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  1. ALL I EVER WANTED All I ever wanted, Was someone to love, Someone special and divine, And who would be uniquely mine. All I ever wanted, Was someone to kiss, Someone who would stay close in times of despair, And who would always care. All I ever wanted, Was someone ever present when life gets tough, Someone who would hold on real tight, And who would keep me warm at night. All I ever wanted, Was someone to hug, Someone who would quell my every fear, And who would dry my ever tear. All I ever wanted, Was someone close and near, Someone who would be my one true friend, And who would stay until the end. All I ever wanted, Was someone to be my rhythm, Someone who would be my defining dance, And who would give me a second chance. All I ever wanted, Was someone who would listen, Someone who would reach out and hold my hand, And who would always understand. All I ever wanted, Was someone to wake up next to, Someone to cuddle in the morning, And who would be there when the new day is dawning.
  2. Leaving Us With Love As you lay down to a lovely long sleep, Still ever present in our hearts as we weep, Dear little Kitty, looking down from above, We know you are leaving us with love. We shall not soon forget the warmth you spread, Nor those soft cuddles each night as I put you to bed, Dear little Kitty, the memories of you, forever our own, Shall never leave this our humble home. For many years we smiled at that twinkle in your eye, Your soft purrs as you longed for that last piece of pie, How you loved to stretch and play in the yard outside, Now a permanent shrine in which your spirit shall reside. How soon you became part of our family name, A mother, father and a little brother, we were all the same, Blessed we were to just know you were always there, Our little bundle of furry joy, with everlasting fun to share. As we awake tomorrow to a brand new day, We will surely still feel your presence in a very unique way, Dear little Kitty, looking down from above, We know you are leaving us with love.
  3. I realize that there are no set "rules," but I'm just wondering at what age it's no longer "appropriate" to do little cute "immature" stuff in a relationship. I'm talking about having tickle wars, snowball fights, cuddling while watching a movie, going stargazing, etc. It seems to me like those are things that you can only do in your late teens/early 20s, like once you get past a certain age, you can't really do that anymore, and instead you just go out to dinner and then come home and make love... I just can't imagine two 30 year olds cuddling. I feel like after a certain age, love is no longer "fun" (although still romantic, passionate, caring, etc.) Anybody else feel the same way? This sounds so immature, but I'm terrified of having a relationship that doesn't involve cuddling or other silly things -- I would much rather have that then sex. I'm afraid that once I start dating again (will take a while...) I'll be too old for that, and the only physical intimacy that will be appropriate will be strictly sexual (ranging from making out to sex). Then again, maybe I'm just an idiot and it's okay to act like a kid with your significant other at any age (of course, that's assuming that all the mature elements of a healthy relationship are still there).
  4. He was holding me in his arms cuddling with me and kissing me a little. then said how he would want to die if anything happened to me. then he said "I love you" and I said "I love you too" back to him. He also said there is no rush and we can take everything slow. I was so nervous being that close to him ..but yet so comfortable and safe at the same time (if that makes any sense I will take it slow ..even though that may prove to be difficult. He also does not seem the kind of guy to say I love you to just anyone ... who knows maybe he does love me (I hope)..anyway I will keep my fingers crossed and not get carried away either.I am trying to keep myself together a guy has never said "I love you" to me before so it kind of threw me for a loop...seems my life just did a 180 turn...
