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  1. Well I go to school full time (university), he works five days a week. I don't have a car to go see him and he has a company truck that he doesn't like to use. I've told him countless times before that I feel neglected and he says that he's really busy during the week and gets really tired cus of work. We see each other during the weekend, sometimes only for about a day. Last night I went to visit him for an hour cus my roomate's bf had a volley-ball game and said if I could drop them off at the game, I could take his car to go see my bf. Other times I suggest taking the bus to go and see him and he says that he's really tired and that it would take too long to get there. So it's not like it's a horrible relationship, it's good. I guess it's just cus I'm curious about the other guy.
  2. Wow, um ok here we go. I'm fairly happy in my relationship right now. I love my bf, at least I think that's what it is but I sometimes feel neglected by him cus I don't get to see him as often as I would like. I do have feelings for the other guy because it was a very difficult time deciding which guy to be with. I really liked that guy but I had never fully gotten over my bf. So I picked my bf. And I talked to the other guy for the first time in 2 months on MSN and then saw him at a store, so that might have provoked the dream. The other guy and I have never been intimate, we went out of one date but we always kinda knew we liked each other during high school, we just never made a move. The other guy and I are more like acquaintances it seems now and he knows OF my bf, but doesn't really know him. I would never cheat on someone. It would be a horrible thing to do. But I have thought about it and I could never bring myself to do it. I guess I feel like I want to try the other guy but I don't want to lose my bf. (P.S. my current bf was my first bf.)
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    Currently, I have been with my bf for ten months and I love him dearly. He broke up with me and then wanted to get back together 7 months later, been together ever since. But before he came back I was seeing this guy (one of my good friends) that I really liked. But I picked my ex instead of this guy. About a week ago, I was thinking that maybe I made the wrong decision. I had a dream that this other guy put his arms around me and said, 'Thanks sweetie.' Cus I had done some favor for him in the dream. But I remember fearing that my bf would see that guy with his arms around me. Last night I had another dream where this other guy and I hugged and then got closer and closer and started caressing each other. This time, there was no feeling of fear that my bf would see. Even though he was present in both dreams. Is anybody an expert in dream analysis, or have any idea if this could mean something. Thanks
  4. I agree with Scout. Bob sounds like an *ss. This situation is so complicated, and I'm not sure what advice to give you or if I can give any. I just wish you all the luck in the world with the inmate's case, I hope he really is proven innocent. Bob definitely was a mean person, didn't sound as if he treated you right, I think you did a good thing in ending it with him. I don't know if dating sites and ads are the best way to meet someone. Try to go out with friends to a bar or something, or get your friends to introduce you to their other guy friends. I think that would be ideal because your friends know those guys and what kind of ppl they are. Not like on those sites where you can lie so easily. Good luck!
  5. Right when I started reading your post, I found a flaw. You're keeping in contact with an ex very soon after a break up. That's a mistake right there. I know that you don't want to seem harsh but if you're not over this guy, if you still think about him all the time, then it's not good to see him as much as you do. I understand that he lives really close to you but that's no excuse. The next time he comes over alone, try to sit and talk to him, tell him that it really hurts you to see him move on so quickly and you still want to be friends, but you can't so soon after the break up. Tell him you need some time to heal before being friends with him again. If you're so important to him, he'll be able to wait. As for him going out with this new girl and saying he wants to marry her, it's so odd. Either she is a rebound and it won't last very long, or he was never really that into you and he does really like this girl. But it sounds to me like it's a rebound and saying you wanna marry someone when you just met them is kinda crazy. Good luck!"
  6. This is a question for couples who are in long term relationships, that are at least six months along. I want to ask if any of you ever have doubts about the relationship. If you ever doubt that you could spend the rest of your life with this specific guy/girl. I've only ever been with one guy and sometimes I want to explore.
  7. There's nothing we can really tell you that will convince you to get back together with her. Just take some time to think about it, don't let it consume your life though. Just think, would you be happier with her, or with someone else?
