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  1. I want to tell you magical words that will make it better but I don't think I can. But please hang on and one day you will snap out of it. Believe that.
  2. Yes. It's sick but when you find out information and you ask point blank your testing that person. You seeing if you can trust them. To tell you the truth think about it this way. You checked his email, you confonted him, he told the truth that he had, I'm betting you would feel more trust in him then before. He maybe lying about other things, not saying he is but he could be. You have to have trust or it's all down hill.
  3. Bah I think it's silly. What ever happened to the good old days. You find someone around the age of 17-19 have a few kids and die in an unhappy but you don't know any better life lol jk I don't mean it.
  4. That's awsome and as I have lived it to. Completely Fact!
  5. This isn't going to make you feel better but the best way to get him to even consider coming back would to be leave it alone. Don't contact him. I seriously thought the only way I could get the man I loved back in my life was some how show him/say to him/be with him and he will remember how good it was to love me. It doesn't work. I'm not saying he is going to come back but the longer you ignore him the more it will give him a chance to think of you. And heck in the meantime of n/c you will feel horrible but that's when you find things to do. I hope this helps a bit
  6. I guess it's better to have an ex be mean then nice to you. I mean when there is niceness you feel more of the need for that attention compared to when they are total jerks lol
  7. It's true. You don't forget your ex's but it's easy to get into the thought process that if you go away and maintain n/c that they will forget you. It just doesn't work that way. You are more likely to remember someone after you haven't spoken to them for a while then if they are always around.
  8. What Beec said is perfect. I never really had experianced that unitl recently and it's extremely true. And it's important to get out because is that really love? I wasted 4 months walking on egg shells, saying sorry for things I shouldn't have to, overreacting over silly things because I was afraid I wasn't going to get the high. I wonder why people do that to other people?
  9. I've always been told that's the first sign of something of a bigger problem. If he activily get's help and see's someone about it I would give him the chance but on the whole for him to become that angry over a small issue like that is something to watch for. He is messed up and if he doesn't un mess himself I would end this. HE SHOULD NEVER GET IN YOUR FACE!!! that's a huge huge no no. Remember that.
  10. It's not for many people and I for one would not want to be responsible for bring a child into this world who ever felt alone or as desperate or wanted to end their life like I did. But then I look at my family and I look at my parents. The older I get the more I want children. Life is a gift no matter how horrible a nightmare it maybe and if I can give it I think I would
  11. I don't think you are healed yet enough to communicate. You may think you miss her as a friend but the statment "I miss just having her there as a friend. If I wait too long I'm afraid she might forget about me and move on with another guy" is not just a friend statment
  12. Yes I guess in my case to it's the control fact. I don't want to see my ex once they reach that status and I fear running into them.
  13. What's the hardest thing for you when it comes to n/c
  14. You know it happens. It acutally happens. It's scary. You go through a period thinking you will have to live with that pain for the rest of your life and you will never be able to forget and then you find you start to and eventually things don't hurt, memories don't hurt and no matter how long it does take it happens. lol I never believed it unitl it acutally happened
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