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  1. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over a year and a half now. He’s a really sweet guy, and he’s never done anything wrong. But over the course of our relationship he’s seemed to stop being as verbally and physically affectionate to the point where I don’t think he’s ever complimented me or initiated a hug/kiss in 1 year. He also is extremely busy with work and his education so we talk a lot less now. I’ve been giving him a lot of space as he’s someone who likes his alone times. But It’s getting to a point where I am not as satisfied with my relationship. I’ve brought this up with him an
  2. Hi all, I will try and keep this short as possible. As some of you may have read before I’ve been having some issues with my marriage, mainly intimacy issues. Through one thing or another we are both giving it time but there is still zero intimacy between us, nothing at all. No kissing, cuddling, not even holding hands as this is my wife’s request and I’m trying to respect her wishes. Me on the other hand, I’m trying my best and being patient although I am still very attracted to my wife in every way but I’m finding other ways to channel my urges and it works some of the time other times
  3. Hi folks. I have been "dating" a man from high school for 6 months. I'm in my mid-fifties. In that time we have spent ALOT of time together because we have similar interests. I have grown to love him and I tell him often. He tells me that he loves me too. The relationship is progressing at a very slow pace which is ok but he seldom shows any affection towards me. I want to kiss him he pulls away. If I touch him in a way that could lead to intimacy he questions my motives and pulls away. He won't let me touch him! He seldom touches me. When I question him about it he twists things in such a way
  4. Hi all And I can understand why you are thinking “YES PHONE SEX IS CHEATING” But hear me out I have been in a long distance relationship for 7 years, I have been loyal to the core to my boyfriend now fiancé. I don’t club, or go to bars or even have many guys friends I never put myself in situations where I flirt or do anything to harm the sanctity of our relationship However my fiancé has never been emotionally or physically present, or available to my needs. Not once in our 7 years has he given me any physical pleasure in the bedroom and I haven’t complained once about it- yet
  5. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 months now but I still don’t feel like I’m in love or falling in love with my boyfriend. Our conversations don’t go very deep it’s usually just about family and friends and their lives. I love having deep conversations and I want to be able to talk to the person until the cows come home. The thing is the guy is such a decent guy and he will do anything for me. He even took me to Paris for my birthday, he holds the car door open for me and is such a gentleman but I just can’t bring myself to love him. Our relationship also lacks intimacy..I don’t want to hurt h
  6. So me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year now and we get along pretty well, but she’s been getting these sadness streaks and when I ask her about them she says it’s because we don’t have enough intimacy in our relationship. While I’ve tried to fix this problem she’s right and we do have a intimacy problem. Well the other night she got a new phone and she left her old one on the dresser and I saw it going off with a message from a man she works with. While I wouldn’t normally pry it was around 1 am and that bothered me. So I pick up her phone and look at the message and the previous m
  7. Hi all, I’m 25(M) and she is 24(F). To cut to the chase, I dated a girl for about 13 months. During this time, we developed a deep love and care for each other, but ultimately ended things *somewhat* mutually (I initiated it) predominately due to the fact that she refused to open up with me and connect as she was afraid to (both because of her holding on to and amplifying our past conflicts, in addition to her overall announcing that she has commitment issues). She still cares for me very much, and vice versa as does her whole family. I have ALWAYS blocked my exes on everything, but in this
  8. Hello! I am 21 right now, soon turning 22. I have been dating this guy almost a year, but things have been bad lately. What I mean by lately–almost 6 months. At the beginning it was great as always, I was madly in love, he treated me and cared for me. Made breakfast, cuddled with me in the mornings, also he was very happy and positive. But now, I don't even recognize him. Our relationship is night and day when comparing to the beginning. He is being mean to me, criticizing almost everything I do. He never cuddles with me, instead he is on his phone the whole morning. Also, I feel that
  9. My live in boyfriend and I have been together for four years. We have two boys together ages 3 and 1.5 who both have special needs. My bf and I used to be so in love with each other. He was my best friend. Over time things have changed and we now live two very separate lives with lots of secrets. We’ve broken up more times than I can count with the longest being two weeks. I truly do love him but I also recognize that he’s not the person I fell in love with and I can’t stop longing for the person he once was. He has told me on numerous occasions that that person is gone and never coming back.