  8. Hey, I have written in here about the same topic a lot but it's just because it's a very on and off feeling with me. I've been with my bf for 10 months, I love him, or at least I think it's love and sometimes I feel neglected by him, sometimes and sometimes he just pisses me right off. He won't sleep over at my apartment because he's more comfortable at his apt so that means I normally only see him on weekends. Makes me mad. Ten months ago, I had to pick between my current bf (guy 1) and this other guy (guy 2) who I have been friends with for about four years. It was the most difficult choice of my life and I still question my motives sometimes when I talk to my friend (guy 2). He still has feelings for me and I'm really sorry for hurting. If you want the whole story, try and make sense of my other posts. Sometimes I just want to be single so I can flirt and explore to my heart's content. It's especially hard today for some reason, usually I manage to keep that feeling down but... I don't know. Has anyone ever felt like this? Am I being so selfish by wanting a bit of both guys? Just shed some light, help me understand why I keep wanting a bit of the other guy, a little taste of what it might have been like had I picked guy 2.
  9. I'm not really sure but you could try kissing him on the neck first, see how he likes it. Then, another time, when you're talking online or text message or on the phone, ask him if he liked it. Maybe he'll get the hint. If he doesn't, just flat out ask him to.
  10. Ok guys and girls, this one is kinda complicated. So I dated this guy 1 last year for three months, it was my first relationship and it was really really hard when he broke up with me for reasons that I either didn't understand or didn't want to understand. I was having a really hard time dealing with the situation and would spend most days crying by myself wondering why and all that, we have all been through it. So I was finally starting to get over guy 1 (about 7 months after break-up) when me and guy 2 went on a date. Guy 2 and I had been really good friends for about three or four years. I had liked him in high school and I think he had liked me too. So finally we went out on a double date with two of my friends. He got up the courage to ask me to be his grad escort, I said yes and I knew that he had been planning on asking me for a while. So everything went fine, watched the movie said goodnight and that was it. But I was having doubts about my feelings for him, I wasn't sure that I could see myself being with this guy as bf and gf, just because he's more of a friend you like to tease and teases back. That Monday though, I find out that guy 1 wanted to talk to me, he wanted to get back together with me. But first he said he just wanted to talk to me and see how I reacted to his feelings. I was in shock. After 7 months of being depressed and mourning his departure, I couldn't just turn my back on talking to him. So I talked to him and a couple weeks later, we got back together. As this was going on, I kept guy 2 informed because I didn't want to just leave him out of it, I felt he had to know what was going on. I did go to his graduation in June (2months into relationship with guy1) with him and everything went well, except you could tell he liked me, always sitting next to me, dancing with me, etc... So here I am, ten months later, I'm still with guy 1 and things are going well, I love him and he feels the same. The only thing is now guy 2 and I's relationship is crap. We don't talk like we used to and I know it was awkward and all for him but I really miss his friendship. Yesterday I started talking to him after 2 months of silence. It went well, we had plenty to talk about but I could tell he was different. I talked to his cousin and he seems to also think that guy 2 is not over me, after almost a year. AND we only went out once. This is what I was afraid of, losing a dear friend. My question is how can I get him to open up to me more, how can I help him get over me and why is it taking his so long? P.S. Guy 2 has still never had a gf and I'm scared that I have ruined it for him.
  11. I've been on a diet for a few weeks and I have lost about 7 pounds. I eat pretty much whatever I want, but I do limit myself to 1500 calories a day. I'm not starving myself and it feels right for me. I don't eat a lot of meat and I was wondering if protein shakes would be good for my diet? Do they do any harm to the body? Just would like to know about them.
  12. Ask her out again. I know you're scared of her reaction but you can't win unless you try. If this girl is so important to you, go for it! On your next date, try to touch her hand, show her that you want to be around her, meet her eye when you talk to her. Respond to the stories she has. Maybe get her some flowers at the beginning of the date, or even better, the day of your date, send her flowers through a carrier. That would be awesome! Good luck!
  13. AWESOME!!! That's a great idea! Thanks!
  14. That dinner thing sounds nice. But maybe I could take him out instead, cus on Valentine's Day he works and I have class all day, so I wouldn't have time to cook. And the max I'm willing to spend would be 100$. I was just thinking along the lines of a teddy bear, or something like that.
  15. You just gotta figure out what's more important to you. Being with her? Or being free? If it's with her you want to be, and you can't imagine living your life without her, then it's an obvious choice. If it's a long distance relationship you shouldn't really feel obligated to tell her everything you're doing when you do it. If one night you want to go out with friends, text her saying that you'll call her tomorrow or later that night cus you're going out. Good luck!
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