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  1. multiple male orgasms are posible, takes a lot of practice and persistance though. look up kegel exercises in google.
  2. he likes to talk to his friends (mostly women or guys like him) who seem to always have drama or problems or who are unhappy with their lives. I am not like that. Yes, there are things that could be improved ( including my BF), but why harp on them???Life is way too short. i can really relate to you on this and am totaly on your side, i hate pointless conversations, they bore me to no end. i would much rather just cuddle on the couch with my SO then have a pointless conversation just to fill in the dead time. i remember listening to her talk and wondering to myself if it is ever going to end, i started zoning out while she was talking (and it never really mattered) as long as you talk about your feelings and are open and honest with him you shouldnt be forced to converce about subjects that dont intrest you. I think the question you should be asking your self right now is does HE intrest you. as a person, do you have a lot in common? do you have good conversations with him on a regular basis? or are these kinds of conversations a pretty constant thing? you two might not be compatible, i think thats something you should consider. you strike me as very frustrated.
  3. if i where you i would pack all her stuff, rent a locker or a storage unit and put it there, when she finally wants it back just give her the key, you cant be responsible for her belongings and i am sure seeing her stuff around the house isnt making this easier on you. all i can say is you did the right thing. i think the biggest thing is not to forget the lessons you have learned from this relashonship. specificaly the lessons about yourself.
  4. you need to move on with your life, dont let his uncertinty drag you through the mud. be strong and walk away, if he ever comes running back to you deal with it when it happens, dont spend your time with "what ifs". that will cause a great deal of stress and grief on your part.
  5. you are over analyzing and over thinking. i went on a dating site a week after my current brake up for no reason other then to get my self esteem up and remind myself that i can get girls if i only try. there could be a million reasons why he did it and i think your putting way to much stock into it. now is the time for you to look after yourself. Edit - bottom line is whatever reason he has for going on there isn't relevant. its his business. you are broken up now and you need to take care of yourself.
  6. i have never been used for sex, and have never used another person for sex, i had "meaningless" sex twice and both sides where very much aware that it was going no where past sex.
  7. no, i am not saying its right, i am not saying i approve of it and i am not saying its legitimate. all i am saying is it isn't relevant to the discussion of weather or not women should be jealous of a guy watching porn. it does carry weight if you where discussing the legitimacy of the industry, but that's not what this topic is about. there are many reasons a guy watches porn and masturbates, if your in a long term relationship i am pretty sure your SO has masturbated several times and unless you really have a lot of sex probably does it on a pretty regular basis. even if i was having sex 4 times a week the chance of masturbation is still there, its about the release of a physical urge, pure and simple. there is no hidden agenda. being a horny as a guy is physically bothersome, its really not fun, and a quick self pleasuring session usually just takes the edge off. a lot of guys will often masturbate when they believe they are going to get some to get the "quick one" outta the way. most guys masturbate before dates..... its nothing against women, its just a way for us to keep our hormones and desires in check. guy use porn as stimulation for jerking off, i wouldn't mind if my SO stripped for me instead but... a women being jealous of a guy watching porn is like a guy being jealous of a women's vibrator. Edit - and yes, that happens sometimes to, but is very unjustified if you ask me, sadly enough i am physically incapable of doing what a vibrator does Edit2 - i think any guy who is secure in their sexuality and in a caring open relationship wouldn't mind if his girl masturbated to porn as long as he was getting his fair share of the action. if a guy could replace every time he masturbates with some fun with his SO i am willing to put money on the fact that they would masturbate a lot less often.
  8. i dont know how old you are but debate classes might do you a lot of good. if you are over school age then you could probebly find a coach and there most likly are some adult programs.
  9. I agree with you. But the more people you are in contact with in a situation which could lead to flirtation, etc ..., the more likely you are to meet one that you would have a "connection" to. And since cheating seems to me to be all about resisting temptation (since most people will at some time or other be tempted and have to choose how they will respond), it makes sense to be that the more you are tempted, the more the chances that you will give in to temptation increase. i could say the complete opposite and it would be just as correct as what you said. the more someone is prone to cheating the more said person will "end up" in situations that are "just hard to say no to" i do not believe there is such a thing as "cheating due to circumstances". people cheat because they want to cheat, if someone didn't want to do it they wouldn't, and no amount of temptation could affect that.
  10. this might seem a bit harsh but while they didn't choose to be molested they did choose to work in porn, weather or not their childhood affected that or not is besides the point in my opinion. in my opinion a person who get jealous of porn is just showing their own insecurity. if someone was in a good healthy relationship i don't think watching porn or not watching porn would ever become an issue.
  11. prolongs it. makes it much easier to day dream and say "what ifs". you basically lie to yourself about going NC
  12. i think internet defanently makes things tougher, i wish i didnt have access to all her muzings at the touch of a button, it is much harder to stop yourself from going over a public web page in your own private time then it is to contact another living person.
  13. people create the opportunities they have in life, they dont just blind side you on a sunday morning.
  14. your not selfish, that guy is completely insane, you did the right thing.
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