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  1. Mountains flow with living waters bursting to awaken colors. Springtime enshrined with sweet savors of eternal blessings wafted over all things. Remembrance brings back essenses of cherished times; Crystal vision directs the future, embrace it with outstretched arms Spirits are set free to embrace the world, channeling celestial powers of unity.
  2. Thanks janet yes, i can imagine they are the only two real questions. as personality wise and maturity wise we seem to match fairly well. and we can deal with those questions when they come. i know i'd probably ultimatly be ok with going down that path at some stage in life if/when i'm in a suitable steady healthy relationship with the right person, the relationship has stood the test of time, life, finances, personal maturity and all other factors are suitable. i know these are very big things and should be done properly. if you're going to do it you should do it properly. i guess timing is a large issue in these decisions, both people may not be at the same stage at the same time.
  3. PDA can be a sign of ownership. sometimes beautiful girls like to show that they are taken when in public so that they don't get strangers grabbing their butt etc. walking while holding hands is nice. normally the strides match, do people generally prefer to walk in phase(both people step right foot at the same time) or out of phase, (one steps with left while the other steps with the right). I find out of phase is good so that both people swing the arm at the same time. when walking in phase it seems like my x was stronger with her arm swinging as she would end out swinging her arm normally while i would swing mine with her which is opposite to how people normally swing their arm. as a result i learnt to do a little double step to get the feet out of phase so that we can both swing our arms in a natural way.
  4. Water vapor gently drifts, caressed by the crisp evening light Ice is daring you, take the plunge Hart thumping with full strength of the sauna One step after the next, mind preparing Icy water on the toe, cold burning sensations Don't wait. Splash! This came to my mind while walking from the 120deg sauna to a small hole in a frozen lake, water temperature 0.3deg. wow, what an adrenalin rush! my body still doesn't know if it's hot or cold.
  5. - Be careful of where you have sex, and what forms of PDA you show. Children copy EVERYTHING!
  6. silence is sometimes good if followed by a spark in the eyes, then you know a kiss is coming. don't fear the silence, embrace the silence, embrace her!.
  7. It depends on a lot of factors, like if you were the dumper or one being dumped. And also realizing it’s for the best helps a lot. As spunkmaster said, they’ll always be deer to your heart, it’ll just change, become less painful, then you need to stop thinking about them, when you’re totally over someone then it makes it easier to get into the next relationship For me it took about 2 years to fully get over a 4.5 year relationship and to stop thinking about her. Finding someone much better does also help stop yourself from glorifying the past and accept it was for the best. i'd second that comment about stirring up the pot with the ex, any further interaction however temporarily comforting it may be will inevitably slow the healing process.
  8. he obviously needs a lot of space in his life, he's made a decision, you don't know if it's permanent or if he'll change his mind, hasteling him will only make things worse, and reduce the chances he'll change his mind. you've already shown him you're needy with the couple of months of messaging. the best thing you can do is move on with your life, get into some fun hobbies, take care of yourself, do some exercise, see friends etc. this will make you feel a lot better, start the painfull process of moving on, increase chances of meeting someone new, and if your life is in order you'll also seem a lot less needy and more attractive, and so could possibly also increase his chances of changing his mind, but don't rely on it.
  9. How can I subtly find out if this is on her secret agenda? maybe she doesn't want kids at all, maybe she doesn't mind waiting, but how can a guy know? I don’t want to bring it up directly in a conversation, it'd be inappropriate after only a month of dating. If anything that would make it look like I was thinking along those lines. But I want to be aware of what she’s thinking, and if she has some hidden expectations, and if she’ll suddenly start putting on some pressure in a year or two, and what her expected time frame would be. I don’t like surprises, so I like to know exactly what I’m getting into when starting to date a woman, but that’s just a topic you don’t talk about at this stage.
  10. social interactions is a important aspect in chosing where you work, you spend half your waking time at work, so you might aswell enjoy it, do something you enjoy and enjoy the company of your colleagues. you getting allong with the colleagues is also a big pluss in the bosses eyes as you'll be seen as a real team player etc. when getting a job it's not just them interviewing you, but also you evaluating them. internships privide a great insight into their work ethics and environment so you know what you're getitng into.
  11. yep, sorry to say, but he probably doesn't have that strong feelings for you. i'd move on and find another guy that is mature enough to communicate about relationship problems.
  12. How many people spend a couple of weeks of sleeping in the same bed without sex, just cuddling and kissing and talking? how long did this period last for(naturally depends on the speed of progression of physical aspect of relationships)?
  13. She has a cat that she adores (cat lovers are also often more affectionate people). People often say that pets are substitutes for children. But then we’ve only been serious for a month or so, so it’s WAY too early to be talking about any of these topics (she’s also very socially aware of when it’s good to bring up topics) so I wonder if she’ll start making hints in that direction after a year or two. I can see she would be an excellent mother at one stage, vary caring, considerate, and always aware of how her actions and body language would affect others, and influences on children’s upbringings etc. All I know is that it’s not right to bring children into this world till there is a healthy functioning family unit where the child can get support and a good upbringing. Children are very observant of the world around them, and deeds speak louder than words, they learn by watching, so it’s best if people are the perfect example. It takes at least few years to truly see if a relationship is going to work out in the long run through thick and thin, so on a relationship basis I think there is a certain amount of time needed before any big commitment. Also on a personal basis it takes time to get your life to a certain stage. So I can’t imagine bringing a life into this world for several years. I have no idea what her perception is about children is, as after a month it’s way too early to talk about these topics, but I’m aware that for a woman that age it might be on the agenda, and am aware that her time frame might be totally different from my ideas. I wish I knew how she will react in the future, Now where’s my crystal ball?
  14. i think it happens naturally at some point. when you get closer together, start sharing your feelings that you are exclusive, and that you are serious about each other, and want to put in the effort to make this work as long as it takes. you lose count of how many times you've been going out (this is our 15th date, or is it our 16th?), it is no longer a question of ringing up and asking “will you come on a dayte” it is assumed that you will see each other twice a week or so, each time you see each other you make tentative plans for the next time you see each other. Naturally everyone defines their definition of what they call dating/seeing someone/bf/gf etc. For me it’s normally around 1-2 months (6-12 dates/hangout). If I don't pmatch with someone I’ll know normally on the first date, and definitely by the 3rd/4th. Personally I’m fairly selective, and 95% of the woman don’t get past 3rd-4th date, if someone does then I must see them as having some relationship potential.
  15. Yes, these are very much generalizations. I was actually interested in what are the most common factors that affect most people in age gap relationships. And how they affect people in general. If there are any aspects that one should be warey of in the future etc. I was planning on keeping this thread general, but Missklew and Jeffrey seem interested in my personal specifics, so here they are: we have a 9 year difference. I know everyone in this forum say that 9 years is negligible, hence I’m not considering breaking up with her on the basis of that factor. I’m just interested in getting the heads up on factors/issues that might come up if I get into a serious relationship with her. I know I’m also more mature for my age, she guessed i was much older because I’ve done so much in my life. I also have a very mature outlook on life, high level of morality and integrity, past the whole casual fling stuff a lot of people my age are into. On the other side she’s 34. i only found out her age last weekend after a month of dating, I had previously found it hard to guess her age as she’s full of energy, zipping around from one thing to another, good fit body (with a nice * * * ), doing silly things like dancing and spinning around in her socks in my living room. She also gets paid as a OT to bring out creativity in children, so she spends her afternoons playing aero planes with 5yo children, maybe that helps keep her silly youthful streak. I also couldn’t pick her age, as she was hot and youthful, i guessed she was much younger then she really is
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