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  1. I agree with april15. Come clean to those you lied too and let the know that you are sorry (say the phrase, "sorry, I lied and am working on becoming a better person."). Saying sorry begins the process of repairing their egos and then you being honest over the long haul rebuilds your credibility. Good luck.
  2. I personally don't think he's playing games, it seems more his personality type. When he's the first one to show up when you were in a car accident, what does that tell you? That tells you he cares. He need not say it. He might not want you as his girlfriend right now and that's okay. If you can't handle only dating him for now, cut contact and let him know you can't handle it.
  3. I agree with Moontiger on this one. Those 24 units will link removed according to much of the research studies. I know right now you're trying to take it a moment at a time or a day at a time but the big picture is what matters most. Get a night job, get a bigger college loan - do whatever it takes to finish.
  4. No matter how well you get along with her outside of the bedroom, the bedroom and her issues are going to become yours if they don't get resolved. IMO, something possibly may have happened in her past which traumatized her. It's not normal for a 25 year old woman in a relatively new relationship to have only had sex twice in 5 months. The question becomes, can you either get her help or figure out how to approach this with her delicately OR just leave her altogether?
  5. Nobody is too busy for a relationship or dating. Even a Dr. We make time for things that we value. Take her up on coffee date and make a move (kiss), if her body language is positive during the date. If she turns the kiss down, keep hunting.
  6. Establish some form of independence. This means finding and participating in activities outside of your relationship. It could be taking a class, joining some sort of club, or volunteering your time. Whatever you choose, do it regularly and get deeply involved. Exercise your body on a regular basis. Get into a routine or if you already workout, change up your current routine. This will also help curb your depression. To assist in containing your every thought, establish a journal that's private and never show anyone. This will help get thoughts out of your head and help you think with
  7. Ultimately, each person is responsible for their own happiness. Follow your passion, your goals and work toward achieving them. If your partner isn't supportive of your goals, you need to move forward with your life. One day, you will look back and perhaps despise him, if he's still around. Healthy relationships don't involve ultimatums. If he wants a stay-at-home wife, he can find one. You seem to have other goals, which he should support. If he doesn't support you having a career and progressing it, reconsider whether he's the right person for you.
  8. A. It makes him feel excited and perhaps he's reminiscent of the relationship you once had. He's also sexually attracted to you. B. He's getting excitement and some sort of sexual fulfillment. C. Yes and no. Every person in this world is different. He may respect you and like you as a person but he'll always be attracted to you.
  9. To answer your question, there is a time in which a person's interest in someone else peaks. In the grand scheme of things, interest increases and decreases (imagine looking at a chart, like the stock market) based on how you make her feel. I agree with mhowe in that you should ask her while you know she has interest and vice versa.
  10. You have a mature outlook on the situation. Once the competition is over, gauge how she feels about competing again without blatantly asking. Is this perhaps something she needs to just "get out of her system" or has it become a self-absorbed addiction? It sounds like she can't go into something like this without full dedication, so if she wants to continue this after this competition, you'll need to let her know that you're interested in having a full-time relationship and that it just can't happen with this choice of lifestyle. That's a talk for down the road though. For now, I would wa
  11. If you want a relationship with her, that would begin with building a foundation aka friendship. What do you have in common besides hooking up? Women don't typically decide whether or not they like a guy based on sexual performance. My guess is some of what mhowe said above and perhaps she just doesn't find that much in common with you. If something is wrong, she doesn't have to tell you anything - she already has via her actions. No need to demand or ask for specifics - this is a game and should be played as such - either figure out how to get her to want you or accept that her interest
  12. I think most missed the point here. The point is not the fetish but rather the interaction with other women (and men/she-males). What he's doing is going from an observer, to someone who is communicating/interacting with those people whose feet he finds sexually appealing. I would address the part where he's crossing lines and going from merely a "fan" to someone actually seeking attention and maybe more. He also should be made aware that everything he's doing is public and that his mom, his employer, and his best friends could all easily observe his behavior. As for restoring things
  13. To make things official, you need to log all incidents with details and submit a formal complaint to your human resources department. You also need to regularly keep them informed on the situation. There are laws that protect employees, no matter how big or small your company is. If you don't want to go through the formal complaint process, start putting your energy into finding a new job. Either way, the current situation poses a threat to your health and long-term well-being. Just keep in mind that it's a system and you need to learn how to use it to your advantage - in your case, get
  14. Once you move out, you're going to need to cut contact with him as far as communication goes. I understand he'll want to visit his daughter but it's what way it goes until you heal up from the situation. Even though Angel is your cousin, you should limit talking to him and find a more neutral person or just post on the forum. It's good to have a friend to talk to, whose on your side and will just listen. In this case, he's your exes best friend so cut the talks with him. Lastly, do whatever it takes to gather strength to move forward with your daughter. It's fine and completely normal t
  15. Things seemed to have went well. It's okay to not always give her attention, or at least your full attention and see how she reacts. You did most things textbook, IMO - you showed interest in her and got her to talk about herself, kept it short, and read her body language. You shouldn't feel like you have to ask her out this particular weekend because you have her number too - it's not like she won't be around. I would wait on the 2 hour trip, save that for down the road. Make the next date another simple one - could be a dinner or activity date. I would avoid movies if you're really
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