  5. I've been seeing this woman for about 2 months. I really care for her, and I enjoy spending time with her. This last weekend we finally went "all the way." However, I think she has some reservations about our relationship after this night. To begin, we made out for about 1/2 hour, then we started some heavy petting. She gave the go ahead, and I went down on her for a while, carressing her, talking to her, telling her what I wanted to do to her. She was quite excited, and said she wanted me inside her. I pulled on a Trojan, quick as I could, and entered her missionary style. We went missionary for about 10 minutes, then swapped to doggy style for a few minutes, back to missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, back to missionary. All in all, this lasted about an hour. After the first 20 minutes, she started asking if I was going to come. Then she kept asking every 5 minutes or so. I was so excited to be with her, and so (egostistically?) desiring to please her, that I wasn't ready, prepared, or set to come at this point. About 45 minutes into our "session" I told her I wasn't ready to come, but that I wanted to give her an orgasm. 15 minutes later, she calls off the encounter, saying she's exhausted. We were both covered in sweat, her juices were smeared all over the place, and I could understand her exhaustion, I too was beat. She asked my why I hadn't come, and I told her I just wasn't ready to come yet. She said she was on the pill, if it was the condom preventing me from coming. I told her I was fine, it wasn't the condom, I just didn't reach orgasm, and I was more than pleased with her, and that it wasn't her that was preventing me from coming, but that I just wasn't ready for it. We layed around about 20 minutes, and she suggested we shower. Once in the shower, we started bathing each other, carressing one another, and heavily kissing. We were really getting heavy into it, when she said she wanted me inside her again. When I went to step out of the shower to grab a condom, she said she wanted me without a rubber, under the shower head. I entered her, and we started again, in an awkward standing position. I'm much taller than her, so she had to stand on the edge of the tub, and I kinda had to stand at a funny angle, it wasn't working, so I picked her up. I'm thinking this is fantastic, I am with a woman I really enjoy being around, and who hasn't seen a romantic movie where the couple has sex in the shower. I'm really getting into it, and she asks, "Are you going to come?" And I was getting closer, I really was, but as soon as she said that, "BAM!" I'm out of the zone. I tell her I'm close, and talk to her, asking her what she wants. She's kinda loud, and soon after this point she realizes that her bathroom is directy above the downstairs neighbor's bathroom, and that the sound carries pretty well through the bathrooms. She wants to leave the bathroom now. We go into the living room, I put on another condom, and she turns almost all of the lights out. We lie on the floor of the living room, and she wants me to enter her missionary. It's so dark I can barely see her eyes with my face like 3 cm from hers. Not 5 minutes in, she asks if I'm going to come soon. I tell her no. She asks if she talked dirty, would that help, she says she wants me to come, but she doesn't think she can keep going, she's worn out, and hopes that I'm close. I pull out and start going down on her, to give her a break from our energetic activity. About 5 minutes later, she calls me off. I haven't been with many women, and I haven't been with her before ever, this is my first encounter with her. Several times throughout the previous sessions she has become quite tight, her * * * * * would contract so hard she would push me out of her. As I mentioned before, she was very wet, I assumed she was orgasming, and that was doing the trick for me. Now she wants to know why I haven't come. I tell her it's probably because of the anxiety and stress of wanting to please her at our first time together is a part of it, and her asking me is really making me uncomfortable. I tell her I don't really need to come, but that I am so happy to be with her it's not a priority for me. I tell her, if it's going to happen, I will let her know when, but that I don't feel ready yet. She tells me she wants me to come, and asks what she can do to make it happen. She asks if, and she whispers it, kind of turning her head away as she says it, "Do you want...anal?" I'm stunned. I don't want anal. I don't want anal, and I tell her, "I don't want anal sex, but if you want it, I will do it." She says she only wants to make me come, and if anal will make me come, she will do it. I let her know that anal won't be the magic bullet, and that I don't really like the idea. She says she's physically incapable of continuing our escapades, and wants to go lie in the bed and cuddle. We head to the bed, and lay in bed touching each other, whispering to one another, and just lazing in the atmosphere of post sex exhertion. The entire time, I am still erect, I want to come. I want to come so bad, but I can't reach that peak, and now I'm getting blue balls, and I'm not able to make my erection go away. I want to carress her, and spoon, and enjoy the presense of her body, but my little friend is poking into her back/ thigh/ stomach/ side at every motion. We play like this for about 1/2 hour, and she says she wants to do something to make me come, "What's going to make you come? I want you to come." Again, I tell her I am not sure what will make me