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  1. I am so happy for you, but that last sentence was laugh out loud funny. I hope your love life and life in general is well.
  2. I think some would separate curves with being overweight. Like if she's a big girl with curves and holds her weight well versus just being a very large woman. And from what I have seen, both of those types are more popular than the girls themselves know. Much more popular. They just don't get the media coverage because truthfully it's not the majority preference (so they say) but the big/curve fad has a ton of fans.
  3. How can you not look for love when you want it? Isn't that like not looking for food when you're hungry?
  4. Just check the first post, 1-16-07. The last post before the bumpage was in June of 07.
  5. The hell I didn't even notice he was replying to year old posts.
  6. Let them think. How is thinking going to hurt you? Prove them wrong. My father was brown. During a time when racism existed in the army (Vietnam) he was promoted to seargent. After being honorably discharged with metals and plaques up the ying yang, he worked in a photolab. His lighter shaded boss made him manager in no time. After that company moved to another country, dad moved to another photolab where again, he rose to the higher ranks and his white boss promoted him to manager. That company merged with another company and plenty of whites were shown the door, but not my dad's black ass. No, he was a manager yet again. His last job, he became manager in less than 6 months. All while being brown, maybe a hint of chestnut. With a full beard no less! So all of these brown dumb unskilled laborers you speak of, that's their fault. If someone has that impression of you when they first see you, if they think that, show them otherwise. Earn their respect if you have to, just like my father did. Did the whites he worked with think he was nothing but a brown man? Probably, but I doubt it since they all told me at his funeral that he was one of the wisest leaders they knew. My dad was not an exception to the rule. If he thought like you did and acted like it was the gospel, he never would've been a manager and gave his son a perfect life. Oh sure we all have those doubts. Racism exists from all colors. So go on and keep feeling sorry for yourself. I am sure there are less deserving lighter skinned people who will get the greatness you were destined for, just because they are closer to their soap's color than you are.
  7. I was going to give some advice to the original poster, but I noticed that over 1100 people viewed this thread... then I realized it's a two year old thread.
  8. For a time, I thought that was true. Someone told me this in my first year of college, and I heard it at least five times a year after that. For 16 years I've heard it and for the first ten, I actually fell for it. But when you realize that she'll show up in about 16 years, then you realize that she isn't going to show up at all. And it's not like I missed my chances. Before I wrote this post, I thought back to ALL the girls I have encountered and which one did I miss my boat with. The only answer I came up with was in 2003, when I wanted to talk to a girl at work but was too shy to. I found out later she was engaged. There was a girl immediately afterwards... but she got pregnant. So no one has popped into my life since I heard the positive affirmation in 1991. So I don't expect them to show up now if they kept me a waiting, lonely, tortured soul.
  9. I have bumped this thread in anger and frustration to say that love and romance can bite me!
  10. Here is how guys can master the internet dating game 1: Have a good looking picture 2: Don't be a jerk Number 2 cannot work if number 1 is unavailable because if you don't have a good picture, you are a chat buddy at best and most of the time, you're the one initiating the chat. Meaning, you're hanging around but she's moved on.
  11. Not without the AllSpark. Perhaps Unicron...
  12. No, soulmates do not exist, and the more I think about it, the more absurd the word and concept is. The word soulmate is used to intensify the the love story between two people who just happen to fall in love. It's supposed to make it seem like it's destiny, that no obstacle, no storm, no Decepticon can destroy their inevitable union that will last either forever or until they get divorced. If soulmates exist, then people like me, over 30, wouldn't be soulmateless. I can't wait to hear the "don't look for it and it will come" line which is without a doubt the worst sentence I have ever heard regarding love. If I want a new car, what do I do, NOT shop for it? People spit this word out to make their love of their significant other the highest of all loves when in reality, the person is just their lover. Nothing more. If they're good in bed, then how can they not be their soulmate, right? Sheesh. I may change my mind when I meet a girl because I heard love can really make you look stupid. But for now whenever I hear the word soulmate, I repeat the word, preceed it with a four letter word and follow it with a middle finger, although it deserves much more venom.
  13. Galaxy did give great advice and summed it up with this last sentence, which is my dilemma. If I was not blessed with being physically attractive despite what I have tried, what else can I do? Unfortunately, I cannot watch my friends talk to women with an unbiased thought in my head because they are good looking. I need to find a less than attractive guy and see how he does it. How do the average guys get women? I don't know. Some could be circumstance. Some could be years of courting. To reverse a situation, good looking guys, for the most part, attract with their looks and seem interesting. Unattractive guys do not look interesting, and have to work at being interesting. The two phone incidences I had were discouraging because both talked to me without seeing me and were into me. Then they saw me and those interesting things about me meant nothing, otherwise I would not have gotten cold shoulders from both. I know that's only TWO women, but it's not like it happened on Tuesday then on Thursday. It happened about 3 years apart. I'm all for trying new things since everything else has led me here so far.
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