  10. This is more of rant/acceptance of my relationship situation. I been in a toxic relationship for a while, and I was kind of aware of it, but too stubborn and afraid to walk out of it. I (F, 30s) been married for 5 years, this was the first serious relationship I had and we have known each other for a long time. The mistake was I went into this marriage without really knowing what I want, I did it because of love. I have childhood trauma, a bit of low self esteem and an introvert, but I didn't want any of those to impact me. I'm generally a positive person, I guess that's what attracted my
  11. Greetings Enotaloners, It's been a little while since I sought advice here. In my usual style, this will likely be long and rambling. Also, a warning, this post is at times frank and explicit. My girlfriend and I moved in together two weeks ago after just shy of a year of dating. While it hasn't been the smoothest transition, with some pre-existing issues around communication being amplified in the process of moving and intergrating our lives, I believe we have settled down a bit and we are slowly getting into the groove. However, I am experiencing a sudden loss of sex drive following a
  12. Hello all, I am a 29-year-old girl currently living in Italy. I have been dating this guy for more than 2 months and he invited to a family lunch with parents and grandparent in his city which was very far from ours. He is so nice and all but the problem is I think he is going so fast and I can't keep up with his pace. I have this feeling if he gets tired of me soon and I have some intimacy issue because of my constant fear of getting dumped, as a result, I am always the first one who breaks up and this time is the same. but he looks so nice and charming. despite all these facts, I have hea
  13. So, first timer here. Not even sure if this is an appropriate place to post thoughts and feelings around lack of Intimacy in my marriage but had to try because I'm feeling so hopeless lately. Been together with my husband six years married five and for the first year or two was great then things completely changed. Not so much complaining about the lack of sex per se, although I miss it terribly, but the lack of intimacy is slowly killing me. I am a naturally a very affectionate person. I'm a giver in many and all ways and although my husband is completely aware of my sadness he does little to
  14. Hi there, posting because something's up with me, after a devastating few years of emotional abuse and toxic workplace I have moved on and begun to meet nice people again at work and out of work But I'm aware of a fear of letting them get close to me, hoping it'll get easier with practice I feel uncomfortable when people around me are loose, relaxed and having fun, feel like I'd prefer them to be unfriendly, aloof and formal, I feel uncomfortable when people are fooling around and want me to join in I guess it'll get easier with time.... I had become accustomed to not trusting people and k
  15. I have been in contact with a girl for around 6 months and met her 1 month ago as friends. It's incredible how many things we have in common and how well we get along, although we come from two different worlds. So far we have spent 10 full days together traveling (including nights in separate rooms). We now speak to each other almost every day and she finds time to hang out with me almost every chance she gets, while also going out of her way to create these sometimes. I'm infatuated with her, but have trouble identifying if she is interested in me due to the points below. Since I have never
  16. I've been cohabitating with my partner for about 2.5 years now. We only started living together because i carried our unplanned child but decided this was it. After 8 months of dating, we moved in together. In all honesty, i didn't really know if i truly loved the guy i ended up with. All i knew was he had a good heart and was pretty real compared to all the guys i dates. Not the most romantic or sweetest but he'll tell me everything with no white lies. So from there we moved forward, now we have a 16 month toddler now and of course having a kid, that's where all my attention is at. Baby dad h
  17. Has anybody ever got back with an ex where both acknowledge a bf/gf relationship which would be complete except lacks sexual intimacy?
  18. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now and we have sex every month or two (lol) the issue is we both live at home with our parents. I may be 23 but i will never be able to have a boy in my room. We both have good paying jobs but where we are from its so expensive to rent a place. Most of our friends still live at home its commen in my county. The lack of sex is really becoming a problem. I always fantasize about the sex with my ex and how good it was and miss that intimacy in my life. The odd time we do have sex its akward to say the least. Because so much of our relationship is
  19. I'm dating a man long distance. For the past year we've talked on the phone/Face Timed every single day. January we finally met, then again in June and again last week. It's been nice and we actually go out on dates and have deep conversations about our lives and pasts. In other words, we have emotional intimacy. Of course there is physical intimacy and during our visit last week he said he loved me for the first time....during sex. I responded that I loved him too (which is true; I just didn't want to say it first LOL). When I was leaving him a few days later to return home, we hugged and exc
  20. I've been in a committed relationship with my partner for 3 years now, and am meer weeks away from giving birth to our first baby. However I have begun to notice that I become really uncomfortable in moments that should make me feel loved and connected. I shy away from his gazes, I can't look him in the eye without feeling totally insecure. In moments when he is trying to be gentle and loving I begin to feel anxious and cut him short. During sex it is most noticeable for me, I can't look at him incase he is watching me. I feel awkward and ugly - I can't stop thinking about the imperfe
  21. My bf and I share a bed. I feel like our biggest problem is with physical intimacy. I have a much higher sex drive than him but also I'd be okay with just cuddling for a little while before going to sleep. Sometimes he is in the mood but most nights he just wants to lay down and go to sleep. He doesn't like the be touched when he's trying to fall asleep. He is a light sleeper so sounds and things will keep him awake and sometimes he has stomach issues from eating too much before bed, etc. Sometimes he's just in a bad mood (which also ruins it). I have a difficult time trying not to take it per
  22. So I was dating this guy for much of 2019 and it was a bit rocky for some of it. At our best we were great, but then there was a lot of mixed messages, uncertainty, and confusion that marred the relationship. I felt him holding back and while I wasn’t holding back in the beginning I too begin to withdraw just out of self-protection. We were never committed, never clear on exclusivity, and eventually it felt like we were stuck on the tarmac. I felt unwanted, understandably, and come fall I was working to get in a place where I just accepted the unknowns of our relationship while focusing on sel
  23. I am a 46 year old lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been together for 9 months now. Things have been going great these last few months. Communication is great, we have a lot of fun, the chemistry is amazing, she is my best friend. We both have had a good amount of relationships and looking to settle down eventually. Recently, my air conditioner broke and as a result, have been staying with her for the last 10 days which is the most we've ever stayed with each other. While things were fun the first few days I noticed some subtle changes in routine/behavior. For example, she is less "to
  24. I've been seeing someone younger than me for a few months now. It's been going great, and I love spending time with her, but due to finances I had to move home. She lives at home too, so finding time alone has been really difficult. We've rented out hotel rooms, and they've been a life-saver, but the lack of intimacy has been causing a strain. She has told me that while frustrating, she understands that its just a case of poor timing. That being said, it is becoming an issue. I'm in the process of finding a new place to live, but I guess I'm just worried that there's already been some
  25. My girlfriend and I have been dating over a year. During that time it's been the happiest I've ever been and the best relationship I've ever been in. However, due to certain restrictions in the past I grew up essentially always masturbating pretty frequently. I'm not sure if it's just that I have a high sex drive or if it's that I just always found some sort of rebellious comfort in it and haven't been able to get away from it (grew up in a very christian household which I did not believe in). Normally our sex life is fine however there are times where I'm unable to orgasm fully with her.
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