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  1. I need advice on a situation that is really starting to bother me. First of all, I am an animal lover and have many pets. The problem here is my boyfriend's ill-trained dog. He bought this dog with his ex, obviously before I came on the scene. I have tried to speak calmly to my boyfriend about his dog's behaviour, but he won't listen and cuddles him loads. When we are preparing tea, his dog - let's call him Fido - stands close to the cooker watching every move my boyfriend makes, hoping to get scraps, which he usually does for the privilege of begging. I often find dog hairs in my foo
  2. I've been together with this guy for a few months now. It has been really nice, he is always there to help me. We cuddle a lot, spend a lot of time together. We have sex quite often, sometimes twice a day. There is only one thing that threw me off quite a bit. I noticed that he wasn't fully enjoying having sex with me. he lost his boner a few times when we were having sex, and he didn't really seem into it except when he drank. He actually said it to me one time. He wasn't able to drink enough that day otherwise we would have had amazing sex. I've talked about it with him and he only said the
  3. Hi guys...not used this for a long long while. But I think I'm just not getting something. Met a woman on an App. Chatted for just under a week. We discovered we had so much in common. I'm a teacher, she's a paediatric nurse. I have an 8 year old kid, she has a 7 year old. But also our whole attitudes to life seemed to match on our attitudes to enjoying ourselves, risk taking, humour etc. On paper at least I have not found someone to have so much in common ever and I'm 42. She is 37. We laughed and joked and flirted. We agreed to meet up on the Saturday for drinks. By that
  4. So me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year now and we get along pretty well, but she’s been getting these sadness streaks and when I ask her about them she says it’s because we don’t have enough intimacy in our relationship. While I’ve tried to fix this problem she’s right and we do have a intimacy problem. Well the other night she got a new phone and she left her old one on the dresser and I saw it going off with a message from a man she works with. While I wouldn’t normally pry it was around 1 am and that bothered me. So I pick up her phone and look at the message and the previous m
  5. Hello! I am 21 right now, soon turning 22. I have been dating this guy almost a year, but things have been bad lately. What I mean by lately–almost 6 months. At the beginning it was great as always, I was madly in love, he treated me and cared for me. Made breakfast, cuddled with me in the mornings, also he was very happy and positive. But now, I don't even recognize him. Our relationship is night and day when comparing to the beginning. He is being mean to me, criticizing almost everything I do. He never cuddles with me, instead he is on his phone the whole morning. Also, I feel that
  6. I met this guy at a party after his friend told me he likes me. It was pretty obvious cause he was staring at me constantly without looking away. We started chatting then he took me outside of the house and we just cuddled and talked until early in the morning. He said he would text me, which he did and after a few days of talking he asked me to come over in his dorm room. I immediately thought that was a red flag, however our mutual friends think otherwise. They all say he's a nice guy. I need to mention he didn't even try to touch me inappropriately when I was drunk, he didn't even try
  7. I want to start and be honest this is probably a big waste of time. Only read if your really bored I have a female friend of about 3 years. When we first started talking I had just ended a 3 year relationship and her marriage was fixing to be over. I can't remember the details but she came over one night and watched movies and spent the night. Nothing happened. Next day she said she had wanted me to kiss her. So naturally next time she came over I did. For a month or 2 we were being romantic, kissing cuddling etc I can't remember how it started but eventually we did mess around a little.
