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  1. "Out of bounds" doesn't exist to some people. I just don't feel like you should have to be doing all these mental gymnastics. Maybe he'll return to acting how he used to, but maybe this is an early sign of problems and drama. Who's to really say? Let him be him and you be you and, if it feels like it's not a healrthy friendship, then leave it in the past.
  2. Seems like one or both of you has a crush.. It doesn't feel like your other male friendships for that reason. Never have I 'liked' a bunch of photos of a friend on sociaal media, and I've never been bothered about their messaging patterns. Do you typically care about these kinds of things with friends?
  3. I don't understand how he's playing mind games. Aren't you the one doing that? Purposely never messaging first and waiting for him to break the silence. Maybe you could elaborate, but also, this doesn't sound like friendship stuff.
  4. If it bothers you, you just let him know that. It's weird, inappropriate, and messed up to be sending picture to someone she knows is married and she knows who he's married with. And you two were close but now she does this? It's just really weird and even if you know your husband wouldn't be unfaithful it still crosses your boundaries. Just approach the talk calmly and rationally and try to have a civil, nontoxic discussion. Your husband should at least understand where you're coming from and then you go from there. She's sending pics to her ex's uncle. I woulda made it clear with
  5. This is fantastic, I loved it. As I was reading I couldn't help easily hearing it as a rap song, and by that I just mean it seemed to flow so freely. Really impressive stuff, you have a talent.
  6. Wait, I'm not sure the guy cheated. Can you clarify whether or not he hooked up with a guy while you two were together? I feel like if he cheated the OP would be more about that.
  7. Well, to no one's surprise they didn't handle it well. My brother's wife basically turned against him through it and they eventually divorced. My brother lives far from them now, new wife and more kids. I don't talk to him anymore. Kids have always been his downfall but he can't seem to stop.
  8. I think you're too nice and don't know how to assert yourself when you really need to. Anyone that smacks your butt, and it's not welcomed, deserves some backlash from you. You say you set boundaries but this happens and you may as well have told him, "thanks, do that everytime I walk by!" Make it very clear to people that what they're doing is unacceptable and you won't allow it. But something seems weird here. Even the hottest girls I've ever known didn't attract this much unwanted attention.
  9. All I'll say on this is that sometimes we associate things with our exes. Usually it's a lot more simple, like a song you associate with them or maybe a show. And now you can't stomach those things. It could just be that he associates fun in traveling with you but he just vented it immaturely. Either way, this is not something to put yourself down over and if he actually loves to travel, he'll get back to it.
  10. I'm glad to hear that your fight with cancer is going well! My nephew had a genetic form of Leukemia, 4 years old when it suddenly attacked him. I've seen first hand how devasting the treatment can be. I hope you're handling the chemo well. That being the best we have to treat cancer is a tragedy. Don't stop fighting no matter what.
  11. I doubt you had Covid, regular flus are rising early because we have all weakened our immune system. Being immune deficient doesn't really have much to do with it either. We were told lots of things early on that turned out to be completely false. You shouldn't have stayed home because you felt more at risk, this was something we were all urged to do for just a little while. A month. Imagine how much better the state of things would be if everyone abided. We honestly could've all taken a one month sacrifice (and i fully acknowledge that month would've been far harder for some than oth
  12. Ex actually tried to contact me. I don't know what she wanted to say and I decided I don't care. As much as I'd love to hear some regret and an apology from her, I'm not gonna get that. And it really doesn't matter if I did. It was hard to ignore it and it bummed me out pretty hard because it's just so final for me at this point, and as much as I'm doing the right things to move on there's still that lingering of missing what we had. It was special once. But she ruined it. I don't want a second try and really I don't think I can forgive her. But cutting someone from my life... I've jus
  13. F****! I typed all this stuff then accidentally backed out. Man, isolation and lonliness are something I understand so well, even before this BS we're in. What's terrifying to me is how bad our particular country has dealt with it and it's like a horror flick. Feels like it'll never be done and now it's become political here as well. Fall/Winter will be worse too and that's so scary. Disease aside, I'm sorry you've been lonely, Fudgie. You know better than anyone lonliness is something I've become quite the expert on. I'll talk anytime as well. Only reason I haven't emailed you is b
  14. In what way are you not doing okay, Fudgie? I've been selfish and only talking about myself, but I'd love to hear all about you and what's in your life.
  15. Quiky, please give me a sign you are still around. Anything at all, I wanna know how you are.
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