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  1. Angel, probably not what you want to hear but if he was "just comin rnd for sex" he would probably opt to come around to someone closer. Hes making an effort to see you 2-3 times a week..his effort, his gas money, his time.....and you are going to end up coming off to him an ungrateful (huge turn off!)
  2. Batya, he invited me to his parents Sunday..this past Monday actually and I told him id get back to him on it...thats why i brought it up. Yes I agree, too much texting probably isnt a good thing..ill try to make an effort to give him a call during the week in the future to catch up rather then relying on impersonal texting.
  3. I agree i called too much...normally wouldnt be how i wouldve reacted...week moment I suppose. Had a need to know my position..justified it with the memory that when i was busy with family issues a few weeks back and he couldnt get to me he texted and called numerous times but shouldnt have justified it. I agree KellBell that sounding wishy washy is a turn off to either sex..so i decided to take your advice and clearly state my position (thanks!) Actually on Monday i sent him a text that just said I knew he was going to have a rough couple of weeks, that i was here is he needed me and tha
  4. I wrote yesterday about my guy of 2 months who wanted to be exclusive but not ready for "emotional committment and giving every moment to eachother" boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Then a week later he intro'd me as GF and gave me the wink wink hand squeeze. I havent brought the BF/GF thing up at all since it happened two weeks ago. He is fighting for full custody of his infant son and to file papers this week, also busy with work (we talked about this last we spoke). Soooo yesterday he told me he'd text but no word for 3 hours after "text ya in a bit!" I send a text "you okay" and ge
  5. Well the first time he brought it up I sort of brushed it off..but now he's brought it up again and was more persistent this time...telling me about sexual tension between us. Kell...NOPE! This is a guy ive known for over a year as friends...I suggested us getting together a couple weeks before I met and dated the guy I posted about yesterday! Its only been recently that hes brought up the friends with bene's situation.
  6. I have been friends with a guy who I met on eharmony over a year ago. We met, we liked eachother...I discovered I wasnt ready yet for a serious committment. We stayed friends, talk pretty regularly and have been there over this past year for eachothers dating trials and tribulations. At the end of the day we just get along really well and make eachother laugh. Over the course of the year he's tried to date me numerous times but ive either been dating someone, not ready to date, or just scared to lose such a great friendship. About 2 months ago we were both single (him more recentl
  7. Yeah I figured my answer would get misinterpreted, which is why I came back to check on the thread. Hes the father so yes he has a say..im not condoning running to an abortion clinic and terminating a pregnancy with him none the wiser. Simply saying that if she wants a baby she should be doing anything in her power to assure a healthy pregnancy...instead of stressing about his actions. I am not trying to be insensitive at all..I feel for the poster...shes lost a child, shes pregnant again and probably dealing with both the fear of this babys future health AS WELL as fears dealing with
  8. This might not be a popular answer or the one im looking for..but YOUR MAN should not influence whether or not you have a child. Are you ready? Are you willing to do what it takes to ensure the best possible chances of a healthy pregnancy? DO you want this baby? His actions are weak, he doesnt seem at all supportive (and then again, not to excuse him, but he may be being unsupportive because he is depressed of his last childs passing?) But when it comes down to it, YOU need to be responsible. Stop the smoking, no excuses...if you are pregnant and still not willing to stop, YOU are
  9. It was very casual for the first 6 weeks which is why im going nuts here. I wanted it to be slow..very slow. but I dont want to be seeing his family and son if this is a nothing relationship to him..I dont feel i should be put in that situation. Im not a nanny afterall! I dont think im pushing...in fact several weeks ago he mentioned how he did most of the calling/texting and that i could contact him too. I have, but maybe once a week will I initiate calling. I just dont know if i should even continue to bother....
  10. Kell...I got "gunshy" because he had asked me to stop by if I could. So when i found a way I could and asked him i thought he'd be happy. Not say "K" to me asking how his day was and suggesting me stopping by. I guess im more then a little ticked off..i dont feel like im getting enough attention from him. I know he has a child and that is priority number one but...if he wants to be with me he could show it a little. its so confusing as he made many girlfriend references until he actually asked and I said yes (the next night officially) then he backed down but then when we went out the
  11. Maybe..I dont know It was after a day with his son (first time id met the baby) and he introd me to everyone as his girlfriend and had "warned" ahead he was gonna do this. On the way to his parents I asked if I was his girlfriend and he said "thats what I want!" Then we got to his parents and he said wed talk the next day and i agreed. Next night i bring it up and he says that he likes me and wants to be exclusive but not ready for the emotional tie of boyfriend girlfriend. This upset me as id wrapped my mind that we were going to the next level. We have seen eachother twice since
  12. We're about two months in...and at first he was calling and texting frequently every day. Up until he asked me to be his girlfriend and until i met his family and stuff. Its like he took big steps and then immediately shrunk back. i should mention he has an infant son and is having custody issues with the mother right now.
  13. WHy is the first few months always the hardest? I think its probably because when something is BRAND new you know that any day it can poof..when something is more settled after 6-7 months you can chill a bit. Anyhow I wrote yesterday about wont prematurely say I love you man. Well yesterday when we parted he said he'd text me later in the day and then asked me about coming by his parents this weekend. i said "we'll talk about it later." cause we had to iron out arrangments and he had to leave for work. Yesterday..no text, no call, no anything..no sweat? Today...I decided i would co
  14. Yeah youre probably right..he probably didnt want to end up in hot water which is why he said that he likes me but wont be telling me he loves me (still a little tactless) So do I now have to let him know I WASNT fishing for an I love you or did the way I handled it cover my bases??
  15. Well now I feel like he thinks I was trying to turn our morning get ready ritual into a love fest lol and I ws just trying to relive a funny anecdote I thought he'd enjoy. I guess what bothers me is that instead of just laughing he had to say how he isnt saying that to me anytime soon..i mean SLAP!
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