  8. so i met a girl on tinder a month ago. she's visiting my country for 3 months . i could feel she's really into me. because she was kept smiling and talking random things. eventually, we had sex that night. and next day she brought me to her place . and i stayed there for a while and we cuddled and made out . she had to go hotel to meet his uncle later but she couldn't find the way so i told her how to go and we took a subway train,i took off in the middle to come back home (i'm living in different city . 2.5 hours away) and we had 2nd date too next week. had sex and great time again. and i
  9. Hey guys, first time poster here and kind of on struggle street atm so any help is appreciated. Sorry in advance for the long story. Known this girl for about a year and a bit as friends. She was dating a guy at the time, i only saw her as a friend. (They were 3 years together when i met them and he treated her poorly and didnt appreciate her) We spoke often and eventually got close to each other. Her (now ex) confronted me telling me i was getting too close to her and that i should back off. Not wanting drama, i left it alone and had no contact with her for about 6 months. Her birthday par
  10. Ive posted on here a few times about my issues with a long distance relationship.. and how she had become distant. We still talk everyday, but it hasnt been the same for months.. But.. all the way to as recent as 5 pm yesterday she has been telling me she loves me.. im her one and only, how she wants to cuddle.. and on and on. At the same time.. being distant.. or her phone is always messing up.. shes busy, things like that. At 10:30 pm i find pictures online of her and another guy as a couple .. as recent as last week. I confront her.. she apologizes and says she has been looking for w
  11. I've been seeing this guy now for 4 months - things are great. He is keen to see me 3-4 times a week and spend time with me. He is attentive when we are together - very touchy feeling, caressing me, lots of little kisses etc... But things just aren't right in the bedroom. Recently we started spending the night together and the first time he had an issue maintaining an erection - when he attempted penetrative sex, it just disappeared. Same thing the next time. He just went a bit quiet and looked sad - I said it was ok and we cuddled. He was great at making sure I had a good time but for me
  12. firstly, im sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. i wasnt sure where it would fit. its tough to admit the majority of this and i ask the people who read this not to judge me. some time ago i was in a long term relationship and i believed she was the one. it ended strangley, badly and took its toll on me. afterward i spent just over a year alone. i wouldnt even talk to women what so ever. i didnt want to meet anyone. anyway a year and bit on i thought it was maybe time to get back at it however i didnt want a relationship at all, any drama or strings. my ultimate choice was to
  13. I've been dating a lovely lady for about 10 weeks. We've been pretty inseparable and we get on like a house on fire. We usually spend 2 or 3 nights a week together overnight, up to 4. My only issue is... she hates cuddling in bed! I love her to bits and would do anything to fall asleep entwined with her, but she just refuses, saying she needs space to sleep as she's a light sleeper. She usually wedges a pillow between us after kissing me goodnight, and I'm left feeling like I might as well go sleep alone on the couch. I asked her to compromise and make 1 night a week "cuddle night", but t
  14. Hi, This may sound odd. But here it goes. I used to sleep with a girl on same bed but never had sex with her. But when I felt I should not make her feel bad if I ever had sex with her. I proposed her, she became distant. Stopped seeing me suddenly. she used to be in a relation, had a bad break up. and she says she could never recover from it, hence can't be in a relation. I was dumbfounded, I mean we used to sleep together and cuddle, her head on my shoulder same bed. Her arm wrapped around me and we used to cuddle. I really miss all those. Nowadays she wants to meet me only once a month, Even
  15. I'm in a ldr with my boyfriend from 2 years and last week we had a bad argument. I questioned him about something and he flipped, the last thing he said was he didn't want to talk about it that he didn't want to be involved with me and a speak to you soon. Two days later I hadn't heard anything and became worried so I messaged him saying I missed him and I genuinely apologized about what happened. He was still angry and said he'd go his own way if it happened again, but we made steps in talking it out. The day after he took ages to reply, but he messaged me at night as he was doing drugs with
  16. My boyfriend restrains me when I try to leave and go home. He laughs and says he wants to cuddle longer but physically holds me down. Tonight after trying to squirm out of his grasp he spanked me so hard it really hurt. I told him he had gone too far and left. I am over at his house so often and he makes almost no effort to visit me at mine, or hang out with my family and friends. When I tell him I want to go home and see my cat he jokes about how he should just let his dog eat her so I have no reason to leave. Deep down I love him but I am starting to lose my initial attraction to h