come, but that I want to make her happy, and if me coming is so important for her, I will try to come. I tell her I want her to go down on me, and she gives it a try. She's timid about it, and I tell her I would like her to be more aggressive, but she doesn't seem to be able to get into it. She asks if I can get off by masterbating, and can she help. I tell her I am not certain I can get off by masterbating at this point, but that if she would, I would like to watch, and assist, and maybe it will help. She plays with herself, and I watch, rubbing her shoulders, kissing her neck, and generally, trying to make her as aroused as possible. She wants sex again at this point, and we go at it again, missionary, cowgirl, missionary again, give her a rest, and missionary, doggie, missionary wash rinse repeat, and finally I come. It's been about 4 hours at this point, but I do come. It's such a relief for me, not the orgasm, but that I came, and now she won't be thinking that she's inadequate in some fashion. We cuddle, and she seems pleased, then she asks me, "How long before you can go again?" I tell her I can go again immediately, and she doesn't believe me. I enter her again in the missionary position, and we start all over again. Two hours of bedroom olympics go on, and I don't come again, I don't even come close. I'm thinking I've just had the night of my life, and I have many more to come. The next day, after I get off from work, going all day on ~1 hour of sleep, I go to see her, and she tells me she's sore from our night activities, and she giggles a little. I tell her I too am sore, and that I really enjoyed our night together. We sit around the house and watch a movie, talk about books we've read, all that jazz. After about an hour, she comes up close, and starts to give me a kiss. We make out for a few minutes, and she pulls away from me. I wasn't making any forward gestures, I want to have sex again, but I don't want to hurt her if she's sore. As I mentioned, she's about 5'4 and I'm 6'4, so I can imagine I could be a little rough for her. I tell her how good she smells, how I love her eyes, all that jazz, and she says she is tired, that she didn't get any sleep, and she has to leave the next morning to go home to visit her family two states away. I tell her I want to just sleep the night in her arms, no sex, if she isn't ready for it again yet, and she says she doubts we will sleep any if I stay the night, and that it's best if I just go home. I concede, and go home, go to bed. This was last weekend, since she came back, I have seen her twice, in a week. The first night I saw her, I tried to kiss her, and she returned the kiss, but then pulled away. The second time I saw her, she wouldn't let me kiss her. I asked her what's wrong, and she says she is just confused at the moment, but that it's nothing I've done, then she makes some excuse and sends me on my way. I'm scared she has some reservations about us after our night together, and I can't figure out what I can do to get her to open to me and tell me what she thinks, what's wrong, or what's bothering her. Did I come on too strong? Should I have lied at some point and said, "Yes, I came." even though I hadn't? Is it possible that my lack of orgasm is the culprit?
  6. Last year, as I was coming out of my long-term relationship, a friend told me about myspace. i joined and met some local people that became friends. i also met a few people that lived elsewhere in the south. one woman i met lives in nashville. we shared some ims, some emails, and we even shared some phone calls about our mutual relationship woes. i thought it was a neat kind of friendship. once, we flirted, but it was more of a joke than anything (i thought). locally, i met another woman and we began dating. and i noticed the woman in nashville had met someone locally and so we didn't really talk all that much anymore. we had talked at various times of meeting because we thought we would be good friends - similar interests, etc. a month ago, i broke up with the the local woman i had been seeing. we had nothing but hard times and finally it became clear to me that it was nothing but a dead-end. because the woman in nashville had recently contacted me, i let her know when we broke up. and we talked about it. she started emailing me more and called to invite me to a concert 2 hours away - she had an extra ticket. up to this point, we had never met before. then 2 weekends ago, she spontaneously invited me up and i thought it would be fun. i was thinking nothing but friendship. when i got there, we met some of her friends for dinner and went to the state fair. afterwards, she wanted to show me a good time in nashville so she took me to 2 clubs. we had a good time and good conversation. i was thinking nothing romantic until she asked me what i thought of her so far. i was shocked. so, i started thinking about it and i was having a great time with her, we got along well, we had similar personalities and conversational styles, similar backgrounds and educations levels, similar professions........ we came home after a late night and she only had 1 bedroom........so we slept together in the same bed.........still, i thought nothing of it. unlike usual, i was not wanting to just bed her. she started kissing all over me and it really was freaking me out. because, i realized i was with a real woman and i thought that because of all of our similarities and places in life and all that, and because we'd been talking as friends for so many months, that if we got involved with each other that it could be something really special and i didn't want to ruin it...... and i told her this. she ended up falling asleep cuddling against me. the next morning she took me to brunch and paid and we then went to an nfl game (i'd never been to one). we had a great time. we came back out to the car, and she kissed me very passionately and told me she wished i didn't have to drive back home. i said, "me either". we then went to her friend's house for a cookout and at the cookout i told her i thought of staying the night again.......she said she thought that was a great idea. at the cookout, i told her that i didn't know if i could be "good" again......and she said she didn't either but it was worth the wait..... we went to her house, went to bed, and she cuddled with me all night long, even in her sleep.......i woke up early and drove home for my workday. she called to make sure i got home ok. then imd me during the day........then called me that afternoon to chat. later that night, i asked if she was still interested and she said, "yes, are you?" i said, "of course" and i mentioned how much i thought of her at this point. the next day, we met for the concert she had originally invited me to. on the way over, i just had a strange feeling and i asked her if she still felt the same. she said, we'd talk about it later. at the concert, and on the way to it, she was not holding my hand or giving me any kisses. and i asked her what was going on. i told her that i just didn't understand the difference i sensed. she told me that she likes to go slow and that she liked me and thought i was fun and didn't see why we had to define anything now. honestly, i was not wanting to define anything......i just sensed a difference in her and wanted to know her thoughts. after the concert and going out with her friends, we came back to stay with some of her other friends and she told me that she had realized she was not over the last person she had dated (which was only like a 3-month thing 4 months ago) and that she didn't want to be in a relationship now. the next day, she told me that she didn't feel any chemistry with me to warrant long distance dating but she still wanted to be friends. i was really stupified and honestly, upset, because she had come after me on the first night, she had looked into my eyes in that way, she had asked me what i thought of her, told me i had pretty eyes, cuddled with me all night long 2 nights in a row, didn't want me to go back home, and told me she was interested in me........ what happened????? if she didn't feel any chemistry, how could she do and say all that? you know when someone likes you or doesn't like you. and i felt she liked me! we clicked. it wasn't just me. and, like i said, i wasn't even looking for that with her.......but once i saw how she liked me and we were clicking, i let my guard down....... to top it all off, i said, "ok let's be friends" and late last week and over the weekend i texted her a couple friendly light messages......only to get one-liner responses from her as if i was bothering her........ so i've decided to just back away and let her come to me if she wants to really be friends......... but what could explain all this???
  7. last night was 'the night' for my girlfriend and i, like i posted in an earlier thread i don't come from handjobs and blowjobs, how i do rather enjoy the sensations from blowjobs, they just don't get me to that next level of arousal.. yesterday we had a lovely night and came home and went to bed but and i knew she was done with her period but i wasn't getting a hard-on.. i felt really bad because the night was perfect and i didn't want to ruin it for her.. anyways, we cuddled and talked and later on she was caressing down there and things livened up a bit, she started giving me a blowjob and i got hard, i put the condom on and i could already feel myself lose the erection, i put it inside her but within a couple minutes i was soft.. it was very depressing.. so i immediately went down on her, id never done it before but i think i did a good job.. she seemed very pleased.. i teased her at first then worked on her clitoris and then finished fingering her and licking her.. i loved it.. so my question is, if it takes us a while to get the whole intercourse thing down, do women get bored of oral? we see each other nearly everynight.. she could suck my * * * * the same way everynight and i'd be happy but will i have to mix it up to keep her interested and excited? i'm just wondering what you can do differently down there so its not the same everytime.. but is still satisfying?
  8. Alright, this is kind of a weird and long story so let me make it as short as possible. is it wrong to sleep with your cousins g/f( soon to be ex g/f) ? my cousin and I initionaly had a deal where we would swap g/f for a night but well my g/f an I broke up before this could happen. Anyway, ive made out with my cousins g/f before, felt her up, went skinny dipping with her, i even slept with her (just like cuddled). Ive always been open with her and she knows how much i want her... shes been talking to me about wanting to be single again and coming down to see me an visit after shes single (because she wants to sleep with me) I always had an urge to have sex with her but something is telling me that i should be carefull. My cousin an I get along greatly togerther and well hes family. How low is it to sleep with your cousins g/f behind his back ? And if i did.. i would keep it a secret and he would probably never find out. Should or shouldnt i do this ?
