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  1. Four year old topic... I wonder what ever became of the OP...
  2. Never. Eww... But if two girls wanted to kiss... I have no objections. lmao
  3. That's nice. I am going by the Narcissistic PD in the DSM-IV. Not what layman's call "narcissism." Look it up. You'll find the lack of empathy a key trait in that PD.
  4. The lack of empathy is the main problem. They don't feel anything for others and will not hesitate to stomp all over anyone, even those they "claim" to love. It's quite antisocial.
  5. This is sensible advice. Hard for us shy men with women, but definitely true.
  6. That's too bad. Most people love it. I often get comments on it. Good comments. Make no mistake, it will return! But for now, I'm using CartDog. Does that make you feel better?
  7. He is brave. I took mine down because I don't have the fortitude to parade my mug around for all the world to see. It takes guts, especially when you're down on yourself.
  8. Ugly girls, fat girls, underage girls. It's great.
  9. Makes me wonder why they don't prune or delete old topics... Hmm...
  10. So you feel your singleness has nothing to do with being shy or inactive with women? Okay. So you've got no regrets from not asking out women you've fancied? Somehow, I don't believe that. But the important thing is that you've learned from your past mistakes, right?
  11. Well, obviously sitting around and waiting for her to show up isn't working.
  12. That's true, although you CAN be a shy introvert as well. Shyness hits both types.
  13. I thought I wrote the first post in this topic... I've had my share of "give up" topics too. But, as long as I live, I'll probably never truly give up. Not sure why; probably stubbornness. But it's how I am. I am too strong-willed to back down and let life win. I firmly believe that life needs to be grabbed by the neck, choked dizzy, then beaten into subjection until it is the way YOU want it. If you let life walk all over you, it will. So take a stand, crack your knuckles and grab that son of a ***** by the throat and don't let go until you get exactly what you want!
  14. I definitely acknowledge that soul mates are real. But how many people actually find theirs? Not many. Of course, those who sit back, complain and never do anything won't be the ones to find theirs. That much I know. As for what it is, quite simply... the other half of your soul. Pretty simple, eh? Not even Megatron???
  15. I don't know if I answered this or not. In answer to the original question, yes, it's a sin. An incredibly selfish one, at that. But it's by no means unforgivable or unpardonable, as the Augustinian belief purports. That's merely a Catholic invention to guilt people into staying alive. Just as there are many Catholic - and other religious - inventions devised to guilt people into going to church, etc. Anything that is not of faith is sin. That would encompass a lot more than mere suicide. Not that I'm condoning it, because I'm not. It's cowardly, extremely selfish and the easy way out, doubtless. If I can live with my pain, and many others who are hurting as well, then so can others. Life is short and pain doesn't last forever.
  16. Then what's stopping you, okie? Go ahead and start the topic off with your picture! lol
  17. I would also like to see Kyo's photo. And if he looks anything like Kyo Kusanagi (another Kyo altogether) then he's got nothing to be worried over! lol Even I had the balls to post my photo, so no one else has ANY excuse for not doing it!
  18. It depends on my mood at the time, whether I believe I actually had their interest or not. If I'm in a good mood, then yes, all of their little, subtle body language and (occasionally) words were indications of interest. If I'm in a bad mood, then it was just mere coincidence; nothing more. Looking back on things, you can assume it either way... and to be honest, as Diggity always says, you'll never know unless (or until) you ask them out. And those opportunities are long past now. A confident guy surely believes he will succeed with women. That's true. But confidence comes from past success. If a guy has done nothing but failed over and over again, and suffered rejection after rejection, then he will lack confidence. And perhaps, rightfully so. If someone is constantly being rejected, then maybe there IS something wrong with the guy - not the women he is dealing with. Just a thought.
  19. While that is all mostly good and sensible advice, what if he does all of that and still cannot get women? What would you tell him then? I have learned how to do everything right and still cannot get women attracted to me. Sometimes, there comes a time when you cannot get women, regardless of what you do, due to your appearance. In that respect, the most common - yet ridiculous - thing that Kyo or guys like us will hear would be to give someone you are not attracted to a shot and settle. Bad advice generally, but it works if you're really desperate, I'd say.
  20. You know what I find interesting, Kyo, is that I too get accused all of sorts of things based on my posts, which have absolutely NO bearance on who I am as a person or who I am in person. It's amazing how people think they've got me so figured out, when in fact, they couldn't be farther from the truth! I could be a forty-five year old woman making these posts, for anyone knows. Anyway, I can relate to so many of your posts. People say, 'It's not looks, it's not looks...' whatever. Often times, looks are a huge factor... online dating sites confirm this, yours (and mine) real life experience CONFIRM this... (which, oddly, we're NOT supposed to go by? Huh?!! If we can't trust our OWN experience, whose CAN we trust?! And from such logical, intelligent people, I'd expect a better argument than that! Why should we trust what others say? Just because THEY say so? What insolence!) and heck, even attractive posters here admit to having no problem getting dates because they're so good looking! (Anyone who doubts me, I'll provide a link for, if you ask...) It's sad, it's unfair and it's tough luck for us. But it's the truth. People tell me not to be negative... but I'm simply being truthful. Should I stop being honest and start pretending like everything is fine? Hmph. For a group of logical, scientific, intellectuals, that sounds like pretty shifty logic and 'magical' thinking, if I've ever heard it! I'm not trying to make you feel worse, Kyo. Not in the slightest. But I am saying that I can relate to you on so many levels and I do understand where you are coming from. It is an emotionally crippling experience to be in this situation... and those who have never been in these shoes should not assume things.
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