  17. I've posted on here before about my ex contacting me again and wanting to hang out. Well I gave in and we've been hanging out more often, and talking everyday. The past few times we've hung out we've been cuddling on the couch, holding hands, and he kissed me a few times. He hasn't tried to sleep with me, so it doesn't seem like he just wants to be FWB. But he also hasn't said what he's looking for. I mean when he first came back into my life I thought he just wanted a friendship, but friends don't kiss and cuddle each other. Yet he hasn't said he wants a relationship. When we dated the first
  18. Hello, Im a 35 year old women I have no children, do not drink, smoke or use drugs, I work a lot on my self mentally and fiscally am healthy, petite, blond and told that I'm attractive...but I'm single I have had 2 failed engagements and 5 long term boyfriends. One of the issues I see and here men tell me in contribution to my failed relationships is that I'm too independent. I had a hard childhood and grew up doing most things on my own. I have had few close friends and when I do have a boyfriend I struggle to know what a partnership looks like, I just go about my life completely auto
  19. I have a question which is.... "Is it EVER alright for someone your dating to still be on dating sites"?.... My reason for this question is that i went for a date with a man i met off Tinder and we got on very well... He was constantly asking to see me throughout the next week saying things like "come over for a coffee and a snog" and things like " come stay the nite so i can wake up with a cuddle".. anyway i didnt go to any of these offers but agreed to meet him the following friday, he wanted to meet at his house but i refused and said to meet at a bar... During the evening i asked him how m
  20. There's this girl I'm interested in that I've hung out with a couple times over the past few weeks. In the course of hanging out with her, I've also been in the midst of trying to end a FWB situation. Her and the girl I've had the casual involvement (let's call her girl B and the other will be girl A)with were going to wind up in the same place a few weeks back so I decided to make a preemptive and move and let girl A know that I'm in the process of resolving something but I think she's cute and don't want to give her the idea I'm disinterested, she said she thought I was cute too and wanted
  21. Hello, I'm new here. Romantic relationships weren't something I thought about until recently, as I never go looking for them so this is all pretty new to me. I don't really know how the whole relationship thing works For context, I'm 20 and there's a guy I started talking to (he's 21) over a year ago (in 2015), and we live 80 miles apart. We first became internet friends after bonding over our tastes in music and art, and have been speaking everyday since we started. After a few months of talking he came to visit me for a week and had a great time. We laughed so much. On the night befor
  22. I have been with a guy for a while now. We are very compatible, we have a great time together. We are very sexual compatible and both have high sex drives. He tells me all the time how attracted he is to me, and is obsessed with my body. He tells me how beautiful I am. I feel the same way about him and tell him all the time how sexy I think he is and he really is, all I have to do is look at him and I get hot. We are also very emotionally compatible. We are in our late twenties early thirties, both healthy and no known issues. The problem is that he can be slow to get an erection but w
  23. Ok new here!! I have been with my bf for a year. Sex for the first 8 months was earth shattering ! I have know all along that he takes meds for a medical condition, that has been under control for over ten years. In the last few months he has backed off sex a lot. We still touch, cuddle and play; but he is never in the mood for sex. He says he is having trouble keeping an erection. And when he does have one. It takes a long time to cum. I'm being very supportive, but it's been like 6 weeks and I've been turn down numerous time. Just wonder from a mans point of view. How to handle
  24. Hey all, I have been with my boyfriend officially for a bit over a month now (we met in February), and it has been such a great relationship so far. We're going on fun dates and hanging out and I really like and respect him as a person and could see this becoming a long term thing. Actually, I kinda had this feeling he was the one when we met lol. He's a great guy. We've started becoming intimate and besides the first time, he has never tried to do anything for me (outside of intercourse). He says it takes too long and is too complicated and he's tired after intercourse. Meanwhile I'm becom
  25. Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and I have never been happier, but one thing is bothering me and I can't move past it. He has been divorced for 16 years now, after being together/married for 10 years. He was devostated when she cheated on him and he never really dated till I came along 11 years later. He took it really bad and everyone said he'll never get over her. She is happily married with another child now and hasn't looked back after she divorced him. When we got together, he still had photos up around the house and everything was left exactly the same as when she liv
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