  9. I'm skeptical about so called "studies show/experts say..." but the article in this link has some good food for thought and might serve as a nice pick-me-up for those struggling with being alone or trying to find someone... Here, 10 fascinating benefits to being unmarried: Reason #1: You have a better body We’ve all been there—you get into a relationship, and suddenly you’re trying out new recipes all the time and cuddling instead of exercising. Well, things tend to get worse with marriage. A recent Cornell University study found that women generally gain five to eight pounds in the first few years of marriage and unhappily married women gain an average of 54 pounds in the first 10 years. link removed
  10. and I can't decide between them....Please help me.....this is my first post, so I hope I put it in the right place. I'll give you some background and try not to make this too confusing or into a novel.......I'm in my early 40's, my youngest child is 16, and I've been divorced for 6 years. I think I'm "in love" with 2 men. 2 men who are completely opposite of each other, but each having something I am absolutely crazy about. One likes to stay home and just do hobbies and very rarely goes anywhere which bothers me sometimes and the other likes to travel and just get out but also can stay in and watch a movie or something. Both have good morals, values and are just all around great guys - the hard to find kind! I could see myself with one of these men for a lifetime. The main difference between the 2 is in the bedroom and I place a high value in that area. Guy 1 is awesome at pleasing me, he's adventerous and can go for an hour or 2, likes to lie in bed after, cuddle and have great conversation. Guy 2 will almost always get me off, but sometimes gets overly excited and can't wait till my turn is over and no matter the circumstances it's usually only missionary style and he always, always blows his load within 2-3 minutes, and when he's done, he's ready to go cut the grass or wash the car or run 5 miles or something, no lieing in bed afterwards and talking or cuddling...Guy #1 has begun to step up to the plate and has begun to take me more places and after 3.5yrs I finally met his mother.......Guy#2 took me on an 8 day vacation recently & it was great. And he does all the things I wish Guy#1 would do, i.e. rub my back, run that quick store errand, etc......Who would you choose and why? (please ask any questions you may need to and I'll answer as honestly as possible).
  11. I'm feel really conflicted. I am 18 and I have been single for like a year and a half and I feel like I really want a boyfriend. Recently a good friend asked me out and I said yes. We get along great, we have tons of common interests, he listens to me and acts interested when I talk about things that bored most people (seriously I spent ten minutes talking about the health benefits of avocados on our date), we like the same music, our in the same university program, we are both intensely athletic, and basically would be totally perfect for each other. The problem is I don't feel that spark. Like that feeling like you have been swept off your feet and like you can't wait to see each other again. I don't think about him when he's gone and I would be totally apathetic if tomorrow he told me he changed his mind and we should be friends. I also like this other friend of mine. We have very little in common but we live near each other in residence. We watch movies and cuddle and stuff all the time I feel so nice when I'm with him but he's made it clear he doesn't want a relationship now and I do. I'm really conflicted I do want a relationship and my other friend should be perfect but I just don't feel it. I desperately need opinion what I should do. Thanks to anyone who managed to read this.
  12. Thanks for stopping by. I have been dating for 2 months. She is not really over her ex bf because she is in love with him. She says that she will try her best to forget about him. well over the weekend we hung out and when her ex bf calls or texts mess. her she would pick up the call or responds back. This time she didn't and focused everything on me. I asked why arent you responding, she says that there is nothing to talk about him anymore. Anyways, she treats me like we are going out. like going out to dinners, movies, holding hands, cuddling, etc. Then she tells me, that she is attached to me, misses me alot, cares for me , and likes me. She knows that I want to have a relationship with her. My question is, shall i go with the flow and see how things are? Im hoping to be with her.
  13. My ex and I have been trying to work things out. We've been dating now for about a month after about a month of nc, last night we became intimate with each other again for the first time. He wanted to stay and cuddle for a while, but he didn't want to sleep over. He said he wasn't ready to start that pattern again (of me expecting him to sleep over all of the time), just yet. I became upset and told him to just leave immediately, and that I don't want him to feel any pressure. After some tears (mine) and arguing, he left and called me when he got home, he apologized and then called again this morning. Am I overreacting by thinking he's just not that into me, and that I made a mistake by being intimate with him? Or is this common for guys?
