signed up to so i could be with him. I had spent $200 to start and then $50 per month. Alot of money IMO but i did it so we could get fit together. I want to be fit for my wedding dress/day. He know this. anyways, not even two days goes by and he tells me his friends are gonna come. I get wanting to be with them but i couldve just gone to the gym with my girls elsewhere for only $22 a month.... So I got upset. Today he said hes made so many compromises with me .. so hes mad that they cant come. But then why did i spend that much for you to w
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