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  1. The moment I saw your name on the screen there was something unique about it I went and got myself acquainted with u Of course u didn't know who I was. I myself was new- just looking to make friends. U kindly helped me out and kept me in company. My first impression I was so childish, U probably thought I was a lunatic. Yes, I can be sometimes but that was just a little of the wild side in me. As the days and months had passed U wondered where I went I was too busy-- Well the responsible part of me was taking care of real business which first u didn't believe. Well, now u had known me better the opposite personality. Surprisingly, u came to me again U told me u had "Missed Me" for some reason I was confused Why was my heart beating faster than normally. Now it's your turn to leave I didn't see ur name I sent u messages but u were not there to return them I sent u a message that I miss u very much too. Do what u have to do But don't forget U have me here waiting for u. Now I know the feeling of missing someone dear to u.
  2. We, human beings are born on earth, under the same sky, under the same sunlight and moonbeam, Why do we have different destinies! Children of the poor have no money to buy books and go to school, Children of the rich go to study abroad. Those with dollars are winners and those with empty stomachs are losers. Court clerks and judges swindle. Where is Justice! Anarchic society with dictatorship, injustice, market dwellers, gambling, nepotism and gangsters, No respect for law, fighting, killing each other, causing misery and suffering. How long will I survive! Dirty society, bribery and dollars rule; cheating people out of property, people cry out. The bad ones enjoy beautiful villas while powerful figures sit down, cross legged and relaxed! No compassion, no sentiment, farmers with no land, peasants with no crops like off-season flowers. While peasants’ hands are picking fish paste , powerful figures gamble big hands in casinos. How long will I survive! A poem by Mam Sonando
  3. yes, everything went well . here is the picture me and her went out on the dated. image removed
  4. If I could have just one wish. It would be to turn back time. To go back into the lonely past. To the days when you were mine. If I could have just one wish. It would be to be with you. Because I know that in my heart. My love is forever true. If I could have just one wish. It would be to be in your arms. To have you hold me, touch me; kiss me. To keep me out of harm. If I could have just one wish. The future is what I would see. So I could know if someday soon. You would be with me. If I could have just one wish. I would be able to read people's minds. So I could hear your hopes, your fears. And hear what's going on inside. If I could have just one wish is to be with you.
  5. If you like someone and you met her and you sit looking at her face...you talk conversation about any subjects and you wait til good time to tell her you like her, but you do look at her and you think that she show no interest in you. would keep trying to tell her what you like her or even more?
  6. I sure will ask her for a date..!
  7. Guys, which are you more comfortable with? Approaching her in real life or online? As for me, I'm more of the go get out type of guy in real life. It just natural to me to find a girl that sparks my interest when I see her in flesh. To go up to her even if she surrounding by many of her friends, I just love that feelings. And I dont care if I get rejected, at least I tried. LIke in baseball You have to swing to hit. lol And ladies, how would like to to be approach? Online or real life?
  8. My believed that.., only girls with low interest(love) gives mix signals. Again and again, never take them personally. Roll with the punches and when they corner you with a serious question, you counter with some funny. For example, "honey how much do you love me" you answered, "what are you talking about" or "as much as I love my car" haha
  9. =D> that's a good one..! I like your expression "Think carefully about what you're saying. To me, that says I will never ever ever ever ever send you flowers for v-day. Is that what you want?"
  10. Why are women so indirect in what they want? They can ask you one thing and expect you to answer the opposite. Or they'll test you to see if you'll do the "right" thing as though we can read their mind. They can tell you one thing and mean the opposite, but sometimes they mean what they say. Who knows. Why do they want you to understand them but never make an effort for you to understand them? Why do they make things so complicated?
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