  14. The past two nights I have had the strangest dreams about her. The other night I dreamt she had gotten hold of a note that I had posted on here and was going through it line by line stating that she didn't really believe it. I remember her distinctly saying, "Come on, do you really believe this?" Then we were lying in bed together cuddling and talking. In last night's dream, she basically came crawling back to me. She told me everything that I wanted to hear. Things didn't work out with the other guy she is dating, all she could think about was me, would I please move in with her, she needed me back. I'm definitely moving on, but these dreams are jarring. I wake up and am disappointed that it was not real. Anyone else having anything like this. They are so real. S
  15. It's been a month, and we've been keeping in touch as friends. A few days ago he sent me a message saying that I should "come over for a movie sometime soon." I agreed, and this weekend we decided that this Tuesday was the way to go, since both of us miraculously have the day off. No talk about it since then, and I didn't want to nag. Then tonight he texted me telling me to come over at a certain time tomorrow morning. This is probably the most decisive thing he's ever said over the last two years...he always let me pick the whens and wheres that were most convenient for me (yes, he was always bad at planning). Is the fact that he set a time without checking with me his way of testing me to see if I'll run to him wagging my tail right away? (But he was never controlling...) Maybe I should text him in the morning and say that I can't come? It's also kind of weird that it's going to be in the morning...The only reason I can think for that is that his family might not be home and he wants to spare me the agony of facing them. Or is it because he doesn't it want to seem like a date? Or, conversely, does the fact that he's willing to get up early to hang out with me maybe mean that seeing me is important? Overanalyzing, I know... Anyway...not a lot of time left before I see him, and I'm wondering about how I should act. Since the breakup we've just hung out in public places and talked in his car. At his house, do I sit very close to him on the couch like I always did? Do I sit on a different couch? If I do, will he think that I'm trying to distance myself from him (and him thinking that -- on a larger scale -- was a factor in the breakup)? It's going to be strange watching a movie with no physical contact between us...but what if there is? I'm not planning on initiating any cuddling, but what if he tries something? As opposed to my theater friends who will cuddle with anything that's warm with no emotional committment, he's NOT a friendly cuddler, and he knows I'm the same way. Do I go along with it, or do I tell him that I'm only willing to cuddle if we're in a relationship? And after the movie...do I leave right away? I don't want to overstay my welcome...On the other hand, I'm curious to see how long he wants me to stay -- and I won't find that out if I'm the one to cut the meeting short. Yes, I'm definitely overthinking and overanalyzing...but any opinions are appreciated.
  16. I talked to the ex tonight. she seems optimistic. She keeps telling me that she doesnt know if she can make me happy, and thats whats holding her back right now. She said shes changed a lot she doesnt like to do pda, or cuddle, or anything really anymore. Her self esteem has gone way down hill and she has a lot on her shoulders with bills and such. We are long distance right now, but this girl has not left my mind for a year and a half. Is there anyway to show her thats It can work right now, and to take a risk with me? Thanks in advance ENOTALONE!
  17. Ok, well to preface this a bit, it isn't meant to be like... really deep and hidden symbolism and stuff... I mean it as kind of a cute little poem I wrote up tonight, and will be reading it to my LD girlfriend who I havent seen in a couple weeks... anyways, here it is!!! Dear Elizabeth, I have never had a dream come true, until the day that I met you. You’re all I think about day and night, All I want is to cuddle up, and hold you tight. The girl of dreams, I know this for sure, Started in your car, listening to the Cure. “Just like Heaven” the singer says Thoughts of us together, rush to my head. Our first night together spent stargazing, I knew that this girl was going to be amazing. Driving around town with no destination Weeks later, lost in a subway station Thinking back on the New York trip it was the best That was the time I realized I truly was blessed Making wishes in the fountain I still remember mine, Hoping that our lives would always intertwine. Spending our nights together at the Star Bar, Knowing that you would never be far Your smile makes my heart skip a beat Being in love with you makes me complete. These days now alone break my heart I pray for the time that we will never be apart. You say we’re Love Cats and I do believe And now that we’re together, I don’t ever want to leave. Elizabeth you truly are the greatest girl ever, I want to spend the rest of my life with you forever
  18. I want..to touch your face, so smooth like a porcelain doll. I want..to kiss your lips. I want..to make you happy again. to show you how much you mean to me, and give you my heart, my soul, for you to smile and care free. I want..to make your heart smile, I want..to sweep you off of your feet, cuz close in my heart you are, safe and warm. I want..to feel your sweet lips against mine, I want..to cuddle with you and look into your eyes, to be there for you through thick and thin. by your side, just you and me. Musicguy© Mar. 2008
  19. I've been with my girlfriend for over 9 months now and her behavior has gotten somewhat strange. We used to make love about 5 times a week but really whenever we had the chance and now it's dropped to once or twice. We also used to lay around on the floor, cuddle, look at eachother, smile and talk. Now we still cuddle all the time but we watch TV. She doesn't seem as happy as she used to. At first I was concerned that maybe she wasn't happy in the relationship but when I think about it, she want's me around as much as possible. I thought maybe a little space would help but she gets upset when I don't come around. Any ideas what to make of this behavior?
