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  1. Ok, ive become sort of a flirt. Many men especially at the work place flirt with me, so Ive had a fair share of practice. Now, when it comes to that person I like, I didnt know how else to show him i fancy him. So i flirt full blast. Excessive eye contact, grinning, the looks the smiles..everything. Very obvious too. But no, I dont approach them, or stalk them, its only when they come to me or pass by me is when I take the plunge. And for my bad luck, he gets embarrassed when I do that. He smiles happily (probably is flattered) but doesnt really flirt back. Very rarely. Most of the time, he has nothing to say. Even worse is when i start joking around, he gets all serious, and when i smile uncontrollably, he gets nervous, and walks off. And yet, I feel like he keeps coming to me with reasons to talk. ](*,) Strangely, Im too shy to ask, but not too shy to flirt. Do men as such enjoy this attention? Do you think this is whats happening here?
  2. Im tired of being single!! everyone around me is either in a relationship or married..i feel so alone!! Havent ever had a bf and im in my mid twenties almost.. willl i be with anyone ever!!??? Sorry rant!
  3. yeah..but why is he being like that..i get sorta worried..from what Ive seen hes a really NICE guy who makes fun of everybody in an affectionate way.......like the office clown, except at everybodys cost. But this time its ME!!
  4. haha..yeah .im 22, hes around 23 i guess...
  5. hey y'know I felt the same..EXACTLY the same..i couldnt sleep at night knowing I had to go in front of class anad talk.. and then i did it. I didnt feel one bit nervous. I didnt care what people were looking at or what they thought of me. Afterall, it isnt like the're any better. And they had to do it too!! So just go for it. Keep telling yourself u dont give a bleep what they think. You're just talking or teaching them. The trick to it being successful is actually being calm and not what you say. Good luck.
  6. Okay so Ive been trying to talk to this guy I like...but he gets so weirdly shy or nervous or what I dont get it.. Like yesterday, he came to borrow the scissors from me( he keeps borrowing stuff from me!!) and i said: " so uhm...when can i get my inventory report? and hes like Ill get them asap..and im like yeah Ok cool. THANKS a million! and i give him a broad smile(I smile a lot/too much with everyone) ..and from looking seriously at me through the convo, he gets all smiley (like a small laugh) and he quickly looks down, away and then says "Sure No problem " with a HUUUGE grin...and slowly walks away. WHAT???? Im assuming thats due to shyness. I could be wrong. WHat I really hope it isnt..is that he thinks im a pyscho or that I like him, and he laughs about it behind my back with his friends.... What do you guys think?? No, i didnt have anything stuck in my teeth, he's doing this a lot with me.
  7. Okay, lots n lots of people have recommended i take acne for my never ending acne. So what exactly is it? Is it anything like neutrogena? I heard its 3 bottles, and its some system...someone can you please explain in simple terms?? and where can i get it..i cant seem to find it in drug stores or the mall. and opinions on proactiv...have you tried it? has it worked for you? THNX
  8. uh...er...sometimes i do. The thing is I act a bit odd around him...cant help it. At times, i get all smiley and over enthusiastic/excited. Other times, Im just bored and indifferent/stressed out. And we talk a lot about work. Even if the topic of conversation is why printing papers are white not green, we'll make it sound like we're discussing corporate strategies that will cost us millions. Pretty serious, no smiling. Mostly because I dont want to give too much away...heh Ive seen him sneak a smile once or twice through the conversation. Almost like hes controlling his laughter. I find it extremely funny actually (laugh after he leaves). I dont know even know what exactly we're doing and why.
  9. Do we to take it as a good sign if a person gets a huge smile on his face whenever they see you? Not necessarily smiling AT you but a smile in general. It could be when you're busy doing something, or talking to someone else, or eating or shopping or reading and he spots you from far off, or hes walking by and notices you and immediately gets this big grin on his face. And its not like hes smiling at YOU either. Hes just grinning to himself whenever he sees you. Like he just heard a funny joke. Now my theories are: 1. He finds it funny or amusing that I act a bit different/get conscious on his arrival. 2. He finds something funny about me, theres a joke I dont know...and he cant help himself but remember it everytime he sees me-which is bad news! 3. He gets happy when he sees me because he likes me...which is rather silly. 4. Hes trying to flirt with me, which is rather lame. 5. ??? So Which one is it? Whos guilty of doing this here? Explain yourselves!
  10. My question is that he could be very well getting shy because of my flirting or that he knows I like him? WOuldnt that be a good possibility?
  11. I think you should find a reason to talk to her, maybe borrow something, or ask her a work related question and go from there... Like...hi..do you know where i can find MR. so and so, Ive been looking eveywhere for him. Or Can i borrow your stapler for a second, i think someone stole mine! or the adult way " Hi, im xxx, how are you? i dont think we have been introduced. i work in --- department. Hows work going so far?"
  12. Id say just go upto her and start talking! go with the flow!
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