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  1. Lol interesting post but i love it i am not sure y but it really does turn me on - i must have been a bad bad girl in a past life (or this one lol)
  2. I loved it would you mind if i printed it and put it on my wall? It's like i could have written it except i am the worst poet in the world and that was brilliant. Thanks made be laugh xxx
  3. No I wouldn't send that email it is very full on. you could email her to say thanks and maybe see if she wanted to do it again sometime, but that essay might scare her off?! just my opinion. i wish u luck tho.
  4. good for sounds like a good plan and that you are going to be just fine. good luck
  5. I just wanted to write a happy one to make a change. This morning i woke up to this text msg "nothing is as much fun without u. i love u ______ and i want to be with u until even the stars go out. If u'll have me." Didn't think i was was a soppy romantic turns out yes yes i am. I am very happy and in love and even if it goes bad in the future i am grateful because he makes me happier than i ever thought i would be. He puts up with me when i am being all stressy and shouldn't be taking it out on him. He always calls when he says he will and he always seems to want to speak to me. Even though sometimes i have an issue trusting people not to leave i trust him. I was never really looking for this but i am so happy he called me and i said yes. and now its been 7 months almost and we're together and happy. Not sure why i needed to post this this morning but i was feeling so. so i had to share it with some one. Its cool you can go vomit now lol way to much happiness for one message
  6. Every1 does stupid drunk things they later think really shouldn't have done. I wouldn't worry about it every1 does stupid things it adds to your life story cos you wouldn't want it to be dull. Don't worry about your ex and his brother is a big spoon and so it only matters how u feel. Good luck i hope u move on and find happiness
  7. Why are you asking us? ask. her. out. Do it now. Right now. lol. She is totally giving u all the signs maybe next time u see her suggest meeting up without the cousin and get her no. you'll kick yourself if u don't. Good luck hun let us know if u do it
  8. i don't know. Every situation is different i'd say get on with your life without him don't sit around waiting for him. however i met this gorgeous guy about 3 weeks before i went off to thailand for a year but i think maybe we weren't as serious as u 2. saw it more as a bit of fun anyways we didn't keep in touch while i was away and we both saw different people. to be honest i think it was the best thing not to keep in touch because it would have been to hard i don't think it would have lasted to many distractions and 3 week relationship then not to see each other for a year is a bit hard going. but then he called me when i got back and we went out for coffee and 7 months later we're still together so it could work but i'd definitely say don't wait for him you could be wasting your time.
  9. Nah an ex would make life more differcult you broke up with them for a reason and going back even if just for sex will probably make ur life even more differcult. i'd say rebounding with a stranger would be easier and more fun as long as they no that is what they are - a rebound.
  10. No. Just no. Always be you. If they don't want you for everthing u r then you don't need them. Easier said than done but why be with someone who doesn't want the u, u really are?
  11. hun you have been through the mill haven't you. Easier said than done but i think your better off without, if not now you will be in the future. And if she does come wanting you back and u decide to i think you should make serious changes and talk to her about this, possibly show her this, it's cutting but she might need to see it in black and white. But you sound lovely and to use an old cliche there are other fish in the sea. Good luck xxxx
  12. It's a sweet gesture and she shouldn't get mad. However a couple of years ago a mate of mine gave me a rose, we were good mates i used to sit next to him in history and we always had a laugh i thought he was a really nice guy admitatedly looking back should have seen the signs but was totally unaware that he liked me that way so after class he gave it to me in front of everyone i am sorry to admit it i froze mubbled its so sweet thank you loads of times i told him i had a prearranged meeting which wasn't a lie but i was grateful and i left smartly. He came in to work to ask me out like two days later and i said the dreaded words i think we should just stay mates it was weird for a while but in a way i am glad cos it allowed him to move on and didn't ruin our friendship. I still think if u don;t know how she feels don't tell her you like her so publicly. i say get a card that says i think ur awesome no L word cos that's full on or friendship cos u want more and write do you want to go out sometime? Whatever u decide let us know how it goes and good luck x
  13. Yeah i agree with all of the above telling someone you love them is hard its like leaving yourself emotionally naked and vunerable. Think about it it took u four months to say it and then 15 mins of silence and then you whispered it so it was hard for you so it must be differcult for him too. I am all for spontaniousness like isabella said i told by boyfriend by accident before i'd even admitted it to myself sometimes it takes awhile for your brain to interpret love maybe he needs a chance to realise i wonder if you can say i love u too much does it become a cliche? actions are far more important does he act like he loves u?
  14. My boyfriend and i have been talking about having a threesome with a girl (as he is not comfortable with a guy thinks its a bit gay lol also not sure he'd like to see me with a guy), for a while now and i am totally up for it although i want us to find somehow a random so not one of his mates or mine so i am not sure how i am going to do it tho that's not the point. Just wondering if it is a good idea to put fantasy into reality? I am not the jealous type so i don't see that as a problem as i feel confident within our relationship. Does any1 have any good or bad experiences that they wouldn't mind sharing with me. Thanks
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