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  1. No, we have sex each time we see eachother. I don't know what it was, we were not in a good swing of things and I think he eventually started coming over ready to be aggravated. I think something clicked for him when I talked to him about it, and I just kept everything lighthearted almost like helping him to put down his defenses so to speak. It's been smooth sailing these past 3 months though and I have actually mentioned it to him to. I think that has helped too because all the arguing and aggravation seems so silly now looking back on it.
  2. IT'S BEEN 3 MONTHS AND WE HAVEN'T HAD A FIGHT SINCE!!! It's been amazing. I think the biggest thing is that I feel like he actually WANTS to be here with me. It doesn't feel like there's an absense of him wanting to or not wanting to, like he actually seems like he wants to come over, even when he's exhausted from work. I bet it's because he knows he's not coming here to get aggravated. I think what's awesome though is that he understands to pick his battles, and what is important and not important to get aggravated over. Because the problem was that anything was aggravating him! Like we had clashed a month ago-- some time ago, and I was like "you know what this is soo stupid, this isn't worth getting aggravated over" (I can't even remember what in the world it was but it wasn't important to fight about that's for sure) and it's like... we just laughed and enjoyed ourselves. If things are important to talk about then we would but it's been nice. We really have gotten into that swing and I'm very happy, I figured it was about time for an update on what happened after that. I am so surprised that we didn't have any fall backs, this literally has been going on smoothly since I last posted. I think by talking to him the way I did made him realize we were wasting our time fighting over -nothing- when we could have so much fun together and we have been!
  3. Looks like I'll need a lot of gum then. That's seriously what I'm going to do haha.
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant. And that is bull-- you can't get used to someone's bad breath. And I don't know where you live, but I don't stand near trash cans to get used to the smell? And yeah, college, 3 hour studio classes. It's so funny that this is like, being defended. People with nasty breath, I'm suddenly overreacting... Why even bother? Obviously it's something that really bothers me and is absolutely disgusting.
  5. And again, today I'm sitting in class next to this girl with morning breath at like 12:30 in the afternoon! I never came accross this until the past few months! It's like all over the place! And it's not just bad breath in general... not to be gross, but you know how it's just distinct... icky. I feel bad but at the same time it's just so uncomfortable and even overwhelming. Over anything though it's so weird that now all of a sudden it's like everywhere I go, someone didn't brush their teeth yet and I have to hold my breath until I can get fresh air. Or bury my nose into my sleeve, like today.
  6. Wow, well I've always since I was a kid brushed at night and then in the morning. As long as you're not bearing down too hard and are using a soft bristle toothbrush your gums are fine.
  7. Even I am more than likely going to be buying a little travel toothbrush and toothpaste for the longer days! Seriously, especially at work when I'm helping a customer for even just a few minutes... I can only hold my breath for so long. And I feel bad for saying that, but... I don't know. My girlfriends though I am so surprised; I just noticed that this semester.
  8. Personally, I brush my teeth in the morning right when I wake up, right after I eat breakfast, and then it depends if I'm home because if I'm leaving the house I will again, but if I'm out at school or work all day I chew Trident whitening sugarless gum, and then of course right before I go to bed. Well at my job, and even at school, even my GIRL friends, so many people don't brush their teeth! Especially in the morning! It is SO disgusting, it makes me gag, I swear it I have gagged. I don't know why all of a sudden I'm running into this all at once; it is not only personal hygiene but... yeah it's hygiene, you stink if you don't brush your teeth ESPECIALLY in the morning... The thought of not brushing your teeth is so foreign to me. There's a number of customers that come in to my job, and even students at my college that have, legitimately, old lady breath. It really is so foreign to me. People not showering every day, which I do shower EVERY day, now that is not so foreign. But the teeth brushing, particularly with the morning breath/old lady breath, no offense, is absolutely so foreign. I don't know who to tell this to, just kind of saying... I'm really surprised! Throughout the day I can understand, but morning breath... I can't understand that. Martha
  9. I find that couples who are like that tend to do things together a LOT but with the friends. It's all personal preference-- I'm sure there's other people who don't mind it as much. And I know plenty of girls who are living with their boyfriends and say how happy they are when their boyfriends go out because then they have their own time. But to have all those things with his friends, it's just the type of person he is. It may not change. Or you may find a better way to work around it. If you haven't been dating very long, honestly, if I were you, I'd be done with it. It's a problem to you, and personally, I'd be upset because I don't like roadblocks-- the untouchable nights for certain things... not something I'm willing to deal with, but more spontaneous nights away are different. Maybe you feel that way too? But that's just my take if I were in that situation.