  20. I have been wondering if it is possible that someone is too much like you then is that a good thing or a bad thing? I met a nice girl, so far been on 5 dates in 2.5 weeks that I’ve known her. The funny thing her personality is EXACLY the same as me in every single respect. We are both ENTP (search Myer Briggs on the internet). both adventurers(engram), We both see the world in the same way, both are optimistic extraverts, both see spirituality in the same light, both like to independently investigate truth instead of taking it as face value, both courteous & polite, both generous, both are like cats when it comes to affection (purr, scratch me under the chin), both like a lot of exercise and healthy food, both have nearly identical childhood experiences, both have been in similar style of social groups, both love traveling and seeing the world, both value equality of men and woman etc , both have similar parents, her brother is just like my sister, she has the same occupation as my mother, both are entrepreneurs, both like strategy games (her favorite is chess, I think that’ll change once I teach her Go), both are creative inventors, both like dancing and skiing. The list goes on and on. Actually I can’t think of a single thing that is different about us (besides what’s between the legs). I’ve heard that it’s sometimes good to have some differences from your partner, and if you are exactly the same then people can get bored of each other etc. apparently it is good to have someone slightly different that will complement your characteristics. Has anyone ever had problems because their partner was too similar? i don't know how we handle disagreements as it's too early in the relationship and we haven't had a single topic that we've differed on, i guess how people can cope with inevitable differences and fights really effects the long term perspective of a relationship. Is there such thing as being too similar? Or is this a match made in heaven? While cuddling last night she said that she sees me as a mirror of her own soul and can grow from reflecting off me. That sounds very deep to me. She’s already made several similar comments in only the last 2.5 weeks that I’ve known her. I guess this is around the stage then people express all their emotions and where people make decisions if dating will turn into BF/GF etc. I have to admit I feel more comfortable around her than anyone I’ve ever been with. But I also know this is just the honeymoon stage of a relationship, so who knows what happens down the track. I just like making some predictions, if there is anything I need to keep my eyes open for to steer things in the right direction. I know this is just the honeymoon stage of a relationship, in the end a relationships success largely depends on people’s communications and how they deal with conflicts. As it’s only the honeymoon stage and we are so similar we haven’t had any conflicts yet, so I’ve got nothing to judge our conflict resolving capability until something comes up. What is everyone else’s experiences? Has anyone ever had problems because their partner was too similar? Or is this just a match made in heaven? Well, I guess I’ll go with the flow and keep seeing her as long as we enjoy it.
  21. This guy has liked me for over a year and is all gung-ho about dating me. We hung out for a few weeks...never kissed or anything. Last night we went out and I ended up staying at his place. (doh!) Oops. His friends say he is REALLY into me, but I am at the stage where I just don't know if I am ready to date. Sad thing is, this new guy is great! Timing just sucks! We were cuddling in his bed and I started to cry. (Yeah, you can tape "Loser" accross my forehead!) He asked if he did anything wrong, and of course he didn't. Bah. I wish I could just get over my ex already!!
  22. How many people spend a couple of weeks of sleeping in the same bed without sex, just cuddling and kissing and talking? how long did this period last for(naturally depends on the speed of progression of physical aspect of relationships)?
  23. I enjoy my relationship with Kay immensily, I mean she is really just a great and wonderful person, and I enjoy being with her, going out on dates with her and cuddling with her in bed. However, it seems like even though we're in a relationship, and we do help each other and support each other, and we'll do anything for each other, we'd somehow like to maintain our indepedence. I don't tell her what to do, and she doesn't tell me what to do, unless it interfears with our relationship or could cause problems with the relationship. Now keep in mind I'm not complaining, but I'm just wondering how this is even possible. I always thought that when you're in a relationship, you can't be independent and in a relationship too, you have to choose one or the other. What do you guys think?
