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  1. Pretty impressive. I'm no expert in poetry but that's well thought-out.
  2. Your story is written in a very vivid way which reveals just how bad and awful it is to be anorexic. It's a disturbing but awakening story. You did a good job with the grim details.
  3. Very expressive and clearly written. I don't want to say I like the poem because it's violently realistic but you did a really good job with it.
  4. 1. If relationship is 2. Photo of you and sig. other in a picture frame. Small box of chocolates. 3. Something personal that requires intimate knowledge to prove you're listening to him/her.
  5. I think you should tell yourself, "I will worry about this after my job interview. For now, I will focus on what's coming up first, which is my interview. Afterwards, I'll deal with the ex but not until I'm done with my interview." It's okay to delay worrying about something and in this case, it would be best that you do so that you can better focus. If that doesn't work, go for a walk or run. Do something to put your mind elsewhere. Good luck.
  6. Do this face to face. Also, pay attention to her body langauge throughout. Like Day_Walker advised, get her number (if you don't already have it) and suggest that you two hang out. Suggest, not ask. Example of suggesting vs. asking: Suggestion: Let's hang out this weekend Asking: Will you go out with me this weekend? One is confident, the other is seeking approval.
  7. So you knowing his passwords prevents him from cheating? Does checking up on him make you feel more secure?
  8. Okay, thinking back when I was 15 I was involved in sports and not women. I didn't even have a girlfriend until the end of my senior year of high school. But if I did when I was 15, then I might take her somewhere after school. For you, it could be picking up food to go then take her out on a picnic in the middle of the desert. If you live in the Phoenix area, there's a 60% chance of rain that day so take that into consideration. Other ideas include getting her a box of chocolate and giving it to her in front of her friends. Anything that would make her feel special.
  9. Instead of checking his emails, check out Clink removed or other employment website. It's probably not a good idea to work for your boyfriend because your employment would be dependent on your relationship. And stay out of his stuff. Keep busy doing other things. If you don't think you can, send him an anonymous email stating "you should change all of your passwords. You don't know me, but your passwords have been compromised."
  10. Tao, I think you can make it through this and you've got a few options of accomplishing this. Your first goal should be to get out of your parents house. If you have to work 2 or even 3 jobs, do it. Get a night job and deprive yourself from sleep for a few months - it's worth it in this case. There's no need for you to be living with abusive people who don't give a crap about your psychological health. Meanwhile if you can, help yourself. You can post here, link removed, or join the link removed. These are a couple of great resources for sexual abuse survivors. I know it's not easy and it never will be. Don't feel like you're the only one who has ever had to endure such physical and emotional pain because there are plenty of others who share your pain. You do have a choice to take control of your life. It won't be easy and it never will but your life will slowly become a whole lot better.
  11. You will initially need to distance yourself from her. Don't ask her out on dates. Once you've got some distance, call her to talk. Don't ask her to dinner or to hang out because it could be perceived as a date. *One key elements I've seen between male/female friendships is that they often times need to be from a distance. Phone chat can happen more frequently but in person meetings are usually far spaced apart.
  12. First and foremost, make sure that you're appealing to his desires. If you've ever seen any of the adult material he's into, could you mimic that? I would try to get inside of his head and ask myself, "how can I make him want to do this?"
  13. The laughs the crys the final goodbye the rain the pain memories remain newborn but old wisdom unfolds new stories are told
  14. First, I would ignore those emails. Those are intended to get a reaction out of you. If you don't react, the anonymous party isn't getting any fulfillment.
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