  10. ugh, now my friend's parents have it. Do you think I could catch it from her? I have class with her for 3 hours and my seat is right next to hers... does this bug ever go away? I haven't heard of it being around since 4 years ago, though I bet it has been. It's just weird everyone's got it, like I can't escape it now or something!
  11. Tonight I decided to try something else... and it did seem to work because he has just left and we had a really good night. If his work has a lot to do with it, today he actually got out early and was rested. So I don't know if that helped his mood or shows it is definitely the stress of his 6th work day of the week or not. I know it's absolutely him, it definitely is. So what I said to him when he got here after we settled down was that "tonight I want it to be a nice night and that I know when we go out, you're going to get aggravated over something I'm not even going to understand, and you're going to come back here with me after dinner and you'll curl up into a ball and die"-- not that he does that, he just lays down and wants to sleep or shut me out or we argue because I'm trying to talk to him about it, but I said things like that just to make light of it and get it entirely out in the open. We were able to joke about it, and he wasn't aggravated with me making it more of a joke with a serious side to it... and that I was genuinely upset that I knew it was going to happen as it happens every weekend. It's not over us going out, but it always tends to happen when we're out and driving or something like that. So that really did help, and I haven't tried doing that yet but have just said it sincerely or have said nothing on that particular night hoping it will just be okay. I decided to point it out when we got back to my house that we had a nice night... I wanted to just point it out and then get off that subject again. I don't know if what I said actually helped it or if he was just more rested from getting out of work so much earlier and being able to take a nap before coming over here. He told me that he really is burnt out and that it impacts our time together because he gets aggravated but it's hard to understand that because I am not like that when I am tired... but I also do not work the hours he works or do that work. I am wondering it maybe I should finally try doing this and pointing it out when he is here and doing that for a while trying to get us into a different routine or something... every other way it's been handled has just been digging us into a hole.
  12. He's all of those things when I see him, and it is genuine that he is overworked and tired. What I don't get though is when we are having this wonderful perfect night, it can go sour over anything in the world. It can be over the most stupid thing and he will get aggravated at me for the REST of the night. Any stupid little thing and then there's a wave that changes everything and there really is no turning back. I have had him tell me that he doesn't know why I go out with him sometimes, but he doesn't say it to be "aww sweet," but just kind of says it seriously. He really felt bad about it a few weeks ago and told me exactly how he felt, that I annoy him so much sometimes but he doesn't know what it is, that he really loves me but I have to leave him alone. He said he just wants to spend the time with me and for me to stop bothering him... but I didn't really see that I was bothering him so much. I thought it was maybe because sometimes I'd get upset that he doesn't want to do things because he is tired as he works the days I see him (Fridays and Saturdays, but Sundays he doesn't work and I do see him that day too) So I started to leave him alone about that... but at the same time, it doesn't answer the part where he just gets so aggravated over stupid things. It's like walking on eggshells, and if I say something that aggravates him then there goes the WHOLE ENTIRE night... forever... gone, and no turning back. I'm not afraid of him or anything like that, I mean if he's going to get aggravated then whatever-- I'll do my part and I try my hardest to fix it, and I do care. But it sucks. It just sucks. Because I really feel like I am at fault and it is so annoying... it breaks my heart.
  13. We only see eachother on the weekends, and last weekend I only saw him Friday night for 2 hours as he got a stomach bug and so it's been since then. It feels long and like it's enough after not seeing eachother but as we only see eachother on the weekends, it is so so hard to do unless there's nothing that can be done about it. I feel like if we weren't to see eachother for a long time, not breaking up but for whatever the reason, than that might help but I feel like it would go right back into it. I feel that way because we have such wonderful nights that can go sour so easily and I can't figure it out. And that it may eventually go back like that. We've been together 7 years... I can't remember so far back but I know we've always had times we clash, but average times and not at all like this. But then for the past several years it didn't happen at all in this way until recently, maybe the past year to two years. It started back up over stupid things and all the time. But now that it's over nothing that deserves so much aggravation, I wonder if he only sees it in black and white... and allows everything to ruin our time together.
  14. aw I'm so sorry you got it, I never ended up getting it but I'm still so paranoid I could get it at any time. Anyone who I mentioned it to has gotten it, and I get so paranoid other people are going to give it to me. I'd so much rather have a cold or something like it, and not be puking uncontrollably! Now some flu thing is going around. I see people day in and day out licking their fingers when they count their money at the bank, and never washing their hands before eating something... ugghhh... I hate this whole season, haha.
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