  24. Well I'm kinda confused if she really likes me. We've been dating for about 3 weeks now and everything is going good so far. This girl is absolutely gorgeous in many ways especially her personality since she's very outgoing but sometimes too friendly. Me, her, and a couple of my friends hang out like almost everyday and right now we're in the "TALKING" zone. But we still hold hands, cuddle, and kiss. Is this too far even though we don't go out yet? We agreed on taking everything slow and I'm fine with that. I'm just confused because yesterday she said she went to see her ex before she saw me. The reason why she went to see him is to get her stuff back then she called me around 7 pm and we went to hang out just me and her. Now i just finished hanging out with her and its 11 pm and she told me her friends were going to pick her up. I don't know if she's really hanging out with her girlfriends and I don't want to assume things. I'm a very jealous guy but I'm not going to overreact over this because I might lose the chance with this amazing girl. What do you guys think she's up to? I have a feeling she asked one of her friends that are guys to hang out because she has alot of guy friends but either way i see her everyday and she's mostly with me
  25. I am new here, but I thought I would give this a try. I have dated a few guys but I have never really had a good happy long relationship, just a few short ones. Bear with me it is a long one but you might need the history behind it. Recently I met this guy online and he is older about 12 years older(39).I wasn't sure if age would be an issue but we had great chemisty on emails. We both agreed to take it slow. So after 2 weeks of emails we agreed to meet and go for coffee and if that went well we would go to dinner. So we met and then went to dinner. We were trying to figure out what to do after dinner and we could not come up with anything, then he suggested going back to his house but said "If your not comfortable with that, we can postpone it" So I said yeah let's postpone it" We then said goodbye and kissed and ended the date well. Then the next day he sent me an email telling me how he had a good time and how about dinner this week. Then asked me about something I said on our date about going back to his house. To which I told him I knew if we did, I know that we'd end up gaving sex and I wanted to take it slow and he agreed. So we arranged dinner for Saturday at his house so he would cook for me. So I agreed as I really like him and we have a great chemistry.When Saturday came and I went to his house for dinner. He was great. He had made me 2 CDs of a band he liked that I ended up liking. He bought me chocolates, we snuggled, kissed and he gave me a shoulder massage. After dinner. we were going to sit down and watch a movie, but we sort of started making out and well it sort of snowballed. We got very intimate and he was very focused on pleasing me, but the confusion started. He lost his erection twice. Which has never happened to me with a guy so Is that normal for guys at that age? Then I was thinking that I didn't want to please him to much as I thought we would end up having sex. But as of a sudden he finished on my chest. After I asked him maybe next time instead of cumming on me we could have sex and he said " I won't cum inside you, besides it's no fun with a condom" Then he got up and went to clean up as did I. I came back and laid back down on the blanket thinking we were going to cuddle but he came back and put on his boxers and a pair of track pants offered me a cup of tea. No cuddling. Then we sat on the couch (not cuddling but facing each other) talking to which he asked me some really weird questions such about the guy who I rent from do we hang out at each others places. What was I doing tomorrow and that he was going to be super busy working. At midnight, He said "It's past your bedtime and your starting to fall asleep" but didn't offer for me to stay and to me it seemed he didn't want me to stay, so I grabbed my stuff and he said don't forget your cds and chocolates. Then we kissed he put on my jacket and asked me which cd he was now supposed to make me? We kissed goodbye. Then I left. Thinking what the heck just happened here? Was I a booty call or not? So yesterday I didn't receive a call or email from him. So I wanted to ask him about it so I called him but I got the answering machine so I just left a message saying I had a good time and that if he wants to call me he knows the number. Well he didn't call but sent me and email this afternoon saying he had a nice time too and that he got back late and thought it would be too late to call (as he called me once before and I was sleeping) and he will be late again so he thought he would send me and email. He said he hopes my week is off to a good start and he will talk to me soon! So do should I talk to him about that? Am I getting the brush off here? Is he using me? or is he taking it slow? or am I even just crazy for thinking this. I do like him and I do want to persue this. Anyone